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Dash Crab FX Case Compatible Universal Car Holder Reviews

Universally compatible, the Dash Crab FX in car holder features adjustable jaws that can accommodate phones with or without cases up to 11.5cm in width.
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 4.5 stars from 456 customers

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sticks to almost anything.
This product really works. I've tried several others and they just don't work on the dashboard vinyl.
Ok so far.
I wanted a secure iPhone holder for my car. Very helpful review including video on the website. Although it is supposed to stick to a textured dash, mine fell off, partly due to the weight of the phone. This may have been down to dust on the dash and the slight curvature of the surface. I stuck it on the windscreen where it remained secure. I'll try again on the dash after cleaning it. No regrets buying it though as it is so easy to use and holds the phone securely.
Happy shopper.
I was looking for a sturdy case for my iPhone 6. The website was very useful, especially the video review. Buying was easy. Prompt delivery. Case does what it says on the tin. It also looks smart.The phone buttons work as if it was not in a case and the connection points are easily accessible, including the speaker. Great value for money.
Not suitable for an Audi A3 dashboard
I spent a lot of time looking for a smartphone holder that would sit on the dashboard and thought that the Dash Crab would do the job. Unfortunately it is not suitable. After a couple of weeks I found it on the floor one morning. It had been a very cold night so I thought I would try it again after following instructions re cleaning etc. It fell off again today whilst I was driving and landed in the footwell which was a bit dangerous! It only stays on for a couple of weeks so that is not much use.
Great Unique Product
Very simple but affective solution. Holds to the windscreen or dashboard perfectly and has great stability while driving. The build quality is very good and feels solidly made. Ideal for multi-uses being able to hold various other items.

Arrived promptly and comes suitably packaged. There are many phone holders on the market at various prices but this one is certainly value for money.

Does exactly what it says on the tin. 10/10
Sorry to post a dissenting view to the otherwise favourable comments regarding this car holder, but it is rubbish. The first problem is the padding around the suction cup, which means a distracting wobble when the car is on the move. Much more serious, however, is what happened on about the third day I used it. The only place in my car I can put a phone holder is on the driver's side window. When attempting to lower the window a fraction, I was a little slow in stopping the window going down, and it just stripped off all the glue around the suction cup. Since the cup itself relies entirely on this sticky stuff to grip anything, the car holder became useless and is now residing in the bin. Don't buy this product unless you've got somewhere else to put it, don't mind a wobbly screen, and don't mind the risk that it will rapidly become useless.
Best ever
Best ever phone holder love it
Good product
Holds really firmly to the dashboard and the spring loaded jaws hold your phone/device tightly but I've found that motorway driving or taking a corner sometimes causes the angle of the phone to drop as the ball moves out of position by itself.
Very Versatile
This is my second unit. My first one broke at the clasp, so I ordered a replacement. I find putting the phone in and taking it out of the holder is extremely easy, and a very convenient feature. This is my favourite phone holder so far. Highly recommend it.
So handy
Love it fits ma phone nicely an can either av it on its side or straight.. Extremely quick delivery
superb !
have tried several different in car holders, all of which have 1 drawback or another.
the dash crab has no negatives !
it sticks like a limpet, the clever hinged arm allows me to install & remove my phone with one hand, it's very strong and the phone doesn't move at all.
I have a quite bulky mophie juicepack charging case which is easily accommodated by the arms of the dash crab.
Good but not really good!
It sticks really well to dash, I have a civic and it's stuck rock solid and easy to remove when needed too. With my phone it presses the power or volume keys unless I move the phone further down which then makes it a bit less stable and more prone to vibration of the car.

Nice to have and be able to hold a can etc thou!
Very Good
Locks onto the dashboard far better than my old genuine HTC One Car Dock. securely holds my phone in place with no vibration so easy to read screen.
Delivery spot on for all items ordered cannot fault Mobile Fun.
This is the beast!
This is the beast! I mean that. It can hold my iPhone – at any angle; it holds my SatNav so I’m always right on it! Right where I want to be – or at least right where I think I am :o). It sits firmly on the dash or the windscreen, or even the side window, confident and sassy. Yeah! It can also hold my driving gloves or my sunglasses without breaking a sweat, and a bottle of water is perfect. I love it. Gotta get me another, then I can hold two things at once. I feel like I could even teach it to juggle or wave or something – but maybe not :o). Best purchase so far this year (except for the car itself of course!). Love it!
Great buying experience
When buying this product i was slightly worried that it would not fit my phone as the Nexus 6P is a rather large phone. When receiving this within the promised delivery time i found it was a great fit and would do even larger phones than the nexus 6P. I feel the rotating ball it sits on to get the perfect angle is great althou a slight bit loose so moves with the weight of the phone now and again. All in all this is a good product and i am happy with the product and customer service. Cheers
Great little gadget
This little gadget is ideal for what i needed it was the only one that really does stick to the dashboard without falling off it was that good I bought another one because I went to clean it and dropped it on the Floor and broke it would I recommend this item yes I would
perfect for every phone
really stable holder for anybody, who is driving your car. I use it with Samsung Galaxy S5, my daughter with iPhone 5S, simply you won't be needing any other holder then this.
Quality Product
Good quality & price. Very easy to use. Quick delivery.
This is the product for all phone users looking to fix it in your car
I needed a I phone holder for my car it had to be big and strong enough to take my j phone 6 plus, the dash grab fx fits the bill on both counts it fastens to the car interior securely and holds the phone perfectly. This is the product for all phone users looking to fix it in your car.
Ive been Crabbed
Flexible Agile Mobile and robust and no not talking about me but about my new mobile phone car holder, excellent value for money easy to install easy to manoeuvre to a position that suits and my phone fits snugly in its claws... Has to be the best of its type in the market and highly recommend it ... You'd be lost without one
all good - thanks
All good- thanks
great phone grabber
Does what it says. Holds the phone well with little wobble. Sticks to the dash well with ni slipping.
Nice product
Nice product and good customer service and support.
Best car holder yet
This is the best i have had, tried others over the years and a lot of them are compotent but the dash crab goes way beyond compotent it grip at any angle you can turn it too, and the actual base is hard on my holding base, ideal guys love it
Everything as expected.
Best car mount
Having tried 3 other car mounts this is the best yet. Only 2 weeks use so far but it is stable and fairly easy to adjust to any position. Highly recommend you give it a try.
Excellent product. Fits well and no SCART rotation.
Placed Dash Crab FX on dashboard according to instructions, even spent extra time and effort to insure it was suctioned properly. Got into car next morning and found mount on floorboard. Didnt even get a chance to place phone in mount. Not happy.
Looks good but doesn't work!
Very disappointed with this - on first use after checking that it was fixed properly put a small Paper Coke Carton ( with Coke in ) after a few minutes the whole thing fell off. Fortunately it wasn't a
hot drink in it or the passenger could have her legs burnt!
disappointed with product
Installed car Mount in the evening and followed all instructions. Got into vehicle the next morning and mount was laying on floot. Didn't even get a chance to place phone in holder before suction failed. Would return, but it will probably cost more to return than just throw away.
Using as a photographic holder for all sorts items. Was drawn to small to large jaws and 360 degree swivel.
Very well suited to this use. Looking forward to the number of different items it will hold and display.

Might even use it to hold my iPhone sometime :-)

Dash crab is very efficient even on the textured (but not very rough) dashboards
Used Mobile Fun a lot over the years. Dash crab is very efficient even on the textured (but not very rough) dashboards. So good after getting one for my car I later got one for the work van too.
Best of his genre
Sticks to anything, hold the phone in any position, the phone is securely placed in and taken out in one easy movement (with one hand), it fits any phone (even my big Galaxy Note 4), I've tried and tested many other types and this one is by far the best.
'Unsteady - Eddy'
IF you drive a 'Rolls Royce' this unit I think would be perfect , but for the majority of us it vibrates and rattles so you cannot see the screen of your moby . I don't know if it is the roads I use (LINCOLNSHIRE IME TALKING ABOUT) but the unit shook itself OFF my windscreen altogether . I wont be using it again as I don't need to be replacing my mobile dropped from an inferior 'mobile holder'. The unit looked SO PROMISING ie: strong looking and man of the job , but looks CAN be deceiving !!!!! Not Good . :0(
Exactly what I wanted
My girlfriend and I both use our phones for GPS, she's got an iPhone 6, I've got an LG G4.. both fit into the cradle fine even with their protective covers.
Not very good
When you look at this it seems to be a great design, however what you don't know is that as soon as you start driving the phone shakes and flaps about like mad making it very difficult to see anything clearly on the screen. The base and the arm are just too flimsy and are just too thin and flexible to hold the phone steady.
It's OK if you're driving at walking pace.
Fantastic item
I recently purchased the phone holder and found that it works like a dream on the windscreen...its not as good on the dash board though. would recommend the item and i have a galaxy s3 with gel case which it holds fine.
Very good piece of kit
Good product!
As advertised. Works great so far and delivery was pretty quick too. I recommend this.
Great product
Great product and easy to use
If the many dash and window device holders I've used this is the absolute best.. The problem I always faced was the suction cup becoming loose after a while and never getting a good stick but this device has a sticky material ring like the cling0 but it is on the bottom of the suction device so that it seals an airtight seal for the suction and also gives some extra adhesion as well. It is extremely sturdy and the grater works great very easy to slip my phone into even with the clear view case I have open or shut it works great both ways... Amazing device
Does the job!
I stuck this to my dashboard without issue even though it's slightly curved and not flat. Easy enoough to put the phone in the holder with one hand. It seems to hold the phone securely and seems sturdy enough. I was wanting to use my phone as a dashcam but sadly the phone does wobble a lot when driving so I wouldn't recommend it for that. It's perfect though for using your phone as a sat nav.
Car holder for I phone
Just what I've been looking for great item would recommend
Very happy with it. Easy to adjust to get preferred alignment. I had wondered how it would cope with a dappled surface but the gel cup works well.
Hasn't fell off the dashboard at all
I have put this in my car and it is solid. Have had my s5mini and 5" tomtom held sturdy.
The angle ball joint holds well and does not sag even on the bumpiest of roads and it hasn't fell off the dashboard at all.
Well worth the money
Sticks to the dash well, holds the phone sequely to make it easy to use and does not vibebrate to much so get fairly good video.
Stuck to the windscreen, or any other smooth surface, perfectly fine
Originally bought this with a view to stick it to my dash, however the dash has a leather look and feel and a slight curve, and would not stick. Stuck to the windscreen, or any other smooth surface, perfectly fine though. Therefore if you want to use this on you dash it will need to smooth and quite flat.
Doesn't do what it says
This was my second holder to replace one I returned it holds the phone firmly and it is easy to get the phone in and out of the holder. I have not got this to grip on the dash despite being a flat dash so have had to resort to grip against the windscreen which although not ideal does work
Great bit of kit
This item fitted the bill perfectly. The small stem meant it did not stand too high and fitted in the car well nicely and was just what I was looking for. Very quick delivery and a good price. Highly recommend this product
great buy
Excellent works as advertised. Definetly worth every penny
Best mobile phone car dock
I am very impressed with the quality of the car dock and hopefully it outlasts anything that I have been able to purchases in retail stores as they always seem to break eventually. I really like the one handed action with putting my phone into the dock, it makes it quick and fluid. I do now regret not buying two of them so that I don't have to keep switching it between my two cars. This mobile phone dock is definitely well worth its money and you should buy it.
The best cell phone car holder so far!!
Mobile Fun offers the cheapest price, too.
I bought 3 from here. Thanks.
Excellent device.
After having 2 previous windscreen holders break on me, i decided to try a different model. Im glad i did. this holder affixes firmly to the windscreen, and holds the phone solid with very little vibration making it through to the phone.
It works well in landscape or portrait orientations. Easy installation, easy to insert and remove phone, strong grip on both windscreen and phone. Very good product.
Great wee device
Easily applied - firm adherence to dashboard
Device slips in readily without hassle, and remains well in place
Car device holder
Nice, solid piece of kit. The base suction system is very effective, gripping onto all suraafces tried so far. It holds my Samsung mobile phone very firmly, allowing it be operated without any problem. So steady can can use the phone as a video camera with little vibration. Requires a little effort to remove if you attach it to glass.
Very pleased with the Dash Crab
I am very pleased with the Dash Crab. It is easy to attach to the dashboard which needs to be a flat section and it is simple to insert the phone between the two arms. It accommodates the Iphone 6 (in a case) and holds the phone firmly in place. The phone is now positioned in an ideal place in the car for using the phone as a Satnav or for seeing any notifications which come up on the phone screen.
A very robust but gentle, versatile claw type holding device.
This well made product does its job perfectly with various different makes of mobile phone and satnavs. It sits firmly attached, with its suction pad, to the dashboard in the car, holding one of our phones firmly but comfortably. It also holds the satnav well on the dash, so we no longer have to use the satnav's holder which only sticks to the windscreen! Well impressed, I'm pleased I purchased this item.
Best holder I have ever had
This holder is great. Easy to operate. Sticks really well to the dashboard and is neat and compact, easily adjustable and holds phone securely. Would definitely recommend.
Seems to stick to the dashboard OK but the actual holder seems a bit flimsy, it moves when you touch the screen of your phone with any pressure. It just doesn't seem substantial enough. However the sprung loaded jaws seem to grip OK
iPhone Holder in Car
Bought this because I needed to replace an older style holder for a'phone case with a clip on it. Absolutely ideal device - holds the 'phone on part of the sloping dashboard where it can easily be seen in my open 2 seater where I don't use a bluetooth because of wind noise but can pull over if I see I have had a call and ring back. Great fitting and versatile, so now buying one for my better half!
Excellent stuff
The item i bought is the best ever. High recommend it
Excellent phone holder
Well let me put it this way, I went back and bought a second one so I must have liked it
Great I love it.
sticks to my dash like no one's business!
works great! one hand to slip my iphone into the jaws and one hand to take it my iphone out.
Dash Grab!
The Dash Grab is by far the best I've bought. The suction pad sticks fast to whatever you place it on. Glass, wood, walls and plastic. Providing the surface is smooth the product will stick. If or when it loses it's tackiness just rinse under a tap and leave to dry. It really is that simple. once placed ehere you want it the jaws are wide enough for most phones. Ideal for satnav. I recommend it.
Works really well
My previous car holder was specific for my device, which is good because it means you know it won't fall out. However, it meant I had to take the case off every time I used my phone in my car. With a universal holder you don't need to do that, and this one seems very stable so it was worth a punt and I'm pleased with it.

The only downside is that it isn't possible to insert a Galaxy S5 into it one-handed because it's too wide. This would be possible with a smaller device.
Experiment with it before you give up!
If you're looking for a non-sticky plunger type dashboard phone holder:

I've been looking for a plunger type dash holder for ages, but one where I don't have to stick a sticky pad on in order to hold the phone holder (as taking a sticky pad off later for whatever reason may ruin the dashboard). I've ordered and returned stuff before but this seems to be the best bet.

I was a bit apprehensive before ordering because I have read a lot of reviews on here saying it won't stick to the dash but I really think you have to play around with it before giving up so easily.

I have a BMW 1 Series with a rough surface dashboard. Tried plunger-ing the Dash Crab middle centre, right at the front of the dash but it refused to plunge there. I moved it right to the back in the middle (closest to the windscreen) and it plunged there on the dash fine, no problem. That said, it's not the most convenient place if you need to hit/see something on the phone if you're using Waze or a GPS navigation app, so then I tried it right at the front of the dashboard closest to the steering wheel (to the left of the steering wheel) and it didn't stick. This is because of the curvature of the dash which may not be noticeable to the eye, BUT then I moved it ever so slightly back in that same position towards the windscreen and hey presto, it stuck and plungers perfectly well as the curvature of the dashboard is probably flatter there. It never falls off and is within easy reach should I need to see/touch the phone for GPS navigation purposes.

Once you've found the sweet spot to plunger your Dash Crab to, I found the best way of sticking it down is by pushing it down in the middle with a bit of force but at the same time, slightly turning it clockwise and anti-clockwise as you're pushing it down so that the non-sticky rubber pad gets a good grip of your dash board.

Been using it for a couple of weeks now and have even took it off when having the car cleaned and it's gone back on with no problems at all.

Like I said, I was looking for a non-sticky/non-stick pad phone holder I could use on the dash board and this has done the trick.
Solid and versatile phone mount
This is my second purchase of a Dash Crab following use of the one I bought for my husband's car over a year ago. What I love about this holder is that it can take any size of phone, even large 'phablets' like my Note 2 and my husband's Note 4, and it can do so without having to remove their protective cases.

The Crab sticks solidly to either your windscreen or dashboard and holds the phone very steadily. It's very simple to mount the phone once you have your Dash Crab placed and equally fast to remove it. The combination of sturdy mount plus ease of clasping in the phone makes this mount the best of any I have tried.
Great product
Great product,much better than other in car phone holders that I've had over the years.
This is good mobile holder! Just has one minus, when driving on motorway phone shakes a little bit, so when I was using sat/nav, it was a bit annoying.
Works great
Works great
note 3
great bit of kit holds a galaxy note 3 with the otter box defender case on any car or lorry dash love it
Ok but not as good as I'd hoped
I bought this going on the number of other high rated reviews.

I got the impression that it would hold on any surface but unfortunately it does not stay on my car dash board and I can't see why.
car holder, very good
This car holder is excellent, it's very strong with wide jaws for the larger mobile devices on the market these days. The one handed operation when mounting your mobile phone is not as easy as it is made to look. The sticky based suction pad did permanently mark the dashboard of my 308 Peugeot, so I would recommend you mount this product on your windscreen. I would recommend this product.
My favourate
I purchased this cradle for my car, i also purchased a different cradle for my LGV, (HGV Lorry) the idea was to put the other holder on the window of my LGV, with it having an extended arm, i paid the same for both cradles, i wish i purchased the Dash Crab first, it is so flexible, and true to the adverts word sticks to almost all services, as i change vehicles daily, it gets plenty of opportunities to fail, thus far it hasn't. I Use the Dash Crab daily, it is sturdy, i get very little if any vibration while driving, i can adjust the phone in any position and it stays in the position that i choose, I would recommend this cradle, to the point i am thinking of getting another one for my car.
Best Available
I needed a holder that would hold my iPhone 5s whilst fitted into a leather case. I bought a very similar product from another on line source which lasted about three to four weeks before the stem snapped at the ball joint. It was replaced without hesitation by the supplier, but exactly the same thing happened in even less time. Reviews on this product revealed many other identical instances, so a search of Mobile Fun products was a must. The Dash Crab is more than double the price of the previous two, but it is worth every penny. It is almost vibration free, has a much stronger moulding at the ball joint, and although I have finally attached it to my windscreen, it will attach equally well to your orange peel dash. Don't hesitate is my advice, just buy it.
Good but...
Read all the reviews and videos and was impressed. The good points, it stops me using the phone while driving and a place to mount th phone for navigation. The down side is there is a slight vibration due to th small ball mount and difficult to rotated th ephone without loosening the swivel nut. Overall it's good for the money.
Universal Fit
Bought this to hold the new iPhone6 in a case and running maps for navigation.
The Crab will hold almost anything based on it's wide mouth so it does the job well.
The neck by the swivel head needs to a bit thicker to avoid vibrating when the car is on the move.
Dose what it says on the tin
The dash crab is very well made and fits on all surfaces I have tried the dash on a Ford Focus 1.8 mk2 sports is very rough and it stayed stuck to it for as long as I needed it. And they where very hot days.
It is very versatile with having a ball joint head I highly recommend the Dash Crab I bought my Mum one and my daughter one.
Great product
Dose what it says on the tin
The dash crab is very well made and fits on all surfaces I have tried the dash on a Ford Focus 1.8 mk2 sports is very rough and it stayed stuck to it for as long as I needed it. And they where very hot days.
It is very versatile with having a ball joint head I highly recommend the Dash Crab I bought my Mum one and my daughter one.
Great product
Fantastic product
Very good product. Hold the mobile phone firmly and easy to put on and taking off.
Samsung s5 car holder
I was looking for a holder suitable for my s5 with power case to fix in the car. Fortunately I found the dash crab.I located it on a glass quarter light and it satisfies my requirements ie sight line, secure fixing and one handed use . The unit is well designed with a good spring weighted action and silicone pads on the inside of the jaws to hold a device which prevents hard to hard surface slippage. Again a great product from this website.
great holder
Does exactly what it says on the tin
This thing does stretch enough to encompass the rather chunky Oneplus - towards the limit of it's range but it works.

The suction/sticky cup is a sticky affair that is going to stay in place once deployed. Don't plan on moving it again afterwards it afterwards. if you like detaching your holder to move between vehicles or to store in the glovebox this may not be your best choice.

Solidly built and I'm very pleased with it.
Superb for the money
Ok used to normal push together phone holders so was apprehensive when ordering as most product videos are staged to make it look the best! Item arrived and was impressed with the base suction strength . Then I used the claw for 2 days and I've gotta say its a 1 handed easy to use modern looking phone holder. I've now ordered a second item for the car and I may even order a third for my digger! All round it's the best phone holder I've used.
Excellent cell phone holder
Works very well, one handed use is as described. it really sticks to the dash and is sturdy. Best car holder I've used. My wife and sister now want one of their own as well. Would definitely recommend.
not quite perfect
A great device with a very strong suction cup, however if you are wanting to get shake free video footage from within a car you will need to look for something more rigid. As a speedy to use clamp for sat nav applications then this is a superb buy.
it works ... brilliantly!
Sticks to dash (even in the heat of a Cyprus summer)! Holds my Samsung Galaxy Notd 3 securely and does what it says very well! As per usual delivery was quick - even to Cyprus. Once again: well done Mobilefun.co.uk ...
Dont buy if you want to use your phone for recording
I bought this mount as other reviewers said it was very sturdy when using it as a dash cam holder.

The holder jerks about quite alot when the phones in its grips. I have to have the phone resting on the dash for a stable video picture.

I don't recommend using this as a dash cam/phone holder.

Looks good, but cheaper and better ones out there.
The Dash Crab FX is amazing. The Tom-Tom stayed exactly where it was needed for the whole journey.
Jaws could be a little bigger ..
This is far better than the last clamp I bought in that it didn't fall apart putting it on my screen in the first place.

Actually this is a very good bit of kit that would hold my Galaxy S5 sans case easily, my case is makes it impossible to hold the phone completely but it does grid the back of the case well to do the job.
Very good product
A great product that sticks very well to the windscreen and doesn't leave a mark.
Little bit wiggle
The bottom is sticking perfectly to a window of my car and the holder it self holds the phone perfectly. The only small problem is, that the peg, that is holding the phone is attached on one of the sides and thus does wiggle, if the road is bumpy.
Just the job
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this gadget did exactly as it claimed. Following 4 yrs of my sat nav repeatedly falling off the window, I was desperate to find something to hold it fast...this gadget did just that. Fantastic....
as described...well built...does the job!!
Perfect !
Simple, practical, and very steady!
Great Item
Holds anything, grips to anything... GREAT!!
Awesome bit of kit
I bought the Dash Crab FX mount as it was very similar to an OSO one I have in my other car. The Dash Crab sticks firmly to my dashboard (or windscreen) and has no signs of movement. The grabby thing which holds the phone is easy to operate and can spin and be adjusted to suit any orientation you want. Very flexible and seems to absorb the bumps in the road without issue. Would definitely recommend. Oh, it was also delivered super quick as well!
this little car mount is nice. sticks great to the dashboard. holds my iphone "and case" perfectly. has a snug grip and the phone stays in place. the only 'awkward" part is the when you put the phone in its grip and when you remove it. I'm happy with it
Excellent product
This car mount attached easily to the dashboard of my people carrier and holds my phone securely. Highly recommended.
Bst mount I've had
Finally a mount that sticks and stay and holds any phone securely. The suction cup is a sticky (non-glue) rubber that makes a perfect seal with either the dash or window. The claws rotate and can hold any of my family's phones. All that any so much cheaper than the phone specific jobbies.
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