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DiCAPac Universal Waterproof Case for Tablets up to 10.1" - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The DiCAPac Universal Waterproof Case for Tablets in blue is a protective case providing 100% tablet waterproofing and touchscreen operation up to a size of 10.1 inches for activities that require near water or even underwater adventures.
  • Mobile Fun ID 45621

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 4.5 stars from 11 customers

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Does the job
Touch screen works through the cover. Screen a little harder to read than without but way better than a drowned tablet.
Very useful for the price
This is a great idea to have a way of protecting the tablet completely from water while still being able to utilise the touchscreen. Its basically very useful if you are near the pool, playing music, etc and can still use it if not just any liquid ends up on it but even throwing it to the bottom of the pool! Its also good enough to absorb knocks. It does at a little bulk but worth it for the price and security it provides
Very good
I'm using the waterproof bag to protect the 10" touchscreen table I'm using in my boat and it's the ideal solution to my weatherproofing problem. Easy to use, simple to install, definitely waterproof and with the tablet in the bag it floats. With the tablet in the waterproof bag it's screen is still quiet readable and touch usable with no noticeable lack of screen sensitivity.
As I have to use a USB cable to connect the tablet to the engine a couple of sealable entries in the bag would be good. I appreciate it would be hard to do that and still have a waterproof bag but as I and most others using the bag as I do really only need a weatherproof bag perhaps a weatherproof bag with sealable entries for cables could be developed and marketed alongside the waterproof bag.
Waterproof but cannot operate touchscreen
The cover is waterproof,not just splashproof and as such provides very good protection. Shame that it is not possible to operate the touchscreen with the cover on. You either have to take it out of the cover or take the screen lock off,so that the screen comes on when I press the on button. This works (just) as I use the tablet as a GPS with downloaded OS maps. So long as I set the area and the zoom level correctly I do not need to take it out again and every time the screen goes to sleep I press the on button to get it back. Not ideal but seems one cannot get full protection and functionality in one.
Perfect for the beach or any watery outing
Product seals well to keep out water. It easily held my tablet with a little room to spare. Screen works thru the plastic outer layer. The only downside is the screen glares a little from the plastic so definitely not meant for year-round use. You'll want a normal case & screen protector for when not around water, tho the case is big enough that it could hold the GPad with a case on so that is nice. For a waterproof case, it is great & seals well with three locks to keep out water.
Great product - when recieved
Ordered this product as a repeat buy. Does as it is meant to, handle on the back also very useful. Initially received incorrect product but customer services very helpful and sorted issue out.
Great product, very waterproof
Bought a few of these covers recently to use with a Lenovo tablet. They work great, and have very secure fastenings to ensure they are fully waterproof. The handle on the back is also very useful.
Great Adaptable Product
Bought as a birthday gift for my partner's son who is going travelling at the end of the year. I was a bit sceptical given the fact that his G pad is 8.3 and this case fits anything up to an 10.1" device, however my worries were unnecessary as the case fits his G Pad perfectly and allows him to still be able to use the touch screen functionality, perfect for some great underwater shots when he goes diving or is in a rainforest! He loved the product and cant wait to use it. Mobile fun delivered on time and were really easy and efficient to use, would definitely use again.
Nice to see it's no con
Not had time to try it out properly yet, it fits perfectly my 10"tablet just drops in nice sealed it and tuck it out in the rain left it there a couple of hours brought it in wiped the rain of the cover opened it not a drop got in and it was still on and it works perfectly yes I am delighted very satisfied thanks it's brilliant

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