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ChargeTube Portable Phone Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This emergency chargers works on 1 AA battery, and has multiple tips for compatibility with a wide range of mobile phones.
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 3.6 stars from 54 customers

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Waste of money
I bought this charger to take to Glastonbury to use with my Nokia phone.
I tried new Duracell AA batteries, but it did not charge my phone
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jacky

Sorry to hear you had problems with this accessory. Please contact our customer services team and we will do our best to assist you.
The service we received was excellent. Parcel arrived promptly and intact. We were looking to replace a charger for Kindle Book and thought this do the job but sadly it doesn't. We will keep searching
Very handy gadget
I have several old mobile phones which I wanted to check before discarding them but had already disposed of their chargers. I was impressed at the range of connections which came with the charger, so this is a very handy little gadget.
I bought two of these chargers. One is for a friend__Christmas present and the other one I have started using. It's good It is small and cute. It fits snugly even in a small hand bag together with your fone. It does not need a large space It is smart and presentable to whatever class of people you are with.It is user friendly. Amazing gudget. You only need few minutes charging your fone and you are good to go.
Assorted connections for different types of mobile fones and other gudgets is the cherry on the cake. I recommend this charger to to anyone. It is a friend in deed
not impressed
I am sending it back as it didnt work properly it took charge from the phone intead of giving it.
A win win emergency charger
This charger comes with every type of phone adapter so if you change your phone as often as you change your underwear you don't need to change your emergency charger.
It is a once in life time purchase that will last a life time and beyond. Well at least until you start to see those grey hairs and may be into the purple rinse look for the girls or heaven to bid for the guys the slap head look.
With this bargain device your not only able to in an emergency use a AA non rechargeable battery from any local shop or super market but you can be green by using rechargeable batteries at home and save the planet with every charge.

The reason why I love this item is its an easy to use simple cheap device and because it does not have its own internal rechargeable battery its not on the scrap heap after the life of an internal battery fails.
So like I say a win win situation - the best of both worlds what more can you ask for?
Reasonable good emergency chargers
Bought 2 charge tube mobile phone chargers they are good bits of kit small& compact,only one problem one of the plug leads has a loose connection, but it still works
What a product
Life saver. Simple innovation that works. Tried in on ten different handsets and it just works. Bravo!!!
This Charger tube that i purchased was alright but not brilliant.However it is a suitable size and is not so heavy.all you have to do is insert the battery in to the tube and your done.These shall i say are the positive things about it.I have a galaxy s4 mini and it takes time to charge which did annoy me it is good for phones that are smaller but i not suitable for smart phones/big phones.
MobileFun Reply
It is provided with a micro usb tip which will fit an S4
Good idea
Good idea present for my daughter and grandson so bought 2 the first one didn't work with I phone but worked with blackberry. Takes a while to get any charge
Only use in a REAL emergency!
I bought this as I was going to be a field for a day and the Lumia has rubbish battery power. Slightly concerned how hot the barrel got and didn't want to put it in my bag as I was worried about it scorching. It gave a tiny charge but nothing much. Would look at other options next time.
no good for smart phones
it would have been helpful before I bought to know that this charger dose not supply enough power to charge my HTC 1X which is what my phone displayed as soon as I first used it , wouldn't recommend purchasing one of these if you have a smart phone like mine, so I am sad to say very disappointed with this purchase from mobile fun not up to your usual quality as previous purchases .
perfect for on the go
THis device is a simple tube in which you incert an AA baterie ,with lots of different connections
you can charge most portable devices never again be caught out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Very Poor quality product
This is a very poor quality product which does not work I tried to charge my I phone 4 miserably failed Please refund my money , and I am happy to return it . PLESE SEND ME A RETURN POLICY
just what I needed
This gadget is brill. The only downside is the connection which I wanted it for (Samsung galaxy S3) is a little loose when connected so will have to keep a check on it when in use. Would be handy to have a spare one just in case.
Top product
THanks a lot. This works perfectly and it's very handy. I recommend it.
Do not buy for GS2
Used product on Galaxy SII, pluged item in when phone at 19%, item completely discharged battery.
A brilliant answer to 'No Power'!
It's brilliant-easy to use,and a quick boost to one's battery power! I have recommended it to several friends and just about to buy another one!
Naff Charger
I purchased the item to take to the German Grand Prix incase my mobile battery ran out and needed a quick fix. It never charged my blackberry or my friends iphone. Worst buy ever don't waste your money. It kept bringing up the charge logo but never charged.
Major Thumbs Down
Sucks the battery life and doesnt charge it at all, it doesnt even stay on charge and your phone will run out of battery whether it is in or not. Useless. I cannot get my thumbs to go any lower on this one, I never give bad reviews but this product was a mess. I'm not even going to get into the pricing.
Finally I found what I needed
I looked everywhere for something to keep my phone charged whilst on a 22 hr trip to Australia & thanks to MobileFun they helped me find something.........And it worked a treat....Thanks guys !!!!!!
Good product
Works well, plenty of adapters
Ok, but not brilliant
I have used some higher power rechargeable batteries with this product and it just about keeps the phone going. I have an HTC Hero. It doesn't seem to charge it at all. It does keep it going for a couple of hours though, as long as you don;t use it. Ended up paying more for a PowerMonkey but it is far better and charged two phones fully before it needed recharging itself. Downside is that you need power to charge the emergency charger but all in all much better than this.
Fantastic accessory.
Really pleased with the Charge Tube 2. Great value and first class service and delivery. Will certainly buy more items in the future.
not rnough punch!
This did charge a little but seems to run the aa battery down really quickly. Ok for a pick me up but wouldnt recommend trying to charge from flat. Dissapointng performance.
does the job!
Easy to fit and stays put/ holds my phone and also my sat nav (one at a time of course!).
Does just what it says in the description
Great little product for when we're going to be using the phone intensively on long trips and peace of mind to have it available in an emergency. Small enough to fit in a handbag, large enough to be able to find it in the glove compartment.

Prompt delivery. We're glad we bought it.
Charge Tube 2 - Universal Emergency Charger
The service was great and product arrived well in time for my needs. All seemed fine, but then found that the mini usb connector was a loose fit or the lead has a broken wire. Now have to use elastic band to keep good connection.
nice idea
this is a nice idea, but it's not suitable for all phones. took it on a camping trip over the weekend and whilst it managed to give my friend's nokia a bit of a boost, it failed to have any impact at all on my Desire, even with lithium digital camera batteries. if you have a standard phone which uses little battery power, then it's a handy back up, but don't bother if you have a smartphone, just buy a spare battery...
Fiddly But Reliable
The connector needs a good push to take current from the unit but functions well and reliably.
Charge Tube
Excellent, just what I wanted. No excuse for a flat battery anymore
Charge Tube 2 - Universal Emergency Charger
Bought two for HTC touch HD and neither of them work on both of our Touch HDs. I note another user failed with an HTC product - I suspect that the unit does not produce a large enough charging current for these WM6 touch screen devices. The HTC mains charger specs at 5v and 1 amp and even a Laptop USB gives 5v at between 500 mamp to 1amp. Can't recommend it unless by chance I have TWO faulty ones.
Worse than useless
I bought this to take on holiday to save me taking my wall charger plus travel plug. It was absolutely useless and I swear it actually drained my phone battery of juice. I ended up having to shell out $40 for a wall charger which is now useless in the UK. Would not recommend this product and would give zero stars if possible
Switching off
If this is like other similar devices, then it has no off switch.

The instructions simply say remove the battery when not in use. But who wants a loose battery in their pocket!

So I cut out a small plastic disc from the packaging and put it in the screw on end so it's electrically isolated from the battery when not in use.
this was brilliant for me, i can throw it in my bag and forget about it, but the piece of mind it gives me is wonderful. i no longer need to worry about my phone's battery running out of charge when i'm out and about.
Handy Charger
The battery compartment is good quality aluminium, the connections are well made and good quality and it works fine on Sony Ericsson & Nokia but NOT the HTC Touch Pro2 (which charges fine via other methods).

Overall it's great for the ones it works on, gets warm when charging but nothing serious (good hand warmer!)
Great when short on battery!
Bought this for my Mum who kept running out of battery power and it works a treat!
Excellent product
Fabulous item, fits all our mobiles. Just to know that you have this backup should you forget to charge your mobile or run out, gives you peace of mind. Ordered one morning from you and received it in NE Scotland first thing the next morning. That is what I call your fantastic service as always.
Doesn't work with Motorola RAZR2 V8
No problems charging my phone with Motorola mains or car chargers, and it even charges happily using USB lead connected to
laptop and desk.

It simply does nothing what a disappointment as others are so happy with their phones and the Charge Tube 2.
Excellent service
I ordered the Charge Tube 2 - Universal Emergency Charger. which arrived very quickly. On trying it, there was a a fault with it. I went to the Mobile Fun website to returns, filled in the online form and posted it back. Two days later the replacement arrived and was working perfectly. The service and communication was excellent and second to none.
And as for the charger, a very handy item for the times when you are unable to charge from mains or car,
A lifesaver
Essential equipment that works perfectly.
Works well!
We have 4 different makes of mobile and it works with all of them. Delivery was very quick. Great value for money.

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