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Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Stay safe, stay legal with the latest Clip and Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit. This visor mounted hands-free kits can connect up to two phones at the same time and features up to 66 days in standby.

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 4.7 stars from 1694 customers

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Very good
That it does what it says
Fabulous bit of kit
Really easy to use Bluetooth device, good sound quality for the price.
Better than penalty points on your driving licence !!
A cheap speaker phone with good audio volume and clarity. Easy to pair with my Samsung phone. It lasts about four days on a single charge but obviously that depends on talk time. It can also be paired with a second phone which is useful and is portable so can be moved to another vehicle.
Great kit
Everyone has commented how clear the reception is,very easy to set up and the battery lasts for quite a while
Great product at a great price
Works well. Clear sound. Excellent service from the seller
Easy to use
This is easy to set up and use. The sound is very clear. It's great that it clips on to the sun visor too.
Great value for money too.
Works as advertised
Read the little instruction brochure enclosed for quick set up. Tested it with family and friends - AOK.
Very good product
Good value for money and easy to use.
Value for money
Great bit of kit connects real easy good volume easy to use. Highly recommended
Bought this for Christmas to go in my husbands runabout as his smartphone isn't compatible with the infotainment system so he can't use in car phone. Had high hopes as reviews superb, but not finding it great. Numerous attempts required before it successfully connects to recipients phone, and sometimes takes up to 10 secs to connect . Audible dialogue doesn't work at all, so you have no idea if it's trying to connect a call until it eventually rings....if it does at all. Obviously a good bit of kit for most people hence the reviews, but not really worked out for us as very unreliable. Can't really recommend purely based on our experience.
A True Gem
After trying several different types of units ,
This has been proven to be the best all rounder.
Very useful.
Before O bought this I wanted to know whether there was anything wrong with my previous one, which appeared not to be charging properly, but unfortunately Olixar were unable to tell me.
If you buy this product (and the first one has served me well for 2 1/2 years) and you find that the red and blue LEDs are flashing together, it probably means that it has somehow lost its pairing to your phone so, rather than buying a spare battery and then another complete unit like I did, you can probably simply pair it again as I hav enow done!!!! At least I now have one in each car instead of having to remember to take it with me when I drive my wife's car.
Having said all that I think they're great and good value. The one thing I didn't realise is that, while they switch off if you're out of range for a certain period, you must switch them off if you are going away from the car, because you cannot answer your phone while it's on and connected, as I found out one day when I was calling on someone, received a phone call and had to rush back and unlock the car to answer it.
I fitted this expecting it to slightly improve my hands free use of my phone. It works very well the speaker and microphone are good quality and with one button operation to receive and end calls makes using the phone in the car easy and safe.
Very good value and works amazingly well
Very pleased with this product. Works as good as a built in unit. Only slight criticism it is a bit quiet
Very pleased with it.
Already using one,bought this as a present
Poor quality, others struggle to hear what’s I’m saying
Better feed back on quality, not up to standard
Just the job
What I liked about this product you do not need to have it plugged into a 12 volt socet/ USB point all the time long built in battery life
so charging lead can be put away untill battery needs charging again.
Good price quick delivery, I was going to buy two one for another vehicle but due to built in battery just pick up unit and move to a different vehicle easy.
Excellent item.
Just what I expected. Great value for money. Solved my hands-free situation at a very affordable price.
Hands free car kit
Brill easy to set up and works great. great value
easy to use and good value
A simple to set up and use speaker. I always worried about using hands free but this is just the job.
So far, so good.
Advice on website accurate, works with my phone in my car and appears to have a long battery life before needing charging. Pleased with the device so far.
Does the job
Clear sound, easy to set up the bluetooth connection to my phone. It connects quickly each time I make a call. I've only had a few days so can't comment on battery life. I need to turn it off when not making calls as the flashing blue light is annoying when turned on (when driving at night, probably wouldn't be visible in day time). I might cover the flashing light up. Comes with cigarette plug and USB charge cable.
hands free kit
great item quality very good
No reason to complain.
I needed a new unit to work with my updated phone, this was recommended. I can hear through it and those I connect with at the other end seem to not have any reason to complain. The sound must be good. Buttons work as the booklet says, they are easy and it is a good looking unit. All in, a good purchase. Thank you for supplying it to me.
absolutely brilliant
Don't push it
Very pleased with it.
To have switched the phone Wi-Fi app off when connecting to Bluetooth! (3 network).
Olixar Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit
Purchased this recently for my old car. Unfortunately it does not get the Google Maps voice through this unit which is what I really needed it for.
iPhone calls are great, but disappointed it didnt tell me in the Specifications on the website, that this unit did not allow any other voice through, like Google Maps or iMaps directions.
So simple to use.
If you can press a button, you can use this.
Great Hands Free Device.
How easy it was to operate,and how effective it is.On both its excellent and so simple to use.Good value for money.
If it worked with sony xperia l1
Promising, but disappointing
I bought this to use in the car. The big problem with it is that if the volume is high enough for me to hear the other party, they cannot her me properly because of distortion. It seems there is a feedback issue. I shall continue to test volume levels to try to reach satisfactory performance.
Have purchased a pre-owned Japanese domestic spec Jaguar X-type, imported into New Zealand for sale on the 2nd hand car market (big business here). This car has provision for cell phone connection but it only recognizes GSM system & doesn't work on Android. This hands-free kit is easy to install, works well & wonder of wonders, is cheap to buy - unlike most electronic devices in this country. Delighted with it...
Good piece of kit
Bought this for my daughter and she says it's a great hands free kit. Simple to set up and use and doesn't cost a fortune. People on the other end of the line can hear you speaking clearly and the speaker in the car is good enough for the job. 10 out of 10
great pice of kit
works well with my apple phone it connects first time all the time and is easy to use
Good hand free speaker
That the unit can receive calls from two paired mobiles, one can't toggle between the two mobiles to make outgoing calls
Great service
Can't comment on product yet as it's a birthday present for someone else. Ordering and delivery were excellent.
Very good and clear
The sound is very clear and at a good price.
Setting up for two phones was a little tricky but eventually got them both connected.

Very good
Excellent product.
Nothing, does exactly as described.
Does what it says on the tin. Neat, easy to use, no problems.
Would recommend.
Brilliant piece of kit easy to set up and use. Sound quality great and such an affordable price
Brilliant product for a bargain price.
Just as described very easy to use!
good value
Works fine, landrover is a bit noisy, but i can hear iit!
1st charge lasted 7 months!
* Calls received loud and clear
* Very long battery life - 1st charge lasted 7 months!
* Good quality finish and feel
* Stays awake for 15 minutes so if you make a quick visit the
shops, it's still on when you get back.

* Callers occasionally have difficulty hearing you
* When first used callers said they could hear a fluttering sound
* Price dropped just after I ordered it!

have two now,thank you very much.
have two cars each has it's own devise now,very happy with the way they work,thank you.
Easy to set up and attaches simply to the sun-visor.
I wish we could use it as general speakers and not just for calls.
Great firm
Very efficient had problem with blue tooth device it was returned and replaced now working fine i have purchased other products from them, more than satisfied with their service and value for money
very good
clear voice
Quality Product
This product is as advertised and effective. Good quality for the price.
Olixar Clip & Talk catr kit is a real winner!
Last month I purchased two Olixar Clip & Talk car kits, one for each of our two cars, Like that many other commenters I found it to be very affordable and truly an excellent hands-free device for carrying out loud, clear conversations while on the road.

So impressed am I with this product that I've just ordered a third one, to act as a spare but mainly for use as a desktop unit for carrying out conversations inside the home without the inconvenience of having to hold my mobile phone.

This is an additional form of usage for the Olixar hands-free kit that Mobile Fun really should be promoting.
Very good product
Nothing the description in the advertisement was excellent
Good Product
The product works as described and has good quality of sound. Only issue was when initially installed it appeared not to work but this was due to the default sound being turned down. Has operated very well since installed. A happy customer.
Great product
I wrote a review 2 months ago when I purchased the product. I have purchased 3 to give to my children for Christmas
Must get one.
Wow for $ 33.00 it is graet. I have a three year old Huawei y520-u12. Works better than my Nissan 2014 mode.
This is good and very useful in my car great device will recommend to others
I am very pleased I purchased this item. It is just what I am after. I can hear the caller clearly likewise they can me. It clips onto the visor just above my head. Connecting and disconnecting callers whilst driving couldn't be easier.
Gadget works well for my Volvo car and LG phone
Hands free for LG phone
Easy and quality.
This device works as advertised. It is simple and light but offers good quality sound for both ends. It works seamlessly with your phone, so when your phone is ringing you can actually just turn on the device and the call is detected and you can pick it up from there. you don't have to have it on all the time only when you need it. It even has voice commands for making calls. The voice sound quality is not very good but is adequate. It's nothing like Siri. overall this is a great product for the price and I do recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable Bluetooth option.
Great hands free Bluetooth device
Bought this Bluetooth hand free to use every day while driving very easy to connection great battery life and really loud well pleased with it at a £25 price tag
Great piece of kit
This unit is great value for money. I drive an older car without built in Bluetooth capability and this unit provides clear and loud (5 x 5) duplex communications. With other units, callers have often commented they are having trouble hearing me, however this unit must have a good microphone because I've had no complaints since using it (despite a lot of road noise - 4WD with large off-road tires). The speaker also does a great job and provides a good range of volume.

Battery life is good and the unit does not intrude on vision or any other functioning of the sun visor.

The one downside is the blue flashing "on & connected" light is a bit bright for night time operation and can be distracting at first (nothing a bit tape won't fix).
Works as advertised!
The audio quality is great as long as your windows are closed and the ac is not on high. I've been using it for almost 1week and half and I didn't have to charge it yet. Straight out of the box, it went onto my visor and it connected to my phone Bluetooth on the first try. Good product!
The answer to your mobile issues
I received the package with excitement and hope that it would do what it says on the box. I have had experiences with bluetooth devices before as they can be a little flaky in their connections. This one excelled and made the pairing connection first time. I can answer calls and make them by voice command. "Call the wife" will dial the number listed under "the wife". Watch when out of the car with the device switched on, its range is a good 20 feet or more. receiving a call and answering it still directs the call to the device and you wonder why you cannot hear the other person!! Highly recommended
Not such a great device. Listeners say they hear an echo. I could hear others well though. Easy to use.
Superb value for money.
Well,I love technology what keeps you safe,it has to work and be a definite improvement on helping your driving become more enjoyable,this hands free does this.No fiddling with your mobile phone,its simple to use and works beautifully,the sound is exceptional,as loud and clear as you could wish.Couples up to my and my wife's mobile very well,every time.I've tried it for a week now,its a can't do without already.I've also realised,I can get sports results as well as other information from google,when connected. to WiFi and mobile data.Its a great piece of kit I wished I'd bought long ago.
It's a good product.
I found on the site what I wanted to know. thanks
Simple and very effective
Bought this for my son, good value, arrived quickly, charged it up and clipped it to his sun visor, paired it to his phone and it worked, great sound at his end when driving and at my end when we call him.Excelent, simple solution to hands free phone calls.
Great price
Delighted with this purchase, fantastic bit of kit for very little cost. Excellent sound quality, as good as any factory fitted or after market systems. Already I've had people heading off to order one after seeing and hearing mine in action.
Very useful.
Needed something to go hands free in a works vehicle. This device has proved to be excellent and suits my needs perfectly. Good battery life and clear sound for conversations. Sturdy clip means it stays in place despite the occasionally messy road surface. Highly recommend it.
Easy to set up and use. Very clear sound. Speedy delivery
I bought this for my brother who was caught without hands free to his cost! It must be easy to set up as he had it working in no time at all and called me straight away to prove it. The sound quality is very clear. As he uses more than one car this is easy to transfer from one to another. He's going to get me one for Christmas. I was expecting 3-7 day delivery but it was here the next day.
I was surprised how quickly I received your product. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and it seems to work very well I'm very satisfied thus far with this product. I was concerned as to whether I would be able to hear because I have a hearing i
Cannot think of anything off-hand.
Slim neat piece of kit
After years of driving company cars with standard Bluetooth connectivity I am now driving my own car (second hand of course) with no Bluetooth. Not fancying the prospect of missing calls or gaining unwanted points on my licence as well I needed a solution. Enter the Clip & Talk! Neat black unit, clips on the sun visor, picks up your phone quickly, clear sound, callers can hear you easily as well - this ticks all the boxes as well as beating some of the manufacturers I've had to use in the past. Very impressed and highly recommended as far as I'm concerned.
Looks good - like myself.
Delighted to order this. Good from start ( decent offer ) to finish (it works.) . Quality product which takes our 15 yr old car up level of main car. As a sad man collecting football grounds in Scotland I do need to tell my wif where I am ( occasionally)
Excellent Device. Exactly as described
The calls very clear and smooth. No background noise and the noise from driving does not interfere with the call. You are heard clearly by your caller or who you call.

Battery last long very long and takes very little time charging.
Easy to set up and use,
If this item was available 2 months earlier it would have saved me £200 plus 6 penalty points.Well worth the asking price
Ideal for the car and easy to use
Easy to charge and sync it clips onto a sun visor. Gives good volume for talking and simple on off mechanism. My son impressed enough to get one too.
Highly recommended
I had a Bluetooth device installed in my car and it has been nothing but trouble! This simple clip on device is absolutely the best. Easy to use, clear as a bell when talking! Only had it a few weeks so I hope it continues to be as great as time rolls on. I did have my doubts when ordering as it seemed so inexpensive, but pairing to my iPhone 6 was easy.
Easy to setup and use
Easy to setup and use
Decent piece of kit
It's overall really decent for the price really easy to use and set up, only thing I've found so far is that when I try to phone someone my phone always goes to loud speaker rather than use the device, probably me needing to set it up better, but other than that I like it.
very good product
very pleased with this in fact so pleased i have bought four of them it works great sound is very clear and so easy to use i would recommend the Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit
Ideal for my 40 yr old classic car easy to operate and pair with my phone. Superb.
Easy to use once charged can be charged from cig lighter socket in the car.Automatically switches off when not in use. I have a 40 yr old classic car so saved getting a new blue tooth radio
its fantastic
I have an older car so that made it very difficult to speak on my mobile, this has made keeping in touch with people while I'm on a road trip, very safe and keeps the boys in blue not wanting to give me a ticket fro using my phone while driving, I would recommend it anyone who hasn't got hands free in their car
So easy to use
This item is so easy to setup and use. Calls are so clear and you can do calls using Siri from IPhones.
First class service excellent product
I have purchased this product before and is of excellent value.
very easy to use
Took me no time at all to set this up, I thought I might have problems as I am not IT savvy but this was so easy.
The sound is perfectly clear and I found it easy to attach to the sun visor.
Spending £20 can save me £1000 fine!
Isnot it whenever you're on the road on stearing wheel phone rings and you don't know if it is urgent or useless nuisance! You are disturbed. Can not concentrate on driving and tempted to see who is it from? risking a fine or accident.
Once I bought the hands free kit it was surprisingly easy to install and pair with and sound was clear.I can't think of driving without it. Great value for money and useful gadget.
Needed to update. This is brilliant. Easy to use. Price great.
Short review fulfilled.
Requirement these days
I recently purchased a hands free kit for my Sony mobile which works a dream and keeps me legal whilst driving.
This item is great,
It's reads txt messages and reply's to them if you want, although I find the voice a little hard to hear and can't turn it up.
However on a phone call the voice is loud and clear,
I am a carer so this has saved me a lot of time stopping to answer the phone.
I can leave it in place when parked up as no wires to see, and if I remember to turn off no give away lights.
So great I have brought one for my daughter for Christmas.
Very easy set up
Managed to set up this device in a very short time.and works fantastic.great buy.
I was so impressed with the Olixar Clip & Talk Multipoint Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit Product, this being the second product purchased for my wife's Son's Birthday Present.
This is straight forward, easy to use and my mum is happy with it
I brought this for my mum, because the original headset was on its way out. This is straight forward, easy to use and my mum is happy with it. She can use it easily and has no complaints. Very good value for price.
Value for money
I bought this item recently for our old faviourite car and it does what it say on the tin. I liked the voice dialing system and the clarity of the sound.

thanks, i reckon it is good value for the car with no other option.
This one exceded my expectations
I was looking for a hands free car kit. this one exceded my expectations for the very reasonable price
Keeps you legal on the road a must buy
This is the third unit I have purchased because every time I have someone in the car with me they wonder
where I got the unit and I tell them where to purchase it but invariably I end up giving them the unit getting
fed up with this but after hearing me on the phone in the car they rave about the clarity and how simplistic
it is to use compared to their own in car system.Would highly recommend this unit to anyone and also recommend they buy their own. The unit is redicously cheap and keeps you legal on the road a must buy
for anyone using a mobile phone!
It works!
Arrived quickly and was as described, its easy to pair with my iPhone and works well on the move in the car. Sound is great. Just be careful when removing the battery compartment to install the battery as you end up pressing the buttons on the other side of the unit but I would rate it a very good buy.
Everyone should have one
What a brilliant price of kit does exactly what it says, delivered on time cannot speak highly enough about it.
Great value
Very easy to set up, works brilliantly and so much cheaper than buying a new car!
The Bluetooth speaker does everything it said it would. Very clear sound . I had ordered a different device but was out of stock . Mobile Fun choose this as an alternative and I'm glad they did. Great service.
Not very loud, clip is to hard and it damages sunblind, the caller is unable to hear you when traveling on motorway ( let's admit it , if you have new car, that is less noisy, you 8 of 10 have allready built in hands free).
only its good when standing still or driving in trafic jam

I bought this for my girlfriend, but earpiece would be much more wiser decision.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nik

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. For volume, ensure that the phone that is connected to the Clip & Talk and the Clip & Talk's own volume is raised.

If you are continuing to have problems, please contact our Customer Services team.

Hope this helps.
Work well
Works well
Good value
Very good product for the price....unobtrusive and clarity is very good
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