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Crystalusion Plus Active Anti-Bacterial Screen Protection Solution Reviews

Crystalusion Plus is a new improved advanced active liquid glass anti-pathogen, that leaves a protective coating. Don't take risks with your health, get active bacteria protection for your mobiles, laptops and other devices.
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Crystalusion Plus is a new improved advanced active liquid glass anti-pathogen, that leaves a protective coating. Don't take risks with your health, get active bacteria protection for your mobiles, laptops and other devices.
 4.2 stars from 442 customers

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good product
This is a good product, it does what is says on the tin.
Works well
Keeps finger prints at bay on multiple devices and touch screens feel better to use.
liquid glass screen
I am sorry i have not tried this product yet as i was in the process of changing my phone. I tried this product a few years ago and i found it worked well and kept my screen very clean. i will be trying it shortly and will report back with my comments.
Liquid Glass all day every day
I have used Liquid Glass on my last 4 phones an 2 tablets, for me the find of the century when it comes to hand devise protection. No scratches or marks I still have all my old hand devices and they still look brand new. If your looking for screen protection without the bubbles then Liquid Glasgow is for you 5*****. All day every day...
This doesn't work. My screen has loads of scratches on it
Not happy
Extremely good product. Definitely helps to protect your screen on your mobile phone. Dropped it by accident and not an smidge of damage on the phone. This is the second time of buying this product and would buy again
I think this really does work
I applied this to my new iPhone two years ago and then again about a year ago. I needs doing again as finger marks are definitely showing up. But I think it's a really good product. Easy to apply and my phone really does look almost as good as the day I took it out of the box two years ago.
Good quality.
Amazing product
I have used this product for the last four years now on mobile phones, iPods, glasses and sunglasses. It definitely helps to prevent smearing and fingerprints, and any smears etc that do appear are easier to wipe off.
I love that it adds no bulk or weight to my phone and is invisible, without those horrible peeling corners that you get with other types of screen protection.
It takes just a few simple steps to apply and, apart from overnight curing time, is really quick to apply.
I know that it isn't possible to prove the scratch resistance without attacking your phone! However, during my four years of very clumsy handling of my phones etc, I haven't sustained any scratches to any of my possessions that have been treated with Crystalusion.
Crystalusion is also great value for money, especially when bought as a twin pack.
I use no other protection on the screens of my phones and would highly recommend this product without any hesitation.
Seems to be working
The coating is really easy to apply and has reduced the amount of fingerprints left on the screen considerably. Cleaning it is also easier. The only unknowns are how long the coating will last and does it prevent scratches, but so far I'm very pleased.
The jury is still out
This is not a glass protector and I thought it was. It’s just a liquid, that the blurb suggests is just as good. Sounds like nonsense to me. I wish it was clearer as I may have just wasted my money.
Used For Years
I've now been using this product for years across all my devices, it works every time, on every device and have never encountered any issues or problems. It does exactly what it says, every time. Will continue to use for as long as I can buy them from Mobilefun. Highly recommend the product and the excellent service.
Great Prosuct
Provide two wipes to clean your phone. The product is so thin I can’t even tell if there something on it. Lucky for me I brought two just to have double strength.
good product
Easy to use and so far seems to be doing a good job.
Crystalution Liquid Glass Screen Protection.
I ordered this item,and found it really easy to apply onto my phone screen.It certainly seems to have done the trick,I no longer have the problems of sticky fingers either,It's much easier to keep clean.
I am very pleased with the product exactly what I wanted and was described perfectly
Screen saver
I didn't feel the need to keep this screensaver due to the fact that the case protects my phone so well so I returned it
Check first!
I though this was 'a screen protector'. It's not. It's a wipe that magically puts an invisible protection on your phone. I've looked online and these things offer little or no scratch protection. So for me, total waste of money.
Seems to do the job
Easy to apply. Leaves a very smooth finish. Finger prints are easily removes with the cleaning cloth supplied.
Dries fairly quickly, leaves a few smears which are easily removed.
Says it lasts about a year, not sure how to detect if the protection needs to be reapplied.
Overall happy to recommend. I will buy another application in a year or so time
Was great and quick
Very pleased
I read about the item before I purchased it and it came up to the review
I have purchased this product many times in the past, and will continue to do so because it works. It is as simple to use as it says, and it really works.
Don't see the point
I thought i was buyng a screen covert and it's so much more than that. But because I thought it was a screen cover, I opened it and only then realised it was something different. It's might work. It might be fantastic. But I wiped a bit here and a bit there on various devices which has rendered it useless. It needs constant wiping on the one device till the pads dried. I have wasted my money. It should be advertised more accurately. It's not a screen cover in the normal sense. If you dinner understand that you'll also waste your money.
Only 1 pack for 1 use
I didn´t know that the box its included only 1 pack for 1 use, I thought that box includes some packs to use in differents devices.
Not worth the money
all it is is a Couple of cloths and instructions. I have used them but apart from a clean screen there is no difference. what have I actually paid for.
Great once applied
How fiddly it can be to apply
Nice finish if applied properly
Have not tested it to check if it scratches as is used as back up to a case. It seems to resist fingerprints quite well. One thing to note though is read the instructions inside the package. Not the ones on the outside packaging. The outside does not tell you to leave the applied solution on overnight to dry before polishing off.
Seems to be OK
It feels no different as it's a small wet cloth that you wipe over the screen.
As I'm careful I can't feel any difference tbh but hope it's doing its job. It's much better than the covers you lay on with bubbles in them.
It is good and easy to put on. very clear to .
Very satisfied
If it will protect the glass from shattering when it falls whilst you are walking?
Excellent !!
I was sceptical about this and boy was I impressed !
No bubbles, no rucking up around the press button or sides, no nothing !
Clear, hard glass protector
10/10 I would thoroughly recommend this “invisible “ yet effective product.
Go out and buy some you will NOT be disappointed !!
Not as tough as advertised
It was easy enough to apply, but 48 hours later i inadvertently has the phone in my pocket with a wood screw, which scratched the screen surface in several places . If its as good as it said, the screw would have been damaged!
No sticky finger prints
Great for reducing screen smudges and sticky finger prints. Will definitely be buying for my grandchildrens notebook.
Lovely quality!
Easy to use, does what it says !
Eady to apply
Found this item much better to use than those stick on things.
Excellent product
Easy to use. And does the job
Not sure about this item
I thought that this item as well as protecting the screen, would also reduce fingerprints and smudges as a similar item did on my Samsung phone. This time around it did not work so well on my Huawei phone - perhaps the glass is different - who knows?
This is a great product! It does exactly what it says it does!
Great screen protector
I actually purchased this by mistake
I thought it was the usual type of screen protector that sticks to your screen
It wasn't so please read the description as i did not

But its brilliant
Its a gel and you actually wipe it on your screen
I was a bit unsure at first but honestly it's realky good
Easy to wipe over when a bit dirty and it looks like new again
The best thing about it is you can't even tell it's on your screen and none of the usual curled up edges that you get on the usual run of the mill protectors
No bubbles either .
Brilliant def would buy again
To be honest I didn't feel my screen was really protected by this expensive product as it can't be seen or even felt. I purchased a real glass screen protector after a week.
Don't Buy it.
Bought a new phone in April....goes from my hand to my purse. I have never dropped it, & guess what has a 2/3 inch scratch on the screen!! Are you kidding me?!

The guy at the store even showed me on his phone how keys won't scratch it. Well MY phone somehow got one & THEY applied it to my phone.
Never again.
If you want to protect your phone at all then don't be sucked in by this fad. go and buy yourself a tempered glass screen protector. 3 days after applying this product my phone had 3 big scratches and many more little ones. buy elsewhere, this product sucks.
Worst thing I've bought.
I thought this was a genuine screen protector! I don't understand how you can advertise this as a protective product.
I feel that it was a waste of money & it's not fit for purpose. I think the product is misleading.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jason

Sorry you feel that way. Liquid Glass Screen Protection is a great way of adding extra protection to your phone without the worries of installing a screen protector. If you have any concerns, please contact our Customer Services team.
No fuss, no bubbles
So easy to apply and no worrying about getting it straight like previous protectors. Simply lay the liquid as directed and in minutes your good to go.
This is so easy to apply and no!! Bubbles I have applied 2 coats to my Sony Xperia it keeps smudges
To a minimum and protects from scratches will use
Again for sure.
Don't fill me with confidence.
I like the idea but the product doesn't fill me with confidence as you can't see anything actually being applied.
A week or so later and I am starting to see small scratches appear on the screen (where it rubs against things) but that makes me think the product isn't working...
Probably going to buy another protector to help settle my mind so makes this purchase a waste of money.
seems to work well so far
Only had the phone for three weeks so can't offer a comprehensive evaluation. However, it was easy to apply, so far, has kept the screen free from scratches & finger marks are easily removed using the included microfibre cloth. Thought it was a little expensive compared to a plastic screen protector but it doesn't impede touchscreen sensitivity - time will tell how long it lasts & how resilient it is.
Easy to apply...
But not going to test my keys on my new smartphone so I'll just trust it works
Jury still out
As i have not used this type of product before i am still waiting to see whether my screen is safe from damage. As far as i can tell the screen is not scratched but I would want to see what it is like in 6 months time to be sure I this working as intended.
Great service
I have purchased many products from mobile fun over the years & have never been disappointed with their service or my purchases. I use Crystalusion on every new phone & it works
Maybe I did not read the instructions properly,,but I think I could have done 1 other phone & my tablet
Amazing protection
Love this, easy to apply, works brilliantly, recommended in O2 shop.
Great for restoring the oleophobic coating!
I didn't buy this to help protect my screen from scratches (because I don't believe products like this would since anything harder than the glass will scratch the screen anyways). I bought it to bring back the oleophobic coating on my phone. It works great just for that! fingerprints are easily wiped away again, and my finger glides along the screen just as when I first got the phone.
another fine purchase
I have bought this product each time I have replaced my phone it works as described the ordering process and delivery has worked too, with no issues
No more 'peel off' screen protector.
Evidence of its performance being as good as it states.
That it was not a press-on screen shield
Didn't set to the screen face
The product blotted and did not stick to the screen. I have seen no reduction in the smudges and fingerprints shown on the screen face after application. I did read the instructions and apply as directed. Would not recommend this product.
Better than normal screen protectors
Was slight skeptical when buying it, but it works like a charm. Follow the instructions and it's easy to apply. Applied it 3 weeks before and no residual fingermarks, scratches, etc. on the screen so far.
Better than normal screen protectors
Was slight skeptical when buying it, but it works like a charm. Follow the instructions and it's easy to apply. Applied it 3 weeks before and no residual fingermarks, scratches, etc. on the screen so far.
Followed instructions provided but not sure protection fully applied. Screen got scratched recently. Not sure if it's because of the product or poor appliance of it.
Followed instructions provided but not sure protection fully applied. It definitely gives the phone better look and feel than typical screen protectors. However, Screen got scratched recently. Not sure if it's because of the product or poor appliance of it. I am always worried the screen will crack if I accidentally drop it.
Easy to use
I have a Samsung with the "edge" feature and was very disappointed with the plastic overlay protection I bought as it kept interfering with accessing the cool feature. This product was very easy to apply, has been very easy to keep clean, and I will happily buy it again in about a year to renew the protection.
You better off buying a proper screen protector
Not sure about this product weather it works or not.. wouldn't like to put it to the drop test on my very expensive Samsung galaxy note 8.. after applying it very carefully and waiting a full 12 hours to dry fully. I still got finger prints all over. Was hoping the product would rectify this common problem. As for protection.. i think your still better of buying a proper screen protector for peace of mind
Recommended, esp. for P10s !
My Huwai P10 came without the usual oleophobic coating, making a great phone a bit rubbish to handle. I applied Crystalusion recently, left it 10 hours.....and the problem seems solved. Very pleased.
Easy to apply.
Easy to apply,bit smelly though when you apply the final coat. Screen not so smudgy now,and easier to keep clean.
Simple brilliant product
So easy to apply.good instructions works the following day. As always website easy to use fast efficient check out and delivery as promised :)
excellent product.
excellent protection for phones and tablets at keeping them looking like new.
The liquid worked as claimed. It is diffult to know if the protection is as good as it says at this early stage. I had expected it would decrease the impact of my finger marks, but there is no difference.
The diamond grade
Anyone that has a huawei P10 or Plus should get rid of the cheap installed screen protector and apply this.So easy to apply and perfect finish.In fact anyone wanting any protection for any phone should get this
Reliable Delivery
Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection great for protecting your phone from scratches. Had on previous phone & couldn't find ib NZ for new phone. Delivery a bit slow but then realsed it was a UK site so posted from UK. Very satisfied.
Used before, will use again
I have bought this product on many occasions, and it does what it says, otherwise I wouldn't use it. Easy to apply, and keeps the screen free of fingerprints, and does a reasonable job in resisting surface scratches. It is only a shame that it appears to be so popular that when I needed it it was out of stock! So bought a double pack, and will reorder next time when i use the second pack, not wait until it needs to be resurfaced.
Used it before, I am useing it again.
You have to see this to believe it. It creates a film over the screen so thin you don't even know its there. I don't get smears or smudges any more and it is so easy to apply. Terry.
Excellent product. Easy to apply. Does what it sayz on the tin. Thznk you
Simple and Brilliant
Wanted full protection for my new phone, and that is what it gives. So very happy used it on my new watch as well, clarity exceptional. Now I am not frightened if I bang it on anything. Delivery and back up 100%.
If you use hand held devices you need this product
I have been using this product since 2013 works perfect on phones tablets and even on wrist watch glass. Easy to apply come with 2 wipes, 1 to de-grease 1 to apply the Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection. Best invention since sliced bread, if you use any kind of hand device you need this product.
great product
used it quite easy to apply still no scratches after 2 weeks will by=uy it again
Quick and easy to apply
Arrived quickly and was easy to apply will see how it turns out. has helped get rid of fingerprints as a plus
Professional protective coating
When first applied and dried on my Samsung S7 Edge my keyboard entries came up as random text on the screen. This feature appears to be refucing with time
I love using this product
This is simple to use, quick and easy too. You simply clean your product, wipe it over with the protection cloth and leave to dry - and in my case - put the kettle on whilst it dries!
Excellent product
Having spent quite a few quid buying stick-on screen protectors, none of which was satisfactory, I found Crystalusion online and thought I'd give it a try. What a great product - just clean the screen properly, wipe the liquid on, let it dry and hey presto! An invisible yet tough screen coating that is even slightly oleophobic. Nice one - my iPad has now received the same treatment. No more stick-on bits of glass that either don't adhere properly round the edges or have an ugly oily sheen.
Great product!!
Easy to use & apply. No fiddling with stick on screen protectors & air bubbles. Enough left over to apply on other screens as well.
exactly what it says on the box.A bit of messing to prepare,but when fitted it is quite awsome.
tiny scratches after only a month
I thought the negative reviews were probably unecessarily critical, or maybe the protection hadn't been applied as per instructions. But no, I was very careful to follow exactly, and lo and behold, tiny scratches on the screen already - I only applied it a month ago!

Now going to buy a proper stick-on protector.

A clearly good product
I have purchased this product twice before and found it to be good, I bought this product because I had used it previously on my mobile phone and having upgraded my phone for a new one it was not a difficult choice to make, the product is easy to apply, straightforward no nonsense (follow the simple instructions)and hey presto, no longer do I need to clean my phone everytime I use it, it now only requires a quick wipe to remove the fingerprints and dirt from screen, occasionally.
This was easy to use and has left the phone feeling like it's supposed to, unlike a screen protector. You can definitely feel the difference under the fingers, and it wipes clean easy. I've not intentionally scratched it to test the toughness, but the water repelling nature of it is beautiful to watch.
Excellent product to protect any screen!
Excellent product, I have bought multiple times over the past few years for multiple devices (Mobile/Tablet/laptop/monitor) and also for members of my family.

It is very easy and quick to apply, and the solution does last 1yr minimum.
Great part
Can not feel the difference, but obviously the device became crystal clear and more durable to scratches. I am not using any case, my phone remains like new
We´ll see how it turns out.
The application is easy. But as I didn´t drop my phone nor didn´t scratch the screen I´m not able to say that it works as a protector. But I can say that now the screen is a bit less prone to catch the fingerprints - and that was the main reason I bought this product.
The second one I've had. Ordinary film screen protectors can be a nightmare applying them with those annoying bubbles - which you just don't get with liquid, which once applied dries to a protective shield. I apply seven or eight coats to make sure. Excel
Excellent product.
Good product
If you purchase this product please read the packing as the instructions are different from the back of the pack. The solution worked very well but I did rub it until the surface was dry as recommended inside the packaging. Will purchase another one in the future and try again. Other wise a good product.
Early signs are good
Product is easy to apply with good instructions. Puts your phone out of action for quite a few hours , but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Once its dry, the screen has a very smooth feel to it and having had on for a month or so, it's still unmarked as if I had applied it yesterday. Only reason it gets four instead of five stars is because its only been on for a month.
Easy to use
I bought the liquid glass screen as I was fed up trying to get the normal screen covers to fit without bubbles.
Followed the instructions for cleaning and I then applied the liquid glass, very easy to use, after letting it dry overnight and a buff with the supplied cloth the screen sparkles. Two weeks later the screen still sparkles, the screen doesn't seem to attract dust or finger marks as an ordinary screen protector. Not sure how long it will last but seems so far a good buy.
I applied the liquid easily to my smartphone screen using the cloth provided and it dried quickly. After polishing with the second cloth, it has left a shiny glass finish which hasn't diminished over the past 6 weeks since application. Fingerprints no longer show which is helpful when using the pattern lock as there is no tell-tale sign of repeated swiping.

I haven't dropped it yet, so cannot comment on the breakage protection promise.

I like it a lot!
Screen now nice & shiny
I have only given this product 4 stars, only applied this product to the screen about a week ago, so far so good, I had the choice of yet another stick on glass screen protector, or go for this product, so far so good, before with the glass protectors, removing dirt/finger marks daily, only once did the screen need a quick wipe having applied this product. only time will tell if this continues to work, cautionery note suggest you wear gloves, when applying product, as you should with any cleaning product, it was easy to apply, simple straight forward instructions
Very easy
very easy to do following the instructions
Good item but I still don't know if it works.
Actually I didn't notice that it's liquid until I saw there isn't standard protector in the package but that's my problem I guess.
Amazing stuff
Had this for more than one phone. Does what is says, no scratches, protected well. Love it
The product is great
The product is great, it has an instruction how to apply it and as of now, I have not encounter any single scratch on my Samsung galaxy note 7. I will recommend this to my friends, definitely.
Great product
The product and delivery are great
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