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Cover-Mate Desktop Cradle for Xperia Z Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your Xperia Z with this stylish desktop cradle which also acts as a multimedia stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38731
$25.01 inc. VAT
 4 stars from 16 customers

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Right on the money
Exactly as described. Phone can't have a cover on though. I was surprised at how quickly it charges. Probably on par with the USB charger. Phone doesn't sit firmly in the cradle though, so be careful not to bump it! Micro-USB plug in the back is a little awkward (you need to have a little bit of space behind it so you don't bend the cable). A nice bit of kit that does exactly as described. 10/10 would recommend.
Good product
I received this product and was so grateful for it to arrive... My charger port decided to stop working and I saw the magnetic charger so decided to try it out. This product works wonders for me and is stylish enough that is doesn't look out of place as a charger and docking for the phone.
Solved my problem of not being able to charge my phone through the mico USB anymore BUT is very slow to charge. Also this does not work with the in car charger at all. So happy I could retrieve my data and put phone back into use , but still a pain having to have it on charge for so long.
i have purchased 2 of these items in the last 6 months and both have failed . i could understand them failing if they were heavy use items but they arnt. you plug in pop your phone one and supposibly away you go but not in my case.
Desktop Cradle - Sony Xperia Z
I recently upgraded from my Xperia Z phone and gave it to my granddaughter. After a day or so the charging connector inside the phone snapped and she was very disappointed. I bought the cradle so she could charge the phone from the metallic connectors. It connects via USB and works perfectly.....happy granddaughter again :-)
wireless xperia z charging cradle
The cradle works very well and charges just as fast as the cable use too. Can recommend
Cover mate desktop cradle sony
Had to wait a while for the product to arrive, but when I did it was exactly what i needed.
Cover mate desktop cradle sony
Had to wait a while for the product to arrive, but when I did it was exactly what i needed.
sony xperia z charging dock
I was in the market to buy 2 magnetic chargers for our 3 month old sony xperia z phones. I had a very hard time finding them because alot of people were having the same issues with their phones!,the charging port falling out!! Our phones are charged once again!!
Mobile fun had the product and we are very pleased with the product and their prompt delivery of them. Thank you Mobile Fun!!
Great wee product
Product arrived 2 days ahead of schedule.Chose this as trying to find a socket in the office is a nightmare.So far love it.Doesnt charge as fast as straight from the mains but still great wee product.

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