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CUBE Universal Car and Desk Smartphone Holder - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The CUBE holder is perfect for holding your device at the perfect angle whether as a car holder or desk stand. The unique twisting design creates simple rotations to accommodate every angle. In black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39114
$13.26 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 20 customers

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The smallest, easiest most effective phone holder
A great compact simple and effective device. Fantastic in my sports car which has limited space for holders and the like.
Perfect for many kinds of usage
Great little gadget that performs many tasks. I use it beside my bed as an alarm, use it as a desk stand at work, attach it on unit beside bath to watch TV, sat nah for the car, and will be taking it on the plane to watch movies too! It's good quality and doesn't leave any residue at all. I'd highly recommend this, best tenner I've spent in a long time!
I have been after a cradle to use in the car, but recently decided I wanted something for my desk at work.
The Cube works perfectly. The additional pad makes it easy to transfer between car and office, yet is completely solid in the car.
The sticky pad that holds the phone has perfect grip but doesn't leave any residue on the phone when it's taken off.
I seriously recommend this product to anyone in the same situation as me.
Easy 5 stars! !
Good But Not Great
The cube will hold your phone perfectly at your desk as well as car dashboard provided both are clear flat surfaces.
Else the weight of the phone and the slanting position can lead it to fall . Happened many times with me. Also dont try this as a windshield mount . It will definitely fail.
Best for your desk and also will stick your phone with out any residue.
A great product for your mobile in both car and desk . Initially i was worried if my charger wires could connect to the usb port in the bottom of lumia 920. But there is enough space below to get your phone charged in vertical position.
Cube universal holder
The base is perfect my samsung galaxy S4 it stick very well
Nice idea, but...
This seemed like the answer to the question I was having about where and how to put my phone in my car (a Peugeot 307). The difficulty with the 307 is the windscreen - mount the phone there and a) you can't reach it, and b) you get reflections in the glass which are quite ditracting. the best thing is to mount the phone as close to the edge nearest the driver and the CUBE looked like an answer. Unfortunately at the moment it seems that it's a fail. It's not necessarily the CUBE's fault but the new HTC One is just too heavy for the sticky pad on the CUBE and I have had to retrieve my phone from the car's foot well on numerous occasions while trying to get this to work. Perhaps a smaller, lighter phone would work but I would think that anything near the size of a HTC One (Samsung S3/4, iPhone 5...) is not going to work that well.
It's a neat idea but...
It's just a sticky box thing
That's it! A box shape with 2 sticky ends and it sort of splits in the middle!!

However once fastened to my car dash I can attach my sat nav, phone, MP3 player even a pen! And it stays just where wanted. Just playing with my phone & I have used it as a dashcam.

It's such a simple idea but well executed and to your average dipstick walking past my car looking for signs of sat nav mounts to nick it just looks like a weird sort of air fresher brick. I just love it
does what it says on the tin !
Problem is solved
Holding my phone steady while being clear and visible had always been a problem until '' the cube '' came along
Works well if the device base is braced by a horizontal plane of the vehicle fascia.The base needs to be wider as it is too efficient a fulcrum and the device is insecure.It will not hold my Tom Tom XXL.
The claimed properties are over stated.

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