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Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection Reviews

Using liquid nanotechnology to protect your smartphone and tablet, the Crystalusion Liquid Glass provides a resistive layer that protects coated surfaces from dirt, oil, dust, abrasion and bacteria for up to 12 months.
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 4.2 stars from 349 customers

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great product
used it quite easy to apply still no scratches after 2 weeks will by=uy it again
Quick and easy to apply
Arrived quickly and was easy to apply will see how it turns out. has helped get rid of fingerprints as a plus
Professional protective coating
When first applied and dried on my Samsung S7 Edge my keyboard entries came up as random text on the screen. This feature appears to be refucing with time
I love using this product
This is simple to use, quick and easy too. You simply clean your product, wipe it over with the protection cloth and leave to dry - and in my case - put the kettle on whilst it dries!
Excellent product
Having spent quite a few quid buying stick-on screen protectors, none of which was satisfactory, I found Crystalusion online and thought I'd give it a try. What a great product - just clean the screen properly, wipe the liquid on, let it dry and hey presto! An invisible yet tough screen coating that is even slightly oleophobic. Nice one - my iPad has now received the same treatment. No more stick-on bits of glass that either don't adhere properly round the edges or have an ugly oily sheen.
Great product!!
Easy to use & apply. No fiddling with stick on screen protectors & air bubbles. Enough left over to apply on other screens as well.
exactly what it says on the box.A bit of messing to prepare,but when fitted it is quite awsome.
tiny scratches after only a month
I thought the negative reviews were probably unecessarily critical, or maybe the protection hadn't been applied as per instructions. But no, I was very careful to follow exactly, and lo and behold, tiny scratches on the screen already - I only applied it a month ago!

Now going to buy a proper stick-on protector.

A clearly good product
I have purchased this product twice before and found it to be good, I bought this product because I had used it previously on my mobile phone and having upgraded my phone for a new one it was not a difficult choice to make, the product is easy to apply, straightforward no nonsense (follow the simple instructions)and hey presto, no longer do I need to clean my phone everytime I use it, it now only requires a quick wipe to remove the fingerprints and dirt from screen, occasionally.
This was easy to use and has left the phone feeling like it's supposed to, unlike a screen protector. You can definitely feel the difference under the fingers, and it wipes clean easy. I've not intentionally scratched it to test the toughness, but the water repelling nature of it is beautiful to watch.
Excellent product to protect any screen!
Excellent product, I have bought multiple times over the past few years for multiple devices (Mobile/Tablet/laptop/monitor) and also for members of my family.

It is very easy and quick to apply, and the solution does last 1yr minimum.
Great part
Can not feel the difference, but obviously the device became crystal clear and more durable to scratches. I am not using any case, my phone remains like new
We´ll see how it turns out.
The application is easy. But as I didn´t drop my phone nor didn´t scratch the screen I´m not able to say that it works as a protector. But I can say that now the screen is a bit less prone to catch the fingerprints - and that was the main reason I bought this product.
The second one I've had. Ordinary film screen protectors can be a nightmare applying them with those annoying bubbles - which you just don't get with liquid, which once applied dries to a protective shield. I apply seven or eight coats to make sure. Excel
Excellent product.
Good product
If you purchase this product please read the packing as the instructions are different from the back of the pack. The solution worked very well but I did rub it until the surface was dry as recommended inside the packaging. Will purchase another one in the future and try again. Other wise a good product.
Early signs are good
Product is easy to apply with good instructions. Puts your phone out of action for quite a few hours , but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Once its dry, the screen has a very smooth feel to it and having had on for a month or so, it's still unmarked as if I had applied it yesterday. Only reason it gets four instead of five stars is because its only been on for a month.
Easy to use
I bought the liquid glass screen as I was fed up trying to get the normal screen covers to fit without bubbles.
Followed the instructions for cleaning and I then applied the liquid glass, very easy to use, after letting it dry overnight and a buff with the supplied cloth the screen sparkles. Two weeks later the screen still sparkles, the screen doesn't seem to attract dust or finger marks as an ordinary screen protector. Not sure how long it will last but seems so far a good buy.
I applied the liquid easily to my smartphone screen using the cloth provided and it dried quickly. After polishing with the second cloth, it has left a shiny glass finish which hasn't diminished over the past 6 weeks since application. Fingerprints no longer show which is helpful when using the pattern lock as there is no tell-tale sign of repeated swiping.

I haven't dropped it yet, so cannot comment on the breakage protection promise.

I like it a lot!
Screen now nice & shiny
I have only given this product 4 stars, only applied this product to the screen about a week ago, so far so good, I had the choice of yet another stick on glass screen protector, or go for this product, so far so good, before with the glass protectors, removing dirt/finger marks daily, only once did the screen need a quick wipe having applied this product. only time will tell if this continues to work, cautionery note suggest you wear gloves, when applying product, as you should with any cleaning product, it was easy to apply, simple straight forward instructions
Very easy
very easy to do following the instructions
Good item but I still don't know if it works.
Actually I didn't notice that it's liquid until I saw there isn't standard protector in the package but that's my problem I guess.
Amazing stuff
Had this for more than one phone. Does what is says, no scratches, protected well. Love it
The product is great
The product is great, it has an instruction how to apply it and as of now, I have not encounter any single scratch on my Samsung galaxy note 7. I will recommend this to my friends, definitely.
Great product
The product and delivery are great
Fantastic Product
Crystalusion Liquid Glass is absolutely brilliant. It is so simple to apply, unlike the plastic screen protectors, with no fear of trapping air bubbles beneath the surface. After application, the screen is so smooth, and fingerprints etc. just wipe off, and photos and other images are so much clearer and brighter. I would certainly recommend this to anyone.
Was a bit dubious about claims made for this product, but it out performed it
Was a bit dubious about claims made for this product, but it out performed it.just make sure you follow instructions and you will be delighted.
Fantastic product
Crystalusion is easy to apply, giving the glass an extremely smooth finish. It increases the clarity and brightness of anything being viewed. It certainly does what it claims to do. 100% better than the plastic film screen protectors, plus no fear of getting dust etc. trapped in. I am now using it on all my devices.
Worth the Faffing About
Having wasted goodness knows how much time, effort and money on screen protectors, all of which assured me that - if I followed the instructions to the letter- I would have a bubble free, smear free, perfectly fitted protector (yeah riiiiiight!) I decided it was time to try something different.
I was a little sceptical about using something that you can't actually see (Emperor's New Clothes anyone?) but was willing to risk it. So glad I did. Apart from the faff of waiting 12 hours it was straightforward
Must be doing it wrong
Followed the instructions provided. Didn't seem to make any difference other than a slightly reduced latency between screen cleans -- not worth it for that.
Magic screen protection
I was a bit sceptical about this product but it really works. Very easy to apply (worth watching the video). I still get a few finger prints on the screen but they clean off with the whisp of a cloth. SO much better than those awful plastic things. Recommend.
Neat phone case
Nice looking phone case and a perfect fit. Easy to use phone, including the camera, with the case on. A flip-top might be simpler. I'm happy with it.
Was pleasantly surprised with the results and would recommend the product to everybody
Bought the Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection after reading some good reviews. was pleasantly surprised with the results and would recommend the product to everybody. Does seem to keep the screen in much better condition than those awful plastic screen protectors.
Great product, well pleased.
I Read the instructions and applied the liquid on the device. I let it seat for 12 hours.
After one or two weeks minor scratches appeared on the screen.
Back to glass screen protector within less than a month.
the liquid does make the screen easier to clean, but it is not a screen protector replacement by any means
Best protection
Hands downe The best protection for any Phone laptop tablet smartwatch tv glasses. I got this on all items. Easy to aply and it works. Protect from all scratches i whold have got if i diden pot this on. And its good for keeping the fingerprints of the screen 100% GO
I wanted a quality screen protector for my new Samsung S7 & after viewing the many options and reviews of the MobileFun options went with a "Tempered Glass" protector". Unfortunately i had not noticed it was out of stock prior to submitting my online order. Therefore i rang "Customer Services" and a young lady confirmed stock was expected within 7-10 days, Being a brand new phone i didn't really want to wait that long without a screen protector, And the lady said not a problem i could instantly change my order to an alternative product.... 24hrs later after re-visiting the options chose the Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen protector and i rang back and my order was changed there and then at not extra charge even though the new order was a little more expensive and the product was despatched same day and delivered the following. This is honestly only the 3rd ever product review i have bothered to write and although the product is actually superb and had great support from both M;Fun and Crystalusion product vids even though i was dubious the customer service received was the main reason for typing. Flawless and top class and the screen protector is great too.
Brilliant - application is so easy
Brilliant - application is so easy and even thou you cant see anything happen the magic happens when it is dry - it really does protect your device from fingerprints i was amazed they just wipe away and no more prints great stuff will def by some more .
My son attempted to use it for my wife's phone and said that it was rubbish
When I purchased it in a hurry to replace a product that was out of stock, I did not appreciate that it was a liquid and not a glass screen protector. My son attempted to use it for my wife's phone and said that it was rubbish. He went to a supermarket and purchased a standard glass screen and fitted that instead and threw the liquid glass screen protector in the bin.
I'm pretty impressed with this Nano Glass technology malarkey....
it' s protected my S7 edge without diminishing the phones beauty cos, let's face it, the S7edge is a beautiful phone, sad though that may seem. I've always used tempered glass protectors in

Application was a tad worrying ( how do you wipe the back AND front whilst minimising
contact and allowing it to dry for 24 hours?) I needn't've worried, leaving my freshly coated phone on a clean dry microfibre cloth overnight left the overall finish pristine.
Won't have a phone without it
I have used Crystalusion Liquid Glass many times on various phones.
The first thing I order when I get a new phone is Crystalusion & usually a thin fit case to protect the back. It protects the screen l& ooks much better than the conventional protectors.
Very impressed indeed!
I was initially a little sceptical about this product but I wish I had bought it sooner! The twin pack treated my iPhone, iPad and iWatch and I am really pleased with the results. I would highly recommend this to anybody ahead of a separate bubbly screen protector.
Amazing stuff
So easy to apply but needs leaving 24 hours to dry which is a challenge! Strengthens screen and it stays cleaner too. No scratching or flaking; so much better than normal screen covers.
Big fan
I first applied this product when I bought the phone new in October 2014. It's done a great job protecting my phone screen so I thought it was time to give it another application. Very easy to apply - just get your phone/tablet very clean before you start.
Amazing stuff
Easy to use and apply. Very effective. Keeps my screen clear and strongly protected. Handy for any appliances with screens
Very good items and fast delivery.

I'll be shopping with this company again
amazing product
So easy to apply, the liquid rubs on simply, leave it to dry and it hardens the screen on your phone. This phone cannot have a normal cover as it is curved. So crystalusion is perfect for me
Great screen protector
This is easy to use on phones, tablets and sat navs and has outlasted my phone.
Great product.
Screen protector Superb
I have bought this product for all of my phones and devices over the past six years. It does everything it professes to do. It is scratchproof and very hard wearing also lasts longer that advertised.
This product is the best I have tried and I highly telco end it.
Bubble free with ease
I am not a technophobe but nor am I a techno-geek so gobblygook descriptions and jargon are a no-no and I will continue to look for a product that explains in plain speak what it does... This product does exactly that, easy to apply, impossible to get a bubble rather than impossible to get rid of the bubble(s) the end result thus far is superb. I have applied Crystalusution Liquid Glas Screen Protection to several items including a robust watch that gets quite a lot of daily abuse. Having tried many different types and styles of screen protection, this product is in a class of its own and at an affordable price.
This is a fantastic product
When I saw this on the mobile fun website, I was sceptical as to whether it would do what is described. This is a fantastic product that is easy to apply and looks great when applied. It offers protection for your valuable product.
a good alternative to a stick on screen protector
Follow the instructions inside (clean with alcohol rub, rub all over with the solution and leave for a full 12 hours before using and polishing excess off) and it is great. Water beads on the screen and there is no discoloration on the case and back, completely invisible protection! Especially useful if you have a curved screen. Hoping not to test the scratch protection... They advise re-applying every year, which is probably what you get out of a normal screen protector.
Great product!!
Was sceptical to try product to protect new tablet. Easy to use, follow instructions & your screen will look great. Also used on MP3 player + satnavs & GPS device. No marks/smudges.
Very impressed.
Time will tell !
If it lives up to the description, then this will be an amazing product. However, it's impossible to judge until it's been in use for several months.
It's certainly easier to apply than any of the elternative screen protectors I've used previously.
I used the one sachet on three devices, my new S6 and Tab4, plus giving my old Galaxy Tab a quick once over.
How many devices can one sachet cover? It isn't clear in the instructions, although it does imply that it's a single use product as it states to use the cloth until dry.
I think multipack deals would be very helpful.
Brilliant product
I was somewhat doubtful about the efficacy of this product, but when I gazed into the smeary mess of my phone screeen I thought "anything is worth a try." Well Crystalusion was definitely worth a try - it's vastly better than a screen protector. It seemed a bit of a waste to remove my carefully applied, air bubble free screen protector, but now I shall never look back. The 12 hour wait for the coating to dry is well worth the wait. OK,it's not totally smear proof, but you just wouldn't believe how much brighter and better my screen is! Get some today and you'll be an instant convert!
Bought this for my Lumia 930 about 1.5 years ago, screen looked brushed at the top after a month or so, now has a key scratch right in the middle. This thing is totally useless
Excellent product
Used this product on my previous phone and found it effective. Easy to apply.
Amazing product
Having carefully followed the instructions and allowed 12 hours drying time, I am very impressed with this product. It's so much better than a screensaver and really does seem to be fingerprint resistant. My screen is beautifully clear and shiny in total contrast to the previous smeary mess. I shall defintely keep using Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection and recommend it to everyone.
Crystalusion liquid glass screen protection
Very easy to apply did an iPhone and two iPods. Time will tell how well it works thinking of doing my iPad next
Did the job
Bought numourous items from this seller and they never disappoint .
does the trick
easy to use, works well, but needs to be re-applied every year or so..
Liquid glass
Excellent product, despatched on receipt of order.From order to product use in less than 5 days with up to 12 months screen protection, happy to recommend
Just upgraded from a Galaxy S3 to the S5 Neo, i used this on the S3 and found it so much better than the usual film protectors so bought it again so i could re-do the S3 and do my S5 as there is plenty on the cloths to do two phones, highly recommend it.
Good - as described
Not the first time I've used it and won't be the last. No bubbles, goes on, dries, then just forget about it.
good product
Good product
Easy solution!
Product is easy to apply (as long as you've twelve hours you can leave your phone down for it to dry), looks good and feels great! Lets hope it does the job now!
very good
I got the product delivered late but and totally satisfied with it. thank you for availability in Indian market
VERY GOOD STUFF - just apply and wait - patience IS A VIRTUE
Was still sceptical, but ordered some. Cleaned 4 phones and applied the wipe a few times to each phone. Left it for 15 mins. AWEFUL streaks / smears all over - I thought oh no they are ruined. Rubbed each one very softly with soft cloth. BRILLIANT, very clear, and the moto e that had a shallow long scratch, after about 3 hours had GONE. COULD NOT BELIEVE IT, put it under several BRIGHT lights and YES the scratch could not be seen. IT WAS THERE AFTER 15 mins but after 3 hours - GONE. VERY GOOD STUFF - just apply and wait - patience IS A VIRTUE.
Didn't work, my new s6 edge is now scratched due to believing this product would work
I am impressed
I am impressed with the simplicity of use and application of this product.
Worse than a waste of money, especially as I bought 2. Followed instructions implicitly and watched U Tube demonstration before applying to my brand new untouched Air 2. Looked doubtful when applying, after waiting 12 hours worse. Can hardly see screen for smears and fingerprints and you can't get rid of them, so much for the super retina display. Shame I have to give it any stars
screen protection
Easy to apply. No bubbles and no impact on speaker or fingerprint sensor. After moving from a plastic protector it is like having a new phone, I really notice the quality of the screen. Other products are history for me will buy annually. Had enough left too do wife's tablet and my glasses three difference with my glasses is apparent as the rain no longer sticks to the glass.
Fantastic Purchase
Purchased this item due to using my phone all the time also having kids use the phone to play games . As time goes by your mobile accumulates allot of marks and dirt from over use . This cleaner was perfect to get the phone looking brand new leaving zero streaks also killing germs at the same time. It's excellent to use on tablets and among other items like laptops. Highly recommended
Great Product
Fantastic product, glad I get my daily emails from Mobile Fun, if I didn't I would have never have known about this, I used it for the 1st time about a week ago & have not needed to clean my screen on any of my devices since, if you are struggling to keep your screen clean then buy this & you will never again use anything else.

Thank you Mobile Fun, keep up the good work.
Phone face shield/battry
thank you for your speedy supply of the products that i purchased on your web site, i am happy with the products, and will tell others of your web site, thank you once again, Garry.
"The King has No Clothes"
Firstly, the product arrived promptly and well packaged (with another item) and the instructions were clear and easy to read....But I'm not sure how to review this as now applied it can't be seen, touched smelled, or even tasted! But as a member of my staff has a mobile which is also treated, and despite spending many months on the road is in as new condition, I'm pretty confident in giving this a 5* rating!
Excellent work
it just work fine. after apply this on screen, screen will become scratch proof.
Crystalusion Phone Screen Protector
This does what it is supposed to, being easy to apply smoothly, and giving an excellent, protective surface to the screen which is then easy to wipe clean.
"Crystal" or "Ill" usion?
On the face of it this seems expensive for two small pieces of tissue, one soaked in a cleaner (carbon tetrachloride?) and the other in 'liquid glass' but first impressions suggest it is effective. I had enough to treat an iPhone 6+, a laptop, and a pair of spectacles. Whether it will last a year remains to be seen.
Def recommend this product!!!
This product is fantastic !!! When a got it and it was just small pr wipes !? Didint think it would do job that it's supposed to !?? How wrong was I !!! I'm re ordering my nxt order fory Tablet n other mobiles ?!! Def recommend this product !!! .
crystal clear screen
This product is worth buying,very happy and keeps screen protected and easy to apply and so far crystal clear screen and no scuff marks.
Quick delivery.(let it dry well overnight and it works)
good product
this is the second phone i have used the crystalusion liquid on, the first lasted nearly 2 years until i changed phones, hopefully this will last as long, keeps screen nice and clear with no annoying air bubbles.
Smart and cool way to protect your screen and it will cover any device.
Excellent service and product
Delivered really fast and was exactly as described on the website. ...impressed with this lot as usual, top product and top service....
first class
First class product easy to use does the job as advertised ,
Arrived quickly
I dont know if it works
Nice packaging , but i cant tell if it does what it says.
At the momment after 2 weeks of use i cant see any big diference as before the use of the product.
simple, fast, easy, effective
Instructions for use are clearly written, easy to handle, and the effect is phenomenal. I had a big problem with the selection of protection for your Samsung Edge device (note, S6, gear fit) and this product is the only one that meets all of my high demands.I recommend it to everyone, even those who do not have EDGE devices. I know that I'll order this product again. Thank you!
Not useful
I adhered strictly to the instructions which incidentally involves getting the product over ones hands. In a nutshell - it doesn't work and in fact seems to retain finger oil even more than the untreated glass. Smudges take a lot of removing, certainly far more effort than before. So I'm now stuck with a phone that displays grease and dirt at least as badly as it did before. I've tried alcohol to remove the product but without success. Maybe the other reviewers have spotted something that I missed. Certainly not worth the money for a single sachet of product on a wet wipe. Promises much more than it delivers. Don't bother.
Very easy to clean screen and apply
Received Packaged product.Have applied and am awaiting its performance very easy to clean screen and apply.
Goods arrived in tacked and as described.. Will do business again Cheers from Australia...
Liquid Glass
I used it on my Tablet. I haven't experienced much difference after applying it.
love this product
I would like to said this product is worth buying.this is my second time buying this product and I am very pleased with it keeps your screen protected and clean of dust or dirt
Nothing could be easier than using this prduct. The sheen on the phone is brilliant
Makes a difference
The screen and back of my Xperia Z3 are easier to clean and stay clean longer. There's no change in the feel of the glass or its sensitivity.
Excellent product
Really good product. Good protection without having to add extra bulk to your device. Easy to apply and it really shows that there is an extra layer of coating protecting from everything.
Easy application and it works!
I was looking for something to replace the stick-on plastic film over my iPhone screen because, no matter how hard I tried, I could never get rid of the bubbles that formed plus the film always seemed to scratch eventually. The Liquid Glass Screen seemed a brilliant idea - and so it proved. It was extremely easy to apply. The phone has been rattling around in my pocket for some time now, the screen remains sparkling and clear with no scuff marks or scratches from coins or keys. The liquid solution that proved to be THE solution!
Crystalusion glass protection
Excellent product
Absolute Rubbish!
Yes if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. Having followed instructions to the letter, I even watched the video on their website I am now left with an iPhone ans ipad covered in smears that I can't remove. Not sure what to do next but will be writing to the company that make it.
it really works
IT really works
Crystal view
This product could not be easier to use, so simple to follow instructions and a brilliant result, absolute crystal clear screen and absolutely no smearing and so easy to wipe clean.
I have used this item on more than one occasion my daughters use it on their phones and computer screens and on their tablets I ordered one for my uncle and he was well impressed so my order will be repeated for such a good item.
Just to know it would work /protect as stated. Easy application. Have used on four different phones all still scratch free. Worth the money to protect your phones, etc. Far superior to plastic stick on covers.
Crystalusion liquid glass screen is brilliant, easy to apply and leaves a good surface that protects the screen. Finger prints, dust just wipes off with ease.
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