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Crystal Clear Case for HTC One 2013 - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Showcase the original styling of the HTC One 2013 with this crystal clear case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38944
$13.26 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 23 customers

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Superb cover
It's uncanny how they have come up with such a brilliant cover for the HTC one.. complete transparency and minimum bezel on the cover highlights the phone's inherent sleek design.. plus, its easy to get on and off the phone to clean it up whenever you feel like.. and protects the aluminium back fully!

Job well done, an excellent cover for an excellent phone!
Great case
Really happy with this case for my gold HTC One. It looks just like in the photograph, fits perfectly and doesn't add much weight or bulk to the phone.
Another reviewer said that fingerprints show up easily on the glossy case, but I found that my fingerprints showed up more easily on the aluminium body. So I dont think this an issue.
Does this case fit the HTC One Dual SIm as the dimensions are slightly diff to the HTC one
Amazing cover. worth buying
HTC one cover is amazing. It is fitting nicely in my HTC one and it gives nice transparent look at the back side. I've got lot of good reviews on it from my colleagues as well :-)
Bang on the money
The cover is exactly as is on the image. no branding, no labels, just pure protection. Showcases the sleek stylish back of my HTC One perfectly. It is sturdy enough to withstand a fall and seamless enough to not take the attention off my phone. Loving It!!
Bought as an alternative ...
... to the flexible version. Excellent fit and totally clear. However, it does rather show up fingerprints, thus adding the additional task of polishing to the phone's upkeep. That said, it fully achieves the required purpose.
Chrystal Clear Case
I chose this slim case because it doesn't detract from the elegance of the HTC One Smart Phone. You need to be careful thoigh, as the corners of your HTC could suffer damage if dropped.
Good product
Very nice product. Does its job protecting the precious aluminium of the back part of the HTC One. I bought it to be able to easily place my phone anywhere with no worries for scratches and that is exactly what this case do. The completely transparent plastic also does not hide the beautiful design of the phone.
Htc one Crystal case
This is one of the best quality cases i have used, best for those who want to show the elegant looks of HTC ONE with some protection on par.
Excellent Case
The case is excellent and it's fits to the phone very best...
Clear Protection
I'm so pleased with my Crystal Clear Case for my HTC One. It means I can not only protect the phone but do it in style! The crystal clear case is not only protecting the phone but still lets the phone show off it's gorgeous, shiny silver back :-D My only little bit of negativity is that the case doesn't cover the corners and I know this is a bit of a problem because I had a case similar with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and did chip the corners when I dropped it :(
Excellent case, but...
An excellent case overall, and better looking than the gel variants. Precision fit; clipping the phone in is straightforward. Downside to this is that it can be a little tricky to remove, but be gentle/patient and you'll pry it away without issue. Be aware though, that due to the way the phone clips into the case, the design leaves the corners completely unprotected. Not suitable if using your phone as Frisbee is important to you.
Best case ever.
This is just such a good case. It is completely clear so doesn't detract from the brilliant design of the HTC One at all. At the same time it will protect the back and sides from impacts due to dropping. Just wish I could find a screen protector that really could be applied without a single bubble. Then the whole phone would be similarly protected.

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