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Dexim Visible Green Cable For iPhone, iPod and iPad Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Be visually reminded of when your iPhone, iPod or iPad is charging with the Dexim Visible Green cable.
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 4.4 stars from 8 customers

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Colorblind maybe?
I ordered a blue lighted charging cord, I got a blue lighted charging cord, yet every email I get says I ordered and got a green lighted cord, even this request that I review my purchase. I can not review green lighted cord as I have never seen one!!????.........
A usefull and cool bit of kit
A quality cable for charging via USB. With. The added bonus of a visual charge indicator. A great conversation piece!
1st Class
What a cool cable.

Just by looking at the cable you can tell where it is in recharging you phone. And it shuts off when fully charge. A really neat accessory!
Very Good
Dexim Visible Green Cable For iPhone, iPod and iPad
I've found this cable very good looks very nice in the dark with the blue light travelling along the cable..

Great product, very fast delivery. Thanks MD.
The Dexim Visible Green (actually blue) Cable is at the moment charging my i-Pad perfectly and doing exactly what it says it will do.
However, and it is a BIG however, the larger flat end (NOT the USB into computer or plug) will not fit (because it is too large) into my i-phone 4S with a case on, because the hinged flap on my LifeProof Case will not allow this.
I am beginning to think that my purchases of 2 LifeProof Cases was a waste of both time and money, because whilst they are undoubtably almost indestructible and waterproof, and whilst you can get at all of the Controls of the phone, one cannot use it in any Dock of any Kind, even a Desk Stand such as the Konnet (although I was told that it would - please correct your information) because the hinge gets in the way.
One therefore has to keep continually removing the case and obviously this will in quite a short time, destroy its waterproof quality - I am sorry that this revue has turned into one regarding the LifeProof case rather than the Dexim Cable, but if only the phone end of the Dexim USB cable was the same size as Apples' own, then things would be perfect - unfortunately it is NOT.
Cool Eco Gadget
does exactly what is say's on tin,
Looks great and does not cost the earth to buy.

Would just be great to get the other colours that are available to the U.S

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