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Clingo Universal Vent In Car Mount - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Using Clingo's own unique self adhesive technology this universal vent mount will securely hold virtually any phone within your in your car.
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 3.8 stars from 149 customers

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holds the phone no matter what
I bought this as I use two phones on a daily basis and need to be able to switch between them in the car. The fact that there are no side clamps is a big plus due to side button locations differing between devices. No matter what bumps i go over the phone stays stuck in place and doesn't move.
Good Vent Anchoring, terrible phone grip
I purchased this product concerned mostly about the anchoring system for the air vent, trusting that the innovative phone clinging system would work. Now that I have tried it, the vent anchoring system is excellent, but I can't imagine how any system which relies on surface tension and friction between two surfaces could be expected to work in the relatively harsh environment of a vent blowing refrigerated air. The phone (Xperia Z5C) stays attached for only 2 minutes at the very most, then just falls off. Cleaning makes no difference at all. It can't work, because the temperature change causes forced movement of one surface against the other during differential thermal contraction. This innovation has obviously not been sufficiently researched and tested in different environments before taking it to market, like many others. It is most likely that research testing has been carried out mostly in the climate of the product's native UK, where extent of air conditioning use is far lower than it is in Australia. One more product that is only suited to its home market, at least for now. Wasted my money.
Not Universal
Be aware that this 'Universal' mount will not fit cars with a vent control in the middle. i could find no way to fit the mount around the control and even if I had it would have rendered the control impossible to operate.

I have tried to fit it in two cars – a BMW mini and a Mercedes C series so not universal.

ps I have bought many things from Mobilefun and this has been the first not worth, in my case, 5 stars.
Handy device, but beware vertical vents & phone cover users!
It works as advertised. However installing it on vertical vents (e.g. in a 370Z) requires a little fiddling, partially because the clips are designed to latch on horizontal vent. As you can imagine, with a vertical vent, the entire holder tends to slide down to the very bottom of the vent. Also if your phone cover design has uneven layers, as though it's been 'bejewelled/blinged', the holder tends to lose suction within 10 minutes. Best bet is to find a single layer phone cover or leave the phone bare.
pretty good
wanted somethibg that would suit both my wife and my very different phones. decided sticky over ckups would be best.
have used it in two cars for a couple of weeks and find it works brilliantly.
the clips work better in one car over another, but still attaches fine. only negatives I can say are first that it sticks on a bit too tightly so I need two uands to peel the phone off, and second is that the vent clips dont hold tight enough for how firm the phone is stuck. if I am not careful I pull the whole mount off instead of the phone.
still, is heaps better than it falling on the floor.
I was nervous about vent mount, but it is in the perfect spot for accessing phone and having charger and audio cables pkugged in without getting in way. Can still feel aircon okay, but will see how much air is blocked when summer hits and temps hit over 40.
overall very happy so far.
Sounds too good to be true.....and it is!
I was tempted by this due to other, mainly positive, reviews. I should have saved my money.

It fitted to my cars air vents ok, but was still a little less and prone to wobble and a quick test drive around the block looked promising. However later that day on a 3hr drive along mainly smooth and fast flowing A roads it failed to hold the phone causing it to fall half a dozen times.

The bracket held the phone at around a 25 degree angle (slightly tilted back from vertical) and the sticky pad was clearly not up to this.

The next day, in stop start town driving it refused to hold the phone securely for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

On day three it was removed from the car.
So near and yet so far
Arrive on time, vent mount system very good, everything was perfect. I could use my phone, my wife's I-phone, my sat nav. The kids loved it as you could rotate the screen and stream movies when sat doing nothing in the car........It lasted a week.....stiky thing no longer stiky,device now in bin....it did not work as advertised.....I would not bother....
Not perfect but close
Bought this mount for my 2005 Megane, doesn't fit perfectly however. The 2 clips grab the vent louvers well but because of the upward angle of the heating vent the little supporting plastic piece on the back of the mount doesn't sit very well on the edge of the vent. I tucked this piece up outof the way and the mount works well without it. The range of movement is excellent (probably the best thing about the unit) and it holds its position really well at any angle or direction. The manual indictates that the mount shouldn't be used if you have a silicone or leather case on your device but the silicone case on my phone doesn't seem to cause a problem and it sticks just fine. Easy to remove from the mount as well by peeling to the side.

I ordered this mount along with a car charger and both were delivered within 2 days, very good service I must say.
Excellent piece of kit
What a simple but so effective idea. Easy to set up and so easy to attach and detach the phone
Excellent Holder - Eventually
I have been looking for a decent holder for quite a while and the Clingo Universal Vent Mount Fits the bill.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind - it might just be my plastic casing, but it doesn't grip very well to the Clingos gluey surface (even after running water on it - the glue not the phone). If I take the cover off, it works like a charm - something to think about. It might just be the cover I for my iPhone.

The air vents in my 60 plate Astra are a bit fiddly and took some messing to get the Clingo to fit in correctly - it does work and now I'm really pleased with it, you might just need a little patience.

All in all, great product and use it every time I'm in the car - even if I have to take the phone out of its case first.
A Real Clingon
Does exactly what it says - this small and neat device amazingly holds my heavy old satnav without a problem. Keeps it in position securely and without shaking or rattling. Have tried many alternatives to a window sucker, but this is the only one that works for me. Pleased to recommend this mount.
Sticky stuff!
Oh boy, this is really sticky! holds my phone with complete confidence, only thing is that I have to take out of my holder as it stuck so hard that I could hardly take it off. Once in place not easy to remove from vent so wouldn't recommend as one for switching between cars. Overall, i'm really pleased with it - I use it with my iphone4s.
Started off great...
When I first started using this product I thought it was fantastic. It fitted my Audi vents a treat, the iphone didnt slip off once. It was great. I even liked the green.

BUT..... after a month or so the sticky surface began to get more and more and more sticky! I thought the opposite would happen.

In the end I had to stop use it since it became so sticky that I couldnt physically detach it!
Heat Issues
Its an elegant solution but there are 2 major problems.
1) the ball can work loose over time; mine took 6 months or so
2) Beware of parking in the sun. The heat changes the sticky properties of the green compound making it more sticky but leaving a residue that can become very annoying. A couple of weeks after I first noticed this the product was rendered unusable.
Super sticky over time....
It is now a year since I brought this product. It fits well on the vent of my car (06 plate BMW 3 series).At first I had to give my Galaxy S a good press to stick it to the holder, which it did fall off a couple of times but not a big deal. However the item has now gone 'super sticky' which is good in one way as it is very easy to attach the phone, the downside is that it now leaves a residue on the back of the phone. This is very annoying and makes the phone messy to handle. As I use the holder 3 - 4 times per week for at least an hour each time it is irritating.
I am disappointed that the Clingo was only really useful for a year. As other reviewers have said the ball joint works loose quite quickly and I found myself adjusting the phone quite often to see it when using the sat nav features.
On the plus side, the Clingo is quite an elegant solution (I am referring to the shapes and size rather than the colour!!) as far as in car phone holders go.

I am now in the market for a new holder.
Stickier than Sticky the Stick Insect.....
Fitted fine to my 08 Corsa, iPhone 4 sticks very easily, and once it's on, it stays stuck. Removing the phone is a bit trickier (even by 'peeling' as instructed). Does what it says on the tin though, good product!
For my VW
Excellent Products came very fast and is working for my iPhone 4 Excellent. I will buy it again.
Does what it says
Fits my Audi A3 great, does exactly what it says in the description.
This holder damages my HTC EVO 3D.
Cover of camera and flash light was bonded on holder and during unglue of cover I broken it.
This holder should be fine for devices with "one-piece" back cover.
Just what I needed!
At least my phone isn't sliding all over the place now!
Bought this for my toyota yaris but unfortunately it didn't fit on the vents as they were to thick so I had to put it into my husbands car. The pad works well and my phone hasn't come off once even over bumps and gravel. Would recommend:-).
like diffrant idears
Well this is wacky
does what it says on box, but one thing I would add is this
if your phone is not flat at the back, like my Samsung sll, the phone wont stick well as not all the phone touches, if they made the green area thicker slightly it would catch all the phone, saying that, it holds my old iphone with back up battery fine,
Works great
I bought the Clingo universal vent mount for my iPhone to fit in my Audi A6
It fitted well and the phone sticks very well. It sticks too well at first but there is a knack to removing your phone which you get used to easily (peel from one corner).
I always stick the label back on the gel when not in use - lasts longer that way.
It never drops the phone - excellent product.
Didn't fit My Laguna
"Universal" is overselling this,
It didn't fit in my Laguna 2
Hum! Soh Soh
Fitted to Jag with sporty suspension, combined with winter potholes, phone fitted with bumper has detached on a couple of occasions. Not sure if this is due to the surface of the bumper.
Not for all phones - Especially X10 Mini Pro
I tried this with my Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro. The device fell within a minute due to the curved back of the phone.

If your phone has a flat back then it may work well otherwise, look for something more mechanical to hold your phone.
Gadget holder
Super great product!! Simple to install and use. Got three of them now. Well worth the money and highly recommended!
Not a universal fit
I recently purchased this item for my Vauxhall Vectra and found it fitted perfectly. I have since bought a 2nd one for my wife but found it impossible to fit on her VW Beetle. My son is now using it in his Honda Civic which is did eventually fit (not very securely) but only by reversing the fittings. The title 'Universal' is a bit misleading.
Does what is says on the tin
Only used it a short time but very good the pad is very sticky and works brillianly
nearly ideal
Sticky mounting surface excellent. Let down a little by the weak-ish ball joint and the vent mounts
No good for round Ford dash vents
Bit disappointed the clingo clips dont fit the 2 Fin standard round Ford (I have a fusion) like the one to the right of the steering wheel.


Pity, I broke it trying to fit it too, so now just have a very cool sticky pad... bummer

Product is great, but not in my car.
Great Product
Love this product, does exactly what it says on the tin and is a bargain for the money. Easy to fit, use and maintain, don't know why everyone hasn't got one!
clingo phone holder
Does what it says it does, sticks easy, comes off easy holds well. Only one minus point why does it have to be bright green?????.
Best Mobile Phone Mount I have used to date
We wanted a mobile phone holder that could be used with an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4, both in non-gel protective cases. The 3GS is in a Vulcan Case.

The way it attaches to the vents means it should fit every car and you can move it into exactly the right position.

The sticky mount is great, so easy to put phone on to and really simple to take off...but follow the instructions and peel phone off carefully. It appears fool-proof. No residue left on the phone.

Maintain as described in instructions and it should give you a trouble free life.

Of course the Mobile Fun service was excellent, provided excellent technical advice on selection of the product and delivered it next day.
After purchasing the clingo and inserting it in to my air vents great I thought" phone stuck fine but I needed to fit it to the wifes car a nightmare to remove the clips from the air vents and one clip broke doing so not impressed clips fiddlie and cheap the sticky pad you cannot fault so beaware if you need to remove it take extreme caution little exspensive for what it is.
It's brilliant except there should be a tightener on the ball joint,as the phone or satnav keeps slipping down from eye view.The ball joint does not work as it says in the video. Plus the verification words are not legible & are gobbledigook.
Fantastic except it would be better if it had some sort of tightener on the ball joint.As the roads are so bumpy,with the weight of the phone or satnav it tends slip on the ball joint,except for that it is a great piece of kit.
Holds the phone well but ball & socket joint t
Bought this Clingo Universal Vent Mount just over a month ago. Waited 2 weeks for delivery and only received it from MobileFun after I sent an e-mail asking why I hadn't received my order yet!

The holder fitted my vent perfectly and the vent clips are very secure. My phone (HTC HD2) stays stuck to the sticky pad, however I wish I could return the holder as every time my car goes over a bump, the tiltable part of the holder ends up tilting the phone down as the ball and socket joint is just too loose. It's probably fine with a lighter phone, but proved just too floppy for my HD2 and even my brother's slightly lighter HTC Desire. Such a shame as otherwise this would have been the perfect product for me.
Great Product
This product works perfectly. It is almost too sticky at first but becomes perfect the more it is used.

Holds my phone securely and allows it to be angled in any direction I require.

The universal mount will no doubt work with any vent although some will be better than others. My focus vent has a large bulbous centre and so the Clingo must be mounted to one side. This is the only down side and it is not a deal breaker for me.
clingo air vent holder
What a great gismo for yor mobile or satnav. Its easy to install & theres no chance of it falling in the footwell as it stays put. (brilliant).
Not for the N900
Great service from MF and the Clingo was easy to fit in the vent. Unfortunately the shape of the back cover on the N900 means the sticky pad holds more tightly to the camera shutter cover than the rest of the back. So much so that after only a couple of days' use the camera shutter cover is damaged and doesn't close properly. It's a great product but BEWARE IF YOU INTEND TO USE IT WITH AN N900. I now have to buy a new back cover!
No use with an xperia x10, the X10's slightly curved back just won't stick for very long. Nice idea but two sticks of chewy is probably more effective.
Potentially good, but not for Touch Pro 2
The Clingo Vent Mount fits to the vent well, is stable and seems to be well made. Unfortunately, I think due the speaker grill on the rear, the contact patch on the Touch Pro 2 is insufficient for the Clingo to maintain its grip; the phone fell off after half an hour! So it might be ideal for your phone, but not mine!
Dont beleive sales pitch
"hooks or legs"very weak,broke the first time i tried to re-position the holder on my round type vents.now held in place by cable tie.
the holder is very sticky when first opened but that quickly goes,now not strong enough to hold my nokia x6.
MobileFun Reply
As mentioned in the product description and in the video, if the Clingo pad loses its stickiness, simply run it under a tap while gently rubbing the surface to fully restore it. We are also sorry to hear about your vent clips breaking, but assure you that
Thumbs Up
I bought this to replace my Brodit mount for my desire, the problem was I didn't want to keep removing my phone from it's protective case every time I used it in the car.

The Clingo is a bit like high tech blu-tack, I found that you need a bit of pressure to make something stay stuck, and it's quite amazing how running under a hot water brings back the stickiness (must try that with blu-tack !)

The only thing I would be critical of is that its not great on all types of vents, sometimes it takes a lot of fiddling about to get it to hold the phone stable, I have an older Astra with the cylinder shaped vents, the slats are not very deep so the clingo sticks out a long way causing it to shake with vibration & move when I touched the screen.
I finally sorted it by inverting the clips.
Not bad but far from the best - beware if you have
I bought the Clingo Universal Vent Mount for my car because previous cheaper vent mounts had been a bit flimsy and unreliable with inelegant designs and styling.
Score one for the Clingo. The device arrived quickly and good packaging. Design and styling are excellent! Build quality is robust and impressive. It's easy to fit and surprisingly stable.
However, I'd read reviews concerned with using the Clingo with a gelskin. I contacted MobileFun for advice. They said "no problems - the Clingo works fine with gel skin cases"...oops
In my experience using a gelskin and a Clingo is very hit or miss. With a gel skin on, my HTC Desire regularly falls off even in the smoothest of rides. The green Clingo pad seems to be fine, indeed if I remove the gel skin it holds my phone very well. but just beware using the Clingo with a gelskin is a risk. Having said that I still prefer the Clingo to other devices. Most of the time it reliably holds my phone where and how I want it to.
superb vent mountw
I was looking for a car vent mount for a while when I came across the clingo. I wasn't sure of the brand as I never heard of it. I read the reviews then decided to buy it and i have to say I'm glad that I bought it as this is a very good product. It holds my Iphone but I'm not sure how long the gripping stuff will last.
mobile fun
I higher recommend this company, what an excellent service, so efficient and goods arrived as directed, well packed and quickly.

The product clingo vent mount
is easy to fix and looks tidy not clumsy. Im not sure what the long time life it has with regard to the sticky patch as after two week mine has lost its suction, but will have to wait and see. i do love the swivel pad especially if you have an i phone etc
Clingo Universal Vent mount.
I own a Mondeo Estate, so I figured that the universal Vent mount would be bound to work on such a popular car. Well I am sorry to say that I could not get the "universal" mount to fit into any of the vents on the Mondeo! Luckily I had a mobile phone mount with a sucker to fit onto the windscreen and was able to adapt this to hold the sticky part of the Clingo. The glue part works pretty well, the good think is that the charging socket on my phone is now accessible wile the phone is on the holder, however, the first time I tried to take the phone off the battery cover stayed attached to the Clingo so I find that to get the phone off requires a twisting motion if I don't want to pull the back off the phone!
All in all not the best designed bit of kit that I have ever bought, but also no the worst.
clingo vent mount
Brilliant bit of kit so far, been using it for about three weeks, and so gar cant fault it. Fantastic ease of use, stick on / peel off. Dead easy to install, great adjustability!.
Mileage may vary!
Decent quality and good sticking power (though I worry that repeated use might damage the manufacturer logo on the back of my device - no long term use feedback yet) but positioning may be a bit of an issue depending on your model of car. It has been a real bugger to fit in my Ford Focus and therefore difficult to obtain my preferred positioning. Also, be aware that repeated attempts to fit the housing slowly damage the clips so be careful. Still worth a punt though!
Does Exactly What It Says!
I've been looking for a phone holder for a while and had reviewed several but there was always a down side to them. With this holder it does exactly what it says! It is easy to fit and use. The only thing that surprised me was the difficulty I had getting my phone off the Clingo after the first use. I have now been using the Clingo for approx 4 weeks and haven't had to "wipe" it to revitilise its hold. Overall well worth the money.
Clingo Vent Mount
What a simple, yet truly outstanding product. It works amazingly well with my Samsung Wave, and there is no way that any vibrations from the road will cause the phone to fall from this device. It quite literally sticks like glue.
I absolutely recommend the Clingo to anyone looking for a simple mobile holder with a pretty cool design to boot!
Great product, easy to fit, easy to use fits all phones. Would recomend this product.
Clingo Universal Vent Mount.
Item looks and feels sturdy,
but its not universal, it does not fit in my car, my wifes car, or my friends car. So it is now sitting in the glove box. Waste of money.
Clingo Universal Vent Mount
An excellent piece of kit which does exactly what it says on the box. Lust what the doctor ordered in terms of mounting my PDA in the car
Clingo Universal Vent Mount
Does an excellent job of keeping my mobile phone secure when driving.
Klingo Universal Mount
This looked as if it would be an ideal solution to 'parking' my iphone and other stuff when in my car. However, it is not universal I tried all ways but it would not fit in the vents in my Subaru Legacy! This was a great disapointment and as I had already thrown the packaging away I have had to keep it. So please be aware that if your car's air vents have an adjuster on the outside edge of one of the vents, it's likely that the 'universal' mount won't fit.
Clingo Universal Vent Mount.
Great little mount, fits nicely in the vent and holds my iPhone well.. Its a little hard to get the hone off but thats a good thing.
Clingo Universal Vent Mount
A wonderful phone mount for the car. Really easy to fit and even simpler to use. Can't fault it so far, have been using it for a couple of weeks and it's great.
Clingo review
It took me a few go's to actually get the Clingo mounted on my car vents, but once on it was great. Very flexible mounting and the actual clingy on bit is extremely sticky - the phone stuck on without any problem and did not come off until I took it off. It equally peeled off without any issues.
Well recommended.
Brilliant Phone Holder
This phone holder is absolutely brilliant, hold my iphone 3gs with no problems at all. Very still while moving and easy to remove and replace only had it for week but as yet cant fault it.

Excellent service from MobileFun as usuall
Not recommended
I had hopes for this, but I lost them quickly:

1. The stickiness is not so magical. At first, it sticks well, but after a week, it needs washing and the results after that are not so good...

2. Although they are pretty strong, the clips broke the two vents on my car.

3. The adjusting sphere is too soft: a minor bump in the road will move the phone. It will not fall, though...
clingo vent mount
What a great product fit it to the vent, remove plastic cover stick phone on done brilliant.
Doesn't fit all cars
Looks like a great product, unfortunately it does not fit on the vents of my Ford S-Max. If the vents on your car are rounded and/or thick, this might not be the product for you.
I was sceptical about this product before ordering, but as other reviews were positive I decided to take the risk. And it turned out to be a great decision. It works like magic! The phone sticks to it securely, even on the bumpiest roads, and it looks really cool too. I put the protective plastic sheet back on the sticky pad when the phone's not on it to keep it free from dust etc. so it needs washing less frequently. All in all an excellent piece of kit!
Sucks for Blackberry
The item certainly grips your phone, unfortunately with my Blackberry when you try to take you phone off it takes the battery cover off the phone, another mobile fun product hits the bin
MobileFun Reply
The recommended method for removing phones from Clingo products is to peel, rather than pull. In future, be careful not to press the phone too hard onto the pad.
Superb Product and Excellent service from MobileFu
Product ordered Thurs 2nd Sept 10:30 and it arrived Friday the next day! Great service from first purchase at MobileFun.

Very pleased with the product, was slightly Sceptical on how well it would work, but thankfully I was proven wrong!

Works a dream on my phone, even my new iPhone 4 (with rubber case) which if you don't have one, are likely the most heavy phones you will come accross currently, so if it can hold that, it can surely work on anything!

Great benefit is that unlike alot of other products on market your often restricted to what phones they will hold, not with this, any phone, just stick and go, great if you share a phone like me, or if you change your phone regularly.

It was easy to put together and mount - hey presto ready to use.

Only had in car for 2 days, so will be interested to see if the product stands test of time, to see if it really continues to stick and stick, but for now very pleased, great product for only £12.99, problem solved, well worth it!
Clingo car mount
Easy to put together and mount on vent. Holds phone very securely but not easy to remove phone without leaving battery cover behind !! Will get the hang of it in time I'm sure.
MobileFun Reply
We recommend peeling the phone off the Clingo pad rather than pulling it off.
As usual mobile funs service was excellent ordered at 5pm on Thursday recieved on Friday.

Have only used the product for a few hours so far but it seems excellent the product is genius!! Time will tell how good it is in the long run as have bought holders before that only lasted a few weeks but this seems a good quality robust holder. i no longer keep numerous holders this works for all and is a brilliant product! everyone whos seen it so far wants one now thats my xmas pressies sorted! Great value for money :0)
Excellent product
Ordered a 5.20pm on a Friday before a bank holiday and received it on the Saturday morning - excellent service!
I use with an iPhone 4 with bumper and the product does the job exactly as described - holds like glue but leaves no residue on the phone. I've tried driving over speed bumps to test the grip and can honestly say that it never moves. The holder fits very snugly onto the air vent and there is virtually no movement whilst driving which means you get a clear view of the screen without it vibrating - perfect for Sat Nav. Although the holder can be easily rotated through 360 degrees to hold your device in portrait or landscape mode, once you have it in your desired position it doesn't move. One other benefit is that there are no obstructions on the holder for fitting charger or audio-out cables.
The Clingo Clings....Anything.
This has got to be the best ever Mobile phone holder for the car! I promise you, it holds anything right up to the latest iPhone 4 with a gel case to the holder! After 1 failed product that wouldn't fit in the Aux Power supply in the car, I received this as gift from the wife! It took about 1 min to put together then 1 min to put in on the Air Vent on the inside of the car, stuck the phone on the holder and 'hey presto' iPhone 4 on the front, music playing, google maps showing, on Landscape mode...this as I say is by far the best holder for any phone, it holds the wife's Nokia as well (separately of course). When the phones on answering a call is a doddle, it's rigid enough for it to not move at all and never moves whilst driving..
In my view 5 stars, fantastic service from Mobile Fun, it was ordered at 5:10pm then arrived next day with the postman (this morning) Thank you Mobile Fun... Enough said, go get one!
Another great product
Recently bought the Clingo desk stand and was very impressed with the build quality and had to get this as soon as I seen it for my car.

Again the build quality is excellent, but unlike other car air vent phone holders the pins/holders are all moveable meaning that you can get it to fit your cars vents perfectly.

My only wish is that its profile was a little slimmer as it sticks out about 4cm, but this means your device is a little closer to you.

But over all another great product from Clingo!

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