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Cool Bananas SmartGuy Leather Flip Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Chocolate Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5S / 5 with this luxurious two in one chocolate case and wallet from Cool Bananas.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36557

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 4.9 stars from 15 customers

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This case is exceptional quality and keeps the i phone5 very secure
A Cracking Cover
Smart phones do not come cheap and tend to be accompanied by a lengthy contract so it is a total no brainer that any purchaser with an ounce of sense will want to protect his/her new possession and this of course will also open up an opportunity for a little self expression! First of all a smart phone cover needs to be robust as over the lifetime of the phone you will drop it, spill something on it, stuff it into bags and maybe even sit on it. The Cool Bananas SmartGuy Leather Flip Case certainly ticks the boxes here and unless you are going to hit total destruct mode your precious acquisition will remain safe. With regard to the self expression this cover is smart in a 1920's Gatsby kind of way, if you are into fake purple fur then it might not be for you but for sophisticated, slightly understated quality then most certainly!! An excellent product delivered safely and on time.
Came back for more!!
I bought one of these phone covers for myself a few weeks ago and was so pleased with the quality of the case and the protection it gives my phone, that I have bought one for my husbands phone.
Fantastic quality
Excellent quality case, strong and thick leather, with good protection for my phone on all sides and extra thick over the screen. Only downside is there isn't a choice of colours, but I love it.
Stylish and chic
Now my iPhone looks as sexy as my Vespa; stylish with classic Italian looks. Beautifully made and comfy in the hand, I love it!
Phone cover
Look smart and very well made item . great to buy from Moblie fun
Upside Down?
Hi I love my new iphone case except for one thing.. It seems to be upside down? Other cases I have owned opened with the flap coming down but this one opens with the flap going upwards which makes it a bit akward to use especially taking a call. Other than that I love it :)
Wow just what the doctor ordered
Customer service was amazing after I put the wrong card information when ordering the product I called at four thirty the phone cover was in scotland and delivered to me before my 9 o'clock cup of coffee - as if by magic mobile fun how do you it?
Quality good looking case
If you are after a cheap looking poor quality case for your I phone 5 then you need to look somewhere else! This case looks fantastic and protects your phone in every way you could desire. It has access points so you don't ever have to remove your phone from the case. Once in the case it is secure, so secure that you will struggle to remove it!
Cannot recommend this product enough. Buy one before they sell out!
A banana case for a banana man
I chose this case because of the stylish retro look, and the fact it has a banana on the front. I work for Geest Line in the Caribbean, loading and transporting bananas to UK and Europe. It arrived very promptly and was just what I had hoped it would be; totally practical, protecting the phone, yet very esthetically pleasing in terms of looks and touch, it even has a pocket for a credit card/money - genius!
Cool Bananas SmartGuy Leather Flip Case for iPhone 5 - Chocolate
Beautifully looking phone cover that seems to enhance iPhone 5 signal reception (had to dump my last cover as it interfered with reception)
i am very pleased with the product , many thanks
Fab cover
Ordered this as my first cover for my new iPhone what a great case lovely soft leather encases my iPhone just where it needs protecting . And added bonus it was half price

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