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Contactless Delivery

In order to deliver your orders safely, a number of our partners have introduced a minimal contact or contactless delivery service. By doing so both our customers and our delivery partners are kept safe.

Delivery options

Royal Mail

To ensure contact is minimised during delivery, our partners at Royal Mail will not be handing over their hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures but instead will log the name of the person accepting the item. Additionally, for items which do not fit through your letterbox, the courier will place your item at your door, knock on your door and will then step aside to a safe distance while you retrieve your item. This will ensure your item is delivered securely rather than being left outside.


To ensure minimal contact is made, all DPD drivers have all been trained to remain 2 metres apart from the doorstep.

I'm self-isolating and expecting a DPD delivery, what should I do?

Simply leave a signed note, attached to your front door, instructing the driver where your parcel should be left. He will take a photo of the signed note, along with a photo of where he / she has left your parcel as proof of delivery.

Why does your driver insist on me opening my door? I don’t want to open my door during quarantine.

Your DPD driver is required to take a photo of the parcel at the point of delivery as a proof of delivery. The parcel sender is expecting a signature as proof of delivery, instead of a signature, the DPD driver will take a photo of the parcel in the doorway to prove it was handed over. You do not need to be in the photo, so feel free to step back while the driver takes the photo.

Your driver refused to give me my parcel because I wouldnt open my door. Why?

The driver is required to hand over the parcel at the point of delivery, unless we have your permission to leave the parcel somewhere safe. As the parcel sender, Mobile Fun expects a signature as proof of delivery, however, instead of a signature, our driver takes a photo of the parcel in the doorway to prove it was handed over. If you don’t want to open the door, you can ensure you still have your parcel delivered by posting a note to your front door instructing our driver where your parcel should be left.


DHL are offering a non-contact alternative to any customer who does not wish to sign via the scanner screen. This contactless service makes use of a feature in the courier’s scanners to capture a photo of the shipment at the delivery location. By doing so DHL are able to deliver your items with the requirement of a signature. To further assist receivers who do not wish to sign on scanners or on paper due to social distancing, DHL will temporarily enable Signature Release for all customers shipments on their On Demand Delivery platform.

In addition, hand and scanner sanitization is performed before and after each customer interaction (Shipment Delivery or Pick-Up).


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