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COOKOO Smartphone Analog Watch - Pink Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
COOKOO's pink analog watch connects with your smartphone, keeps you posted, puts you in control and does not need to be recharged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38525
$152.95 inc. VAT
 3.8 stars from 13 customers

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Fell short of what I needed....
I bought the Cookoo using the special offer code on mobile fun, so it was £40 cheaper than list price. Taking it out of the box was a good experience, the little "house" that it lived in was pretty cool and it really felt like a high value product. Even the watch itself has as quality feel about it...the rubber strap has good to touch and the casing felt weighty, without being heavy, so first impressions were good.

It was also pretty easy to setup, however the instructions that came with it weren't that detailed. I'm a tetchy sort though so I didn't have too many problems.

First thing I noticed though was the back light...or back not-so-light as its better known as...very dim in fact, even in the dark it doesn't really light up enough even to be able to tell the time. Some luminescence on the hands would have been nice as well.

Second thing I didn't like was the lack of support for Microsoft exchange. Although my gmail account works ok, most of my email is provisioned via my work to my iphone 5. There was no way for me to set this up. I guess it's mainly driven by apple's control of the iOS, denying direct access to the mail app that means the Cookoo app has to be used for everything, however it accesses the calendar directly so why not email? The Cookoo app is also average at best requiring multiple presses often to select the functions.

Another issue I had with the watch was the vibration notification. It is very light and very short. I found I often missed notifications which is poor as for me this is the main reason for having the watch. It's probably on purpose to. Maximise battery life, but it left the watch less useful for me.

My last moan is about the pairing with my iphone. Although I pair the two devices if the watch is out of range of the phone for an extended period I have to re-pair them for the watch to work again.

Overall, although I been a bit negative, it's not a bad watch. I think it's just a bit ahead of its time though and maybe in a few years things will have moved on enough for this to be worthwhile.
Great product
Wanted to try out a smart watch with my iphone, good discount voucher from mobilefun and great product to play around with , the software is being updated to bring other notifications online IMAP settings just updated. Very happy , did have a few setup issues but worked those out with the help of the online tutorials, great price , great availability , good communications from cookoo support too.
My new watch
This is a very useful article. It is a bit chunky but does everything it says in the advertisement. It is useful for keeping in touch and looks good on my wrist. It lets me know if i have forgotten the iphone and gives me a message. The price was about right and i am very glad that i purchased it.
This is what I wanted
Good invention
Very usefull to have around.
Lets me know when I have forgotten my phone.
It could drive you cookoo
The Cookoo smart watch!
Unfortunately I find myself leaving a negative review about this product. I was looking forward to it so much and to get it at a steal of a price, I couldn't wait for it to arrive!
Out of a flurry of excitement re: smart watches. Just released and existing tech the cookoo offers something different! "A long battery life" and I mean long, up to 1 year! (Depending on usage.
The watch follows a classic design of a traditional tick tick watch, it comes in a range of colours and is compatible with apple and as far as I know they are working on apps for other platforms.
The cookoo has a simple premiss, you connect to your smart phone / tablet and you can glance at your watch to see if you have email, SMS, twitter and Facebook notifications. It does this via Bluetooth and highlights the notifications appropriate icon on the clock face, it can be set to beep or vibrate your notifications too.
It has a multifunction button that can be customised to control music and the camera on your device.

(Just for information purposes, I am a computer engineer by trade and do know my way around technology of all shapes and sizes. If you have a cookoo and it works perfectly for you then good luck to you. I do not go looking for fault in things but I would be doing a disservice if there are people out there considering devices such as this, and they were under a misapprehension that the fault lay with them and not the technology)

These are the good points, unfortunately for me not all the features worked as they should!
It did control my iPhone 5s music, camera just fine, it also indicated my phone had a low battery just fine! However it did not show any interest in Facebook or twitter!

I went through the troubleshooting and FAQs to no avail and resorted to emailing the support team! Unfortunately they saw fit to ignore my request for technical help (any tech firm that does not reply to support requests gets a black mark in my book).

As I could not justify keeping and using the half functioning cookoo I felt I had to return it for a refund, I would normally request a replacement but due to cookoo's lack of customer support I had to opt for the refund!

mobilefun.co.uk have a great customer service team and this is the first time I've had to return anything to them. The returns policy is simple and easy to follow. The handled my claim very quickly and efficiently and my refund was in place very quickly.
Very disappointed
It keeps loosing connection/bluetooth even though they are very close together, also cannot see the watch fingers or flashing emblems indoors (not in sunlight)
Also it is very chunky on the wrist (to big)
Been waiting for this
Watch is very nice but a little chunky,good display of phone functions which are very handy especially phone location and remote camera operation, description said android operation which I am looking forward to all in all very nice

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