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Dexim Visible Blue Cable For Micro USB Devices Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Be visually reminded of when your Micro USB device is charging with the Dexim Visible Blue cable.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33662
$24.73 inc. VAT
 4.3 stars from 4 customers

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Dexim Visible Cable Excellent Product
This cable is pretty cool! The lights let you know how fast the transfer speed from your phone to pc or the other way around, it shows how fast your phone is charging and it turns off when your phone is fully charged.
Ultrasonic noise
Be warned, if you're younger than about 25 you might hear a high pitched ringing noise when you plug it in. This is harmless. It just might be an annoyance to people young enough to hear it.

Otherwise it's a really great product. Who says cables can't look awesome?
A brilliantly progressive device that beautifully illuminates the charging of my mobile! :-)

Seriously folks, an excellent bit of kit that does its job well and looks very pretty at the same time.

NB: Mine light's up blue not green.

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