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Dash Crab MONO Premium Leather Car Vent Mount - Black Reviews

The Dash Crab Mono can hold the majority of smartphones on the market today, keeping them safe, secure and visible while you drive. The Mono comes in a stylish Italian saffiano & calf skin leather, which allows it to blend into any environment perfectly.
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 4.4 stars from 120 customers

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Well Made, Looks Good.
A well made good looking device.
Unfortunately my central vent points downwards when the phone is fitted causing the phone to lean forward. There is however, enough adjustment on the rear bracket to compensate for this.
Does slide from side to side during insertion and removal of the phone, but this is a minor issue
Well Made but depends on the type of vent you have.
Looks good and is a well made holder. Unfortunately my main central vent points downwards after installing the phone causing it to lean forward. However there is enough adjustment on the rear bracket to compensate for this.
Can slide from side to side on insertion and removal but this is a minor issue.
It's OK
It's OK - does the job well but becomes dislodged from the vents too easily. If you use this daily, don't expect to get your phone in and out quick as it requires you to constantly set it back into place on the vents.
Compact, with nice and smooth material. Adjustable for many tipes of phones.
Good Product
Great little product for connecting phone to air vent in car. Much better than sticking it to a wind screen.
It looks classy and is a good product.
It looks metallic but is pure 100% plastic. So quality and satisfaction will only be known over the longer term.
Not too shabby actually
Fits both my car and phone perfectly and is really out of the way on the vent unlike some of the other holders you can buy here. Lacks a little featue for angling it but I like it alot.
PS Not real leather just looks like leather but thumbs up from me.
Good product
Nice design and simple to use
Product Excellent
the product was delivered in quick time & is installed & is being used well
Had the window sucker before and it wasn't for me. Purchased this and it is brilliant holds the phone (samsung S7)perfect fits portrait way only.
Works great, looks good
Great. Sits in vent perfectly and holds phone securely. Great for use when different phone models will be used in the holder
Simple compact and effective
Works well on the vents of my BMW 3 series.
Gives good firm grip on my iPhone 7 and is easily adjusted just what l wanted.
Works as advertised
Dash Crab MONO Premium Leather Car Vent Mount works as advertised. It adheres to the slat of the vent firmly, and the claws grab the phone well.
Bear in mind that it will grab the phone only in the 'portrait' orientation. It does not separate far enough for the phone to be mounted sideways.
Not up to the job
This holder does not have the strength to hold a smartphone. It flops forward - unlike a different version I bought previously. For me, unfortunately, this has been a waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Roy

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. This is very strange, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Great product
I bought it for my s8plus as I needed a holder for a large phone. Feefs percectly with a cover.Small very good looking and very sturdy car holder. I tried few but this one is definitely the best. I definitely recommend this product.
Excellent - as it looks!
This was a lovely little surprise, and looks better then I was expecting and fits really well in car and with phone. It took a little longer to arrive then I was expecting from day of dispatch but the product more than made up for it. I would certainly recommend.
Good product
Handy and easy to use. Have to push it in firmly to ensure a snug hold...sometimes works its way loose but happy with product. Great for access to maps on smartphone,
Quality and effective
I went for the cheap postage, but delivery time wasn't too bad. Definitely the most fuss-free dashboard mount I've used. The jaw spring is just right to hold the phone securely and still be easy to take in and out. The grooved rubber that attaches to the vent seems very solid as well - easy to mount and no movement afterwards. Haven't played with the ball-swivel much yet but it also seems good - quite stiff but not hard to adjust.
Very happy!
Great unit
It's a solid holder. The s8+ is a heavy device especially with the otterbox defender case on it. I have to position it just right or it will tip forward but it does do what it is designed to do. The rotational adjust is great to go horizontal.
It was exactly what I was looking for
This car mobile phone holder was recommended for my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it's great. It was exactly what I was looking for and when it was delivered I was not disappointed. It is sturdy stylish yet discreet. Fits like a glove so near of it dropping out.
Everyone who comes in my car including my brother and sons who have borrowed it says they love it and ask me where I brought it.

I don't recall seeing one negative review before I brought it and this helped when choosing this one.

This was not my first purchase with mobile fun and it certainly won't be the last.
Good buy
Good buy ! Looks good and does the job.

I would recommend this item !
Fantastic air vent phone holder
I was looking for an air vent holder for my iPhone 6 to go in my Audi Q5 (2012). Having had air vent holder in the past I wasn't expecting much but liked the look of Dash Crab Mono. The first thing I noticed upon opening was the quality of the build/finish, it looked fantastic. As soon as I fitted it into my car I knew I'd made the right choice. It fits perfectly into the vent and hold the phone very securely both vertically and horizontally without any unwanted movement. It also looks great without a phone in the cradle as has a very high quality finish. I would highly recommend this product.
A great looking phone holder that securely holds a iPhone 7 plus to the vents on my car, I've tried loads of others but this is by far the best I've used
Product as described :-)
This product useful and easy to use with various phones
This product useful and easy to use with various phones. Had used suction phone holders in the past... This is much better and less obtrusive. Would recommend.
Generally pleased
Similar to many on the market but compliments an interior of a nice car. The genuine leather claim is a nonsense but it doesn't really matter too much. Its all about the functionality which appears to be good......lets hope it lasts for a while. I could have found a cheaper one for sure, but no complaints with this.
It came
It grips, it grabs, it does the job!

It grips to the air vent, it holds the phone very nicely.

I would recommend this product.
Excellent Product well worth the spend
Excellent product am ordering another 2
Simple and effective
This is perfect product to securely park your phone where you can see it without damaging your dashboard. You can also easily move it around for example from the driver side to the passenger side, or for right or left-handed access.
It looks smart and does the job.
Love it. Works perfectly
Very good device
A very nice looking and well made phone holder. Holds my Smart Ultra 7 even with the folio case on and the spring loaded clamp does not allow the phone to slip.
Overall a very good purchase.
Just the job
Not having had a phone holder before, I cannot compare it to others, but I chose carefully from the many available, read the reviews and decided on this Dash Crab. It arrived very quickly and is made very well and looks nice. The actual grips widen smoothly to accept phones of various widths (mine is a Vodafone Smart Ultra 7) and hold it very firmly.
Very happy with this, useful, smart and does the job.
i'm impressed
finally, a vent mount which isn't drivel!!!!
i have bought vent mounts in the past and they have been absolute rubbish and a complete waste of money. either because they didn't stay attached to the vent for long, or they fell off while holding a phone. which kind of defeats the object of the mount?

i was epileptic of this mount in the first place, and didn't hold much hope. it was cheap, so i would bin it, if it was like the previous.

well..i've been using it for about a month now. the rubber crab on the back has been designed to firmly grip the air vent, so much so, i have to wiggle the mount onto the air-vent slat, which is not a bad thing!

the built quality of the mount itself is solid. the spring retention is firm but not ridiculously tight. the rubber prongs hold onto the phone securely over potholes and speed bumps.

i don't even bother removing the mount from the air-vent, when i park the car because it is un-obtrusive and blends into the dash surroundings. unlike windscreen suction cup mounts. my last phone mount used the CD slot, it did it's job but was cumbersome and you couldn't really leave it in place, because it was so obvious what it was used for when parking the car.

p.s. i've been a customer here for many years...need i say more!!
Nice & easy to use.
Well designed - holds my iPhone 7Plus on the air vent, so it's taking a fair amount of weight, and I like how I can adjust where on the body of the phone it will be held. Only used it today but happy so far, and it's quite unobtrusive.
Love it.
It has a great look, and the fact that it allows me to pivot my iPhone for easier viewing is a real plus. Glad I got it!
I should have bought this one first!
I have bought a couple of phone holders in the past and they all worked well initially but then you would find you went over a bump and the phone fell from the mount. I have a feeling this holder is far superior to the others. For a start it holds the phone with a solid spring clip and not only that it looks really elegant and unobtrusive. It would be suitable for any smartphone and it will fit any air vent. Really simple to remove if you wish to use it as a simple phone stand. Its simplicity itself to adjust the phone orientation, its a simple ball joint. I have no hesitation in recommending this product - I just wish I had bought it before myself!
Awesome :)
Would buy from here again
Great Product
I was a bit unsure if the holder would be able to carry my Iphone 6s Plus but I've had no issues at all. Along bumpy roads and long trips the phone stays completely stable and allows a great experience for GPS and audio during car travels.
Should have bought this one first!
This is such a good piece of kit and it looks really elegant! Best of all it does the job perfectly so I have no reservation in recommending that anyone looking for a phone mount opts for this - you won't be disappointed. As usual perfect delivery from Mobile Fun well before the scheduled arrival - thank you.
Great Product
This met all my expectations.. Excellent fit to my Audi air vent, holds my iPhone and iPad in just the right position, it's appearance matches the quality of my interior, and is excellent value for money.
Bought this as wasn't happy with the suction holder falling off the windscreen. Since buying this holder I have been nothing but delighted with the product.
It works
It does what it says it will do. Cannot ask for more than that.
Quality phone holder.
I don't normally use vent holders. Past experience has taught me that they tend to damaged the vent. However this holder has a rubber vent grip so no damage occurs. It's also the first phone holder I've seen which combines a real chrome and leather finish. I drive a nice car with a good trim levels, and this holder is perfect. It looks like it belongs there. It's so easy to use, it's literally a one handed operation to place or remove you phone.
This item works as advertised. No problems with it.
The dash crab vent mount is marvelous it is unobtrusive and smart looking
The dash crab vent mount is marvelous it is unobtrusive and smart looking when not in use and holds my sat navigation perfectly and firmly. It's so good I got one for my daughter who uses it to hold either her mobile phone or sat navigation unit. I
Great little I phone holder
Great little I phone holder holds phone or iPod firmly and attaches to vents easily ,looks really good to .the simple things are the best
I wanted something that would look good and better than just a cheap plastic phone holder. The leather look/chrome matches the finish of the car interior. Really happy with how it works and have already recommended it to someone else
This item does just about any phone fit perfectly over the vent fin
This item does just about any phone fit perfectly over the vent fin and holds the phone horizontally or vertically with no problem . 10/10
Good value, works well and looks ok too
I bought this cos it was cheap simple and small. It has successfully held iPhone 5, 6 and 6+ as well as my Huawei p9 lite in VW polo, EOS and Citroen C5 cactus. Installs in a flash, grip seems plenty good enough both in terms of grip on the vent and on the phone. Feels sturdier than a similar holder I bought from Halfords. Not had it long but so far so good and I have no worries, so I bought a 2nd one.
Given it a 4 only because I haven't had it long enough to say 5.
dash crab mono premuim leather car vent mount - black
this item was perfect for the phone did what it was purchased for and fitted without any trouble at all .
This is a nifty little accessories and not like the big bulk holder I had before. It's great as it has a nice swivel aspect to it, the phone (S7) is held firmly in place. I was worried this wouldn't be at all what I wanted but it's discreet on the dash, holds firm and swivels.
Broke after 1 use. Using this with an Xperia Z2 the internal mechanism and spring broke after 1 use.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
I recently bought a mobile phone dash crab from mobile fun and the service was fantastic the product was here in a couple of days and i was so pleased with the quality of product. I would most certainly buy from them again
Product is great. Holds my phone securely and the customer help was super fast in answering any questions! !!!!
I bought a grab phone holder for my car and its fantastic really strong keeps the phone securely in place. I would most definitly use moblie fun again as the service was brillant the product was delivered really quickley. I woold recommend this company to family and friends
Thank you
Mr m hale
Quite satisfied
See above
Fantastic device
Simple device - simply brilliant! It's small, effective and looks stylish too. Easy to use and and unobtrusive. Highly recommend.
Does the Job
Works well. Can get phone in with one hand. Also holds my small gps. Has come off the vent once or twice . Will see how it lasts, but it is compact , nice to look at, simple ----no visible springs etc. A bit prices for what it is but will be worth it if it lasts.
So far it seems good. It is neat. It stays well on the air fins. Holds the phone well. I wonder will it last the test of time though...hopefully it will. Its a little pricey for what it is but it is very tidy and not at all ugly. Jury is out for a few months though!
Cheap but not really adjustable
I liked the look of the mount because you didn't have to fix it to your windscreen and it seemed easily adjustable. The issue is that because it fixes to the air con vents the weight of the phone pulls the vents down, meaning the phone generally tilts down.
I like the fact that you can spin the phone horizontal without have to take the mount off the vents though.
Very Good
This iPhone holder for the car is very effective and aesthetically very nice as it is used in my SL500 Mercedes. My iPhone also has a leather wrap-around cover that I can also keep on the phone and it is still held securely in the holder. I have no hesitation in recommending this mobile phone holder for the car.
It works exactly as advertised
Having recently been using a number of different vehicles during the course of my work and needing to use my phone for navigation at the end of my journeys I was finding it increasingly difficult to have the phone in a viewable position. This item has been a godsend. It works exactly as advertised. Is small and easy to carry. I just wonder why I did not get one sooner.
Great Quality phone holder for the car
Sturdy leather and polished chrome phone holder that fits easily into your car vent. The position then is great for you to see. Especially when I am using my Waze. It works perfectly and I am delighted that I can see it lasting for a very long time. I bought a cheaper one a while ago and it's already in the bin!!! So I'm delighted that I will not have to replace this one anytime soon.
Good product
It works exactly as advertised fit both of the cars I use regularly
i have hade several items from mobile fun, all withoutt exception have been "as described" and done the job they were deesigned and built for.
I cannot fault any item.
all arrive on time, but you get the service you have to pay for it,
there is a comprehensive list of items to fit all makes/types and sizes of fone or mobile computer.
Very Good
Very good grips solidly & so easy to slip your mobile into it great
Dashboard phone mount
Great little piece of kit. Easy to fit and hold phone nice and firm. Also handy as a desk mount for phone.
Not quite good enough.
Neat in appearance but .... the 360 degree ball joint is very stiff.
The weight of the phone drags the vent potion down which forces you to experiment to find the best position to view it.
The clip that fits onto the vent could do with being longer as it sometimes springs of when putting the phone in the clamp.
A good idea but needs subtle improvements.
Looks and works Great!
How Others like it!
I've bought many phone holders for my car and they all ended up in the bin even as early as the next day after purchasing.
This one was easy to fit and as soon as I fitted it I knew it was secure.
Best buy, easy and quick to fit and really does hold the phone in place.
Excellent product.
A powerful little grabber
This is a little gem as I was abit dubious about wether
It was strong enough to hold a phone like some other
I have tried in the past
But I need not have worried as it holds my phone with
Out any problems and looks good to boot and the leather is a nice touch
It arrived very quickly and was well priced customer service is excellent
Nice holder
Much smaller than I thought it would be, this little holder is sturdy and holds my Galaxy Note 5 very steady. The holder attaches snugly to the ventilation ribs and holds my phone in a position that allows me to see the display from my car apps.
discreet and elegant
Item is small, discreet and elegant. Quality is good. Fits to vent.
Smart and functional, value for money.
perfect design
excellent design and perfect fit. Quality material match car interior well. Will buy for my 2nd car as well...
Great little product
Looks snazzy, and holds its shape reasonably well.
Christmas cracker quality
This item quite literally fell to pieces on my first use. I drive a BMW 3 Series E90... so perfectly suitable air vents. The build quality of this air vent phone clip is less than rubbish. My lifestyle is so time pressured that it just went in the bin as I got out the car. My time is worth more than to chase refunds. Look elsewhere is my review. Ended up with a window mount. Much stronger, half the price.
Does exactly what I need it to do
Does exactly what I need it to do. Fits on vent very easy and holds phone in perfect position. Best holder I have had.
Broke after 2 days
Rubbish only lasted a day and a half before it broke. Waste of money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Grant

Sorry to hear your item broke, please contact our Customer Services team.
Great idea, poor quality.
First off I'll talk about the positives;
The mount is small but can expand to accommodate large phones. My Galaxy S5 fits with ease.
The vent mounting system is very secure and sturdy, I've been over some rough terrain and the mount hasn't moved from the vent in any way.
The clamping system for the phone is quite secure, my phone hasn't fallen out of the mount at any point.
The ball joint that allows the mount to swivel is nice and strong so my phone doesn't droop down or swivel through bumpy rides in the car.
The mount puts my phone in a great location, just above the radio, and doesn't obscure my windscreen in any way.

And now for the negatives;
The way the vent mount system works means that the weight of my phone always pulls the vent louvres down, so for my phone to be at the correct viewing angle the vent pretty much has to be pointing straight down. I think this will largely depend on how wide the gap is between the louvres on car vents, and how stiff the car vents are.
The mount itself is made of a very cheap and low quality plastic, for the money you would expect something a little more "premium". The spring loaded arm that secures the phone in place has a lot of play in it, again not what you'd expect for the money. Also, the construction of the mount system for the phone is of very poor quality - essentially is it two bits of cheap plastic clipped together. My mount actually broke because the the two halves of the mount came apart when I was removing my phone and caused the spring to fire off into my car... I still haven't found it after 2 weeks. This wouldn't have happened if the mount had a higher quality construction, i.e. it was screwed together and not made of a low quality plastic!

I exchanged my mount for a new one (thanks Mobile Fun for the great service and quick turnaround!), and while the quality is still low, this one hasn't fallen apart - although I've been very careful when removing my phone from the mount, and the mount from the vent.
Very nice
Very nice, thank You
After having tried several different vent phone holders, this one is the only one to stay in place & not fall off every time you remove your phone, so I am very happy with this one. Nice finnish to it as well, holds the phone tightly when rotating.
Would recommend.
Gripping quality!
I wanted something unobtrusive but big enough to hold my Note 4, good looking enough for me to leave in place when not used and gentle enough not to scratch my phone and air vent. Well, the Dash Crab Mono ticked all the boxes! It grips the phone with soft rubber liners and air vent attachment, although small does a fine job of holding the mount securely to the vent. Well made and nice finish. Would highly recommend!
Average performance
Fitted easy but when I placed my GPS unit in it it sagged a bit but still held the unit Ok. Works well though and is now easier to read my GPS.
Not fit for purpose
I was looking for a way to mount my iPhone 6plus in the car, this product states that is would work. Unfortunately although it does fit the device the weight of the device is to heavy for the unit. This causes the phone to point point toward the floor, making the vent mount pointless. Shame. I went for the belkin cup holder mount instead.
Neat Holder for Mobile Phone
Holds an iPhone 6+ very securely and is very unobtrusive when empty. Smart appearance and effective. What more can you ask.
very good and hold the phone perfect
if it would fit in the car vent
Everyone should buy this
Great well designed I have now had new phone and still fits it
Nice but not worth the money
The item has a light weight plastic frame painted in chrome so feels cheap in the hands. The leather doesn't look or smell real. Probley due to the paint used. Feels more like hard plastic.

The crab mono does function well and fits my 2009 Honda Accord vent quite tightly.

The packaging probably cost more than the item to make.

Overall it looks good and does its job well. Which I guess is all that matters.
Service,delivery is 100% good,quality item. Would def order from this website again.

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