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Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Cellular line car holder is designed to allow you to position your tablet in either landscape or protrait modes and either on your cars windscreen or the dashboard.
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 3.8 stars from 17 customers

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CRAB tablet car mount
It seems to be a good product. I was a little confused putting it together but finally figured it out. Once it's mounted, it's hard to manipulate getting the tablet on and off of it but it just might be a matter of time to get used to it.
Surprisngly Good
Holds extremely well on dashboard without using included sticky pads.

Whilst it also holds the tablet firmly, it is fiddly to fit or remove the tablet.

But, once in place it holds astonishingly well.
CRAB Tablet Mount
I received this mount last week and 'fitted' it this weekend to my A class Mercedes.
When I first saw it, I thought there was no way it was going to be sturdy enough for my iPad.
How wrong was I. It held the pad very well, I cleaned the dash where the stick on pad was going and got a 'good stick'.
Both sticky pads for the dash-end and the pad-end have worked great and my pad stayed put, even on the roads here in South Yorkshire.
I thoroughly recommend the Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount.
Fingers crossed it lasts well.
I have used this poduct for a year , had my car broken into or i would be still using it. I thought when first brought the hang btw ipad and dash was to far, i was wrong held beautifully. One the car broken into and this product was taken off there would be a mark on the dash, again i was wrong. i will be purchasing again today to replace stolen one.
It is very bad
This is an awful holder. The required adhesive spacers could damage the dash of the car. If I had knew that it needs adhesive spacers I would haven't bought it.
Very good service
Excellent fast service good quality product, does exactly what it says on the can
Near perfect tablet mounting solution
Nice design. Stays in place and does not shake or vibrate on the dash of my diesel pick-up truck even at low engine revs. Both suction cups quite sticky to keep the tablet and holder firmly in place but could have done with another plastic protection cap to the larger base suction cup as well to prevent it picking up dust and debris when stored away. Only downside is the ball swivel joint not firm enough and drops down slightly to keep the preferred angle of view.
The mount is too heavy and the suction cup too weak to support it. Will not stay in place, even on it's own.
Does what it says on the tin
Used it for the first time with my iPad running tomtom. It held exactly where I wanted it for the 2 hour drive. I didn't try it straight on the dash I used the circular sticky pads. Fast delivery, good service overall

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