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CD Slot Mount Universal Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
No wires, no fixings, no installation, no hassle, no problem! This award winning holder fits in your vehicle's CD slot and will hold your mobile device and other items easily. You can still play your CDs too.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44547
$15.92 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 67 customers

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Not compatable
Would not fit a new volvo v40 cd slot
not as good as i expected
After looking foward to getting my cd slot mount. I am very sad to say that it was not as good as expected. It is a very loose fit and every time we go over a bump or round a corner it falls out very dangerous when it goes under your feet.I drive a Volvo V60 and safety is very high.Also a little over priced for a bit of bent plastic sorry.
Cd slot mount
Thanks for a great product. This is the second mount that I've bought and I couldn't be any more pleased with the product or the service . I would have no hesitation in recommending this item to all my family and friends. Once again thanks for a great product and speedy service.
At last a place for my iPhone where it doesn't move, easily accessible and I can see it and decide whether to take the call (handsfree of course) #perfect
Great device...but not for all cars
I thought this would solve a problem for me...where to put my phone in easy reach and not take up a cup holder - admittedly not the biggest challenge. Arrived as usual with Mobile Fun as promised. Tested surface and fantastic. Fitted to CD slot drove away, turned a corner and it fell out. Put it back thinking I must have missed something in the "installation". Hit a small pothole and it fell out. For my car (Volvo V40) not great at all however I still love the design and purpose. Trying on my wife's car now and giving the second one to family member.
Great Idea
It is a great idea and the phone sticks well but because of the angle of the adhesvie area it is hard to see screens etc. I was trying to use the maps on my phone and could not see the screen so I am quite disappointed.
Great piece of kit
This has really made things simpler for iPhone charging, gps-ing, bluetooth hands free and keeping it real. I'm ordering another one for my wife.
This is the Best
I have tried a lot of holders for my satnav but this is the best. Just slot it in to the cd player, and there is no vibration when on the move, and no marks on the screen.
A bit of a wobble!
The sticky pad holds really well but in conjunction with a phone holder on top to get the phone at a view-able angle, the whole lot wobbles around too much. If you could change the angle of the pad itself then you could stick your phone on it directly. So it needs to be hinged.
If your cd slot is high-up then it does not get in the way of your gears.
Picture of sticky bit says more than actuality.
The sticky part is 70mm (2.75") dia.

Also there will be no way you could read anything stuck on the holder without taking your eyes off the road.
It is really good
My review
Great device to support my iPhone in a central position. If the angle could be adjusted it would be even better, particularly when using the sat nav on my phone.
It certainly does the job, although the angle does mean I can't read the clock which, on my car, is on the entertainment system!
Excellent Device
Excellent device, does exactly what it is supposed to. Handy for holding anything from mobile phone to sunglasses. I would highly recommend this product.
Useful innovation which is sound in principle. But the surface is too horizontal (in our Ford SMax anyway) to place a phone directly on it - so you need a stand. But semi sticky pad not strong enough to support stand - so need a stand with suction cup small enough to fit directly (which fortunately we had). This is an inelegant solution though - being able to adjust the angle and put phone directly on the sticky pad would work better...
CD Slot Mount Universal Car Holder.
Works well for a day or two but loses "stickyness" very quick, hot weather makes it worse. Washing under running water helps a little but I can do without the faffing about removing and cleaning every day. Disappointed and wouldn't recommend
CD Slot Mount Universal Car Holder
This is a good product but it doesn't take the heat. It bubbled in the Center.
cd car holder
I have bought two of these cd hold.it fit well too. I gave one to a friend and also recommend it also to other friends. Have being waiting for a go idea to be available and now it is. thank mobilefun it a must to try out.
Great idea but some limitations
I bought this to utilise in my 2014 Jaguar XF S. I have an iPhone 5 and wanted it somewhere more visible so this looked a good fit.
Unfortunately it wasn't; a good fit that is. It's very loose and floppy in the CD slot.
I thought, perhaps my wife could use it in her 2013 Mini Cooper Countryman. Wrong! It doesn't even go in to the CD slot in her car.
Shame really because it looks a good idea.
Whilst I'm on the subject, don't put your phone on it if it has any kind of PVC cover. That amazing sticky stuff really puts up a fight when you try to remove the phone. I mean REALLY PUTS UP A FIGHT!!!
For some it might be perfect but it simply didn't fulfil my needs and isn't quite as universal a fit as I'd hoped.
The item is good but, no good if you have built in Sat Nav like I do in my Toyota Yaris as when it's in place it blocks out the on display Sat Nav screen. It would be a lot better if it was adjustable so you could tilt it up or down, something for the makers to think about and rectify as I cannot believe I am the only one to have had this problem with it. This is the reason I have only given a 3 rating
Very useful & neat
This is a very handy clever storage device..so simple! It holds my mobile phone (even with leather cover on) money for Tolls ( saves you rooting around for change at Toll Booths) keys etc & you can still use CD Player at the same time! Very handy when space is limited.. Thank you!
space saver
was thinking twice about this, but bought it anyway and thank goodness I did. So handy and neat without having my view obscured, yet so easy to see and get my hands on when needed.
Ease of use
Straight out of packet and ready to use,description of product exact, place in CD player mount and use, no wires, no fiddling about, when not in use fits nicely into glove compartment.
CD slot holder
At first was not happy, using it for my Tom Tom didn't realise there was a film across the sticky pad, didn't become apparent till i wet it with warm water. Using it now for a week and so far working great in my Imprezza. Easier to use than screen suction and closer for operating, down side is can be easily knocked(but still stays) with radio knobs and wiper switches.
Overall a great invention
Great idea but doesn't work for my car
This is brilliant but if you have an automatic BMW you'll need to a) only use with a phone in landscape mode and b) take care when putting the car into 'park' i.e the top setting of the gear lever.

With the phone in portrait mode (arguably the most useful for everything other than sat nav), the bottom of the phone touches the top of the gear lever in everything other than drive.

After a while you get used to it but you manage around it which is not really the point.

on balance this causes more issues than it solves in an automatic BMW.
Great product should have got this
A long time.
top kit
Fits the CD drive perfectly and holds my phone securly thinking of biting a phone holder to change the angle slightly but holding it off the wind screen but readily removable
very good little object
this is a very good item to have on a journey can be used for a lot of different things i find it very useful.
This really does work
I was getting sick and tired of all of the suction cup based devices that kept falling off the window or dashboard. This sits in the CD slot and is rock steady.

So far I have used it for about 2 weeks in multiple cars (I use lots of hire cars for work) and it as been able to hold my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (only in landscape though) very well .. this is ideal for sat nav (Tom Tom installed).
Excellent very sticky shelf for your general needs
Basically this device is the sticky pad version of a cup holder. Where it turns your non descript CD slot into a bracket to hold the sticky shelf.
You simply slide the cut out thin sliver of the shelf into your CD slot and the tongue like shelf sticks out.
My only advise is that if like in my van your CD player is near to the Gear stick just be careful as it might limit access. If your CD player is high in the dashboard then no worries. Ideal for resting the phone with an in-car charger while it sat navs or just charges.
In hot weather my phone in its rubber case and the sticky shelf basically mate and need a strong peel to separate them.
Not Good
Used in my Ford Focus. Shoots out of slot when cornering at anything more than walking pace. New phone ended up in passenger footwell. Fortunately not damaged but wouldn't use again.
The Best Yet
I have tried all the devices designed to hold Sat. Navs. and mobiles to the dashboard or windscreen of the car but the slot Mount is the best yet. My Tom Tom Sat. Nav. has a suction fitting designed to stick to the windscreen but I attach it to the slot mount and leave it in a bag between the seats out of sight. When I need it I just pop the whole fitting into the CD player and it is in the perfect position for use. I have found that it also fits above the Radio in the natural gap.
This is a great item. And it actually works, I've tried lots of different holders for my sat nav and this is the only one that works and I can still play my music and not have to worry about it falling down whilst driving. Thank you Mobilefun you've done it again. Great site with great bargains I love them :)
CD Slot Mount
A simple and effective device. I have a XC90 and it holds my TomTom One XL without problems as it's a large GPS.
Fits easily and securely and is easy to remove. When the GPS is not fitted the sticky pad will hold securely anything that is put on it. Much better than a screen mount as it does not obscure your view.
Just what the navigator ordered.(The Wife)
Used this Car Holder to mount our Sat Nav.Find it great as my wife can also view it now that its in the center of my car.No more give away rings on the windscreen and it can be removed easily and stowed out of the way from prying eyes.
I also like the fact I can still play my CD's when it is being used.
Gets my Vote!
Brilliant product
Brilliant product, simple to fit and is the perfect platform for a phone mount. Sits snug and very sturdy. Great product I'd definitely recommend to anyone looking for a way to mount a phone/ GPS away from the dash or window.
Just the job !
This holder is much better than expected. It's not a tight fit in the CD slot but supports my phone ok and the sticky surface grips really well yet releases the phone with just a twist. Amazingly the CD player still functions as normal so long as you remember to remove the holder before ejecting a disc.
Problem solved
Been trying to resolve where to put my mobile in the car for sometime. When I saw this cd slot mount I thought interesting but can it deliver...
Well it has been a quality buy as it has provided such flexibility and ease of access plus I now have a stable platform to use mty mobiles sat nav.

Well done mobile fun!
Little Sticky Chap.
This is absolutely fab. How do things stay on there? I've tried all the things you recommend, (phone,satnav,keys, money) bar of chocolate, and I'm going to try a glass of vodka next - while someone else is driving (I think). I'm going to have to stock up on these for Christmas pressies in case you run out when everyone finds how good they are. Thank you. What next???
Worth the money with NO question
After I tried every thing and I was sick of the Satnav on the windscreen until mobile funs cd slot mount it's easy to install and as the stick base holds anything ! Absolutely superb best thing since sliced bread! Thanks mobilefun.co.uk
cd slot holder
Very handy gadget. Works well. I wouls recommend this product
brilliant piece of kit used every where i go
Just what I needed
At last, having tried all other type of fittings this is great success
Did not fit my car...
When looking at it initially it seemed to be a great product.
I bought it, got it and immediately realized it did not fit my 2011 Volvo C30.
VERY bad, I think. You would expect the manufacturer should have tested it on several modern car brands and modern Volvos in particular...
Bad product with NO FIT.
My advice is you should make certain it fits your car before buying it...
Great product
Ideal for my tomtom easy to use and holds my tomtom with ease.
Does what it says on the tin!!!!
A great little device and just what I needed for my iPhone and sat nav, especially as I have a mini convertible and the window mount of my sat nav takes up too much of the windscreen and is also difficult to see in bright sunlight.
Not ideal for my Ford Fiesta
This device fits loosely into the CD slot for my Ford Fiesta with the result that, when I drive around a z bend, it shoots out of the slot and my phone lands on the floor of my car.
this is well worth the money and would suit any car with a cd player
this device is worth raving about as it fits in to the cd slot no tools and no damage and no sticky residue and no discolouring of the dash after removed like there would be with the skicky discs, the sat nav is heavy and i was conserend but there was no worry it took the weight no problem. i have bought 2 on for me and a gift for a freind, this is worth buying for the summer holidays the big plus you can remove it as easy as you fix it and any theives cant see anything satnav/mobile and fixings, cheers dale
A little skeptical as I thought it would flop about, but no... It is very rigid in the Zafira. Was not as obtrusive as I thought it might be, as it is not a large bulky unit. It size is just right for a phone or holder. Nice design and I wished I had thought of it!
Looked to be a great Idea.
But, when located in my CD player it interfered with my gear lever. Check it out before you buy.
Love the product so secure in the CD tray holds 2 phones ,makes it a lot easier to see who's calling whilst driving,and makes it so easy to dial because its so secure on the pad, just a twist and lift and the phones in your hand, nothing could be as easy
Great for sat nav
Fits perfectly into cd slot and holds sat nav very securely. No more wires dangling across windscreen. Easy to move if you want to insert cd.
Simple and effective
If you like to use your radio a lot while driving and need to see the display this product is probably not for you. Otherwise it is a very elegant method of holding your phone securely in place whilst on the move.
No as good as described
Warning to all. This does not work with the Ford's Sony CD Players. Tried it and it just falls out at the slightest bump in the road. Cannot recommend this product for this type of CD system.
Ct slot car mount
This is the most creative and useful mount I have ever used.. No more trying to stick the mount on the windscreen and then take it down and try to remove the mark on the glass.
This mount just slots in the CD drive and the phone sticks fast. To remove tHe phone, just pull the whole mount out from the slot and twist the phone to separate.
Some new cars have the CD slots on the dashboards ( ford kuga) where this mount will not work as the slot is very inclined and though the mount will get into its slot, nothing can be put on it and viewed.

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