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Cover-Mate Case Compatible Google Nexus 9 Charging Dock Reviews

Charge and sync your Google Nexus 9 with this stylish dock. It supports most cases so you don't need to remove your Nexus 9 from its case to use this dock!
  • Mobile Fun ID 50814
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 5 stars from 2 customers

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Nice that you carry an item no longer in manufacture
The dock fits my HTC Nexus 9 perfectly.
Good, but could be better.
The charging dock was easy to install although length of cable was a little stingy. The dock itself had an Insert for those nexus 9 that might have a cover on them, mine does but it's made from leather and could not fit in the dock with the cover on which sort of defeats the object as you then have to keep taking the cover off to charge it. Also the charging point is rather awkward to locate with finding yourself getting down to eye level to locate it to slide the charger point into your nexus 9. This has the halk marks of a "Lets rush something out to cover Nexus 9" but without thinking it through, maybe side guides that could be slided out and locked in place on these things might correct location problems and it really needs more space in front to dock your nexus 9 with anything more than the most flimsiest of cases. My opinion a job half done, great idea but lacking thought to do the job properly.

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