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Clingo Universal In Car Holder v2 - Black Reviews

Using Clingo's own unique self adhesive technology, securely hold any phone or sat-nav in your car with the Clingo Universal In Car Holder v2.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40427

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 4.3 stars from 9 customers

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Quick delivery and functioned as expected!
Quick delivery and functioned as expected! What more could one ask for...
Couldn't be happier.
Product was easy to install, simple to position and allows me to put my phone in the most convenient position for me.
Clingo car holder v2
It hasn't lived up to expectations. After using only 2 weeks (1 hr/day) my phone drops off at least once during that 1 hr period. The pad is not visibly dirty, I was expecting it to have to be much dirtier before I start having detachment issues. I like the idea, but it needs to go longer before a cleaning should be needed.
A very sticky customer
There is no doubt that this will hold your phone securely, perhaps too securely on some models. As of yesterday I am the proud owner on a Xperia Z3 Compact, my previous phone was an HTC. The Clingo gripped the HTC so tightly that it took two hands to get it off. The Sony has a smoother back and comes off more easily (but it's still secure). The suction cup has come unstuck a couple of times and it takes quite a bit of saliva to ensure a lasting seal. Finally the arm is very manoeuvrable and is great for getting the phone in just the right position; but due to its length the phone does vibrate a bit on bumpy roads.
G8t universal phone holder
With an upgrade, I needed a new phone holder for the vehicle. Researched Mobile Fun for the various options available and took a punt on the Clingo.

The bracket fits securely to the circular disk supplied allowing you to fit on any location on the top of the dashboard. The adhesive pad holds the phone firmly, although doesn't work to well with a neoprene case as the surface isn't flat, allowing full rotation and tilt.

Good value for money and would recommend to anyone.
The new Clingo Universal In Car Holder version 2 is very secure
I previously used the Clingo with a green tacky surface--occasionally the phone would fly off. You would need to take it in the house and wash it.

The new version, with the black and white tacky surface, starts out so tacky that they give you instructions on how to remove the phone. I have driven over bumpy, hilly, windy roads and haven't had a hint of the phone falling. I can leave my case on the phone, but some cases would have to be removed before using.

It also looks clean, not needing all the fiddly pieces that many other holders use. Just pull the phone out of your pocket and push it on.
Very stable, perfectly sticky. I have been using this for a month now and have only needed to clean it in the last few days. My phone is perfectly secure and the build quality is very high

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