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Cover-Mate Desktop Cradle for HTC One X Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Synchronise and charge your HTC One X with this stylish desktop cradle which also acts as a multimedia stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34871
$23.60 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 6 customers

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Great Product - Alternative to the Offical CR S650 dock
Bought this to use as a desktop cradle and works as expected to sync/transfer data PC.

Things to note:

- As other reviews have reported, the cradle provided is branded with 'KiDiGi' on the front. This did not bother me as had previously bought previous items from KiDiGi and they were all excellent & reliable.
- There is NO mains/AC charger provided - only a USB cable for syncing. There is an alternative version to this product - the Desktop Charge Cradle with HDMI Out (http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/desktop-charge-cradle-with-hdmi-out-for-htc-one-x-p35406.htm) which supports AC charging. However, please note, this particular model does NOT sync with PC. I have bought both - one for PC and one for the lounge!
- The phone fits in the cradle perfectly without any cases on - it can take a while to get used to inserting with regards to positioning (there was an initial fear of damaging the micro-USB port but you do get used to it after a while and it becomes a lot easier). I have an official C704 case and it's very difficult to get the docks USB to connect to the phone's port due to the additional thickness.
Perfect for my need..
Great item but thought was a mains charger not to pc, cut not a prob as still does the job.
Just 'does what it says!'
Charger arrived the next day and I was able to just plug it in and go. My phone is now always charged each morning and lasts all day. Am also able to synchronize my data when ever I wish.
perfect job
bought this cradle thinking it might turn out to be like a previous model on another phone i had to remove the case for charging VERY ANNOYING but this one is full of suprises works well with or without the case on the phone comes with a removable insert and charge and sync option overall exellent buy a must have for htc one x owners
just a pity it does not have a usb or cartd port and speakers then it would be an awsome product anyhow still very satisfied keep up the good work case mate and mobil;e fun
Cover-Mate Desktop Cradle for HTC One X
This little cradle is great, mine has "KiDiGi" written on the front so is different from the advertised picture.

Remember to remove the cradle insert if you have a case-mate case on your phone otherwise it wont plug in far enough to charge.

The phone fits snug and charges with no problems, 5 stars.
Cable supplied is labeled data transfer only and no mains adapter supplied so still cannot charge HTC without further. Purchase

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