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CORE iPhone 6S Plus / 6 Plus Tempered Glass Curved Screen Protector Reviews

Complete screen protection at last! This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 6S Plus offers an ingenious solution to protect all of your 6S Plus's screen - including the curved edges. Also compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus.
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$26.35 inc VAT
 3.7 stars from 63 customers

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Strong and reliable
When I started looking for this for my phone, I looked at other options on other web sites, but there was nothing as good as this, it was easy to put on, I at least needed security for my phone, I am always careful not to drop it, I know that some times we can't always see things that may happen, this is good value for money
Not very robust
Looks good initially but first crack appeared after a few days. Not very robust.
This is my second glass screen from here the first one was broken at the corner by my three year old daughter when she bit it in a tantrum, it saved my iPhone screen
Good screen protector, shame about the edges
I was initially really pleased with this screen protector. I got it on easily with no bubbles anywhere and it looked really smart by covering the whole screen and not just the 'lit-up' section. Unfortunately, after a little while I noticed that dust and other debris was coming in under the edges and I can't seem to get at it to clean it without taking the protector off. Now my phone looks dirty around the edges. I have still given this 3 stars as the protector itself is excellent. I can see my screen clearly and that is the main function of this.
Great product!
Full screen covered and comes great with Mobile Zap phone cases.
Had better
Didn't seem to stick to the edge correctly and within 2 weeks the edge had cracked and broken off the one side, expected better quality for the price.
Great shipping product well packaged
Shipping and dispatch was quick I was amazed at how well packaged the screen protector was shipped zero chance of dame unless box was crushed dy very heavy weight will recommend to others
Much better than plastic!
Sheds fingerprints like no other protector I've tried, feels great, fits almost right to the edge of the 6S+ and looks great. Easy to apply, no bubbles whatsoever, and does not interfere with the 3D touch (or whatever it's called...). Only minor criticism is the cutout for the home button - why not make it round instead of an inverted u-shape? Well worth the money in my opinion.
Not good
The protector goes on easily, no bubbles and looks good. But the corners don't stick properly and one snapped off within 2 hours of use merely whilst putting the phone in a pocket.
Very easy to use screen protector.
If you've been put off by air pockets on your screen. This will make you think again. If you're not using a case then even better. But if you have a case that you also want to use for extra protection, then you may find it a little time consuming.
You can re-attach it a few times, if not in the right position.
I had a different glass screen for my previous phone which was great- there were no previous reviews when I bought this protector so was a little unsure but I'm so glad I went for it! It's taken the brunt of many falls already and come out unscaved. I really would fork out and get this- tempered glass makes all the difference and offers protection you don't get from cheap
£5 protectors. I know I'd rather pay for this screen protector rather than the £90 to repair the screen...
Sadly this screen broke within an hour of me putting it on. Not sure if it was me or just the product. I am 99% sure my install was good.
I was really happy with the size and shape though. Just a bummer it broke.
keeps lifting when case is on
the corners keep lifting when the protective case is on the phone
The tempered glass curved screen protector is brilliant
The tempered glass curved screen protector is brilliant, not only does it look good its easy to fit and has curved features which makes it look that good you do not know you have fitted a screen protector. This item arrived on time and was very well presented in a good well protected box. I would definitely purchase another one but hopefully that will be a while before I need another one.
The screen was really easy to fit
Before I purchased this item I contacted Mobile Fun customer services because I wanted a screen protector to cover the whole of the screen. Customer services got back to me straight away & advised me that this screen protector would suit me best. I received the screen the next day via post. The screen was really easy to fit. Thank you Mobile Fun for the excellent 5 star service.
Great fit, went on first time, with no bubbles or drama - recommended
Very good
Fits perfectly and went on without any bubbles. Goes very with with my Spigen tough armour case - recommended
Good but....
Overall the screen protector is good, but very annoyingly dust get trap underneath the sides of the creen protector where it 'curves' with the shape of the screen!! Very annoying and makes your phone look dirty woth just normal use and placinng your phone in your pockets!
Wonderful Service
This is exactly as advertised just what I wanted for my new iPhone thank you.
Best iPhone 6 glass screen protector around
There are numerous options for screen protectors on the market but this one has got to be the bee's knee's! Brilliant fit right to the edge of the phone screen but does not interfere with the case. Fully recommended.
Concept great.
Concept great. This is the second one purchased in less than two weeks. The first screen was installed over a sink the phone slipped from hand and dropped on the stainless sink about 12 inches breaking the top curved section on the glass. The second broke lass than a week later in my belt pouch. The glass my be tough but very fragile.
Best money I've spent!!!
This really is a phone saver! And saved me claiming on my phone insurance and paying the excess and being without my phone while it would have been fixed! A cast iron candle holder got knocked from a shelf and dropped from a height straight into the top of my phone next to the ear speaker and although the glass screen protector cracked and chipped about a 2cm diameter of damage my phone was in perfect condition, needless to say I bought another one immediately. Highly recommended! Easy to attach, easy to peel off if damaged. Worth every penny for me
Excellent Quality product. BUT Abysmally poor installation instructions.
After several attempts to install without bubbles remaining, I noticed the bubbles were trapped between the protection film and the glass final outer working surface. The Instructions say that this film should be removed last. WRONG IN MY OPINION. IF REMOVED FIRST YOU CAN BE SURE ANY BUBBLES OBSERVED NEED ATTENTION. It then went on okay but due to the repeated removal some dust particles had attached to the adhesive side. DUST IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE
Anyone who has a iPhone 6 and requires a screen protector that is curved and is very easy to fit no brains needed so to speak. No bubbles fits perfect with my Extreme case. Had tried 2 Mishi but both glass cracked with out any impact just cracked and I am not that ugly. Would recommend this protector without hesitation. Service from Mobilefun absolutely outstanding & give them 10 stars, yes I know 5 is perfect but they deserve 10.
Interesting, but flawed.
I was initially surprised to see a screen protector that protected the curved edges of the screen. As it turns out, there's a reason the more well known manufacturers don't make them like this.
Fit was ok - but this has two major issues:

1- doesn't play well with cases
2- reduces touch sensitivity.
Not what I expected
This screen protector goes on very easily - by far the best I've tried on any phone for ease of application. However, there is a narrow (few mms) opaque border all the way round the outside of the screen protector. I've never had this on any other protector. Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, which is why I'm mentioning it here. Maybe that's what you get with tempered glass? Will be getting replaced with an 'invisible' protector as soon as I can.
Expensive but good.
I applied it to my new iPhone. It went on reasonably well but I wasnt completely happy with the "fit" around the edges. I reapplied it and it did not go on as well. If it wasn't so expensive I would have discarded this one and bought another. It is a very clear screen protector but, because I reapplied it, I am unhappy with the appearance around the edges.
Tempered glass with curved edges for iPhone 6 plus, the way to go!
There were no reviews on this product before I bought it, and a video of the install process would have been great, however installing it was a breeze as long as in a low dust environment, ie. clean kitchen table/work top. The instructions state to clean the iPhone screen glass with the supplied microfibre cloth before attaching the screen protector, fine if you've already unpacked your phone and used the bare screen. I left Apples flexible plastic transit film on the phone and removed it seconds before I put in place the screen protector, which also has upper and lower pre installation flexible plastic films that need to be removed in separate parts of the process. The protector was held in the position that would be the final fixing to avoid any airborne dust landing on the mating face then both of the films removed and placed on the iPhone screen negating the need to clean it as there were no fingerprints, dust or grease. The instructions then state to press in the middle of the screen and the protector clings to the iPhone and seals from the centre, there is no adhesive and it really clings to the screen. This is a precise piece of engineering, the outside film can be removed. I noticed a tiny speck of dust under one corner of the screen which was trapping air, but removing it was no problem with the dust removal tape also supplied, I gently lifted the corner and slid the tape in to grab the dust off the screen and turned it over to make sure it was also off the screen protector. The protector had a lovely smooth finish and is barely noticeable
The package is delivered in a strong plastic box and contains the protector, sachet of alcohol wipe, dust removal tape, installation guide and a microfibre cloth which is great for cleaning the installed screen.
I would never use a flexible screen protector again as on previous mobiles I've owned, this tempered glass screen is so easy to install and line up particularly as it has curved edges which seem to assist in centralising the protector. There is no loss of sensitivity on the touch screen and the phone worked just as expected.
Great but!!!
The screen protector is good, but with the apple leather case it will not fit very easily. The case lifts the protector so that it it doesn't seat properly against the phone screen. I fitted another case and the protector located much better. I have recently dropped the phone and it has damaged the corner of the protector and I will have to buy a replacement.
You get what you pay for
I don't usually leave product reviews but felt I would for this one in the hope I can help some people out there who may be having the same dilemma I was.

I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for when it comes to screen protectors. Yes this is expensive but totally worth the money. It's the third screen protector I've tried for my new iPhone 6, after zagg invisible shield & generic film type, and the only one which covers the whole of the screen and is the easiest to apply (no waiting around for air bubbles to disappear with this one!) Clarity is superb, another issue I had with other brands.

As mentioned in another review I can see how some cases could be problematic, but I'm using it with a spigen ultra slim air skin and no issues whatsoever. Incidentally this is a really nice case if you're just looking for something to prevent scuffs and scratches without adding bulk. I'm sure other slim cases would be fine.

Overall really great product that will give you peace of mind that you new iPhone is receiving the best possible protection.
Good BUT
Good product but it gathers to much dust and hairs etc around the outside, I'm guessing this will happen with all these glass protection products but it's really annoying and once you remove to try and clean it's never the same.
i was looking forward to this new design of cover, but beware if you have a leather original apple case or similar it wont fit as soon as you put the glass on the edges wont seal and the bottom rises up and doesn't seal so air under glass all the time
without cover fine.
Does what it says
this really is an excellent fit for the iPhone 6 all the screen is protected from edge to edge. Easy to apply just make sure the screen is clean there are no air bubbles after being fitted a little bit pricey but it is the best screen protector I've used and the easiest to fit.

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