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Case-Mate Tough Xtreme for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Express your toughest style with the Tough Xtreme Galaxy S4 case. The Tough Xtreme case sports a sleek design fit for any lifestyle
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$39.82 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 9 customers

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s4 cover
this case is very strong and tough I would say every one should get one for the samsung 4.
Rather disappointed
I just recently upgraded as my contract was coming to its end and went for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as my previous phone was the Galaxy S2 which was fantastic.

i previously bought a Case-Mate Tough case for my S2 and due to how impressive it was, i had intended on getting a similar case for my S4. However after seeing a number off less than complimentary reviews of it i decided to go for this, the Case-Mate Tough Xtreme.

This is a monster of a case and does really bulk up the large but very slender S4. even more so than the Tough case did for my S2.

HOWEVER, unlike the Tough case the Tough Xtreme case is just a very thick plastic case with some anti slip rubber trim, port covers and button guards. The afore mentioned Tough case for the S2 had a durable rubber sleeve which was then incased in a plastic shell, which in my opinion provided much better shock resitance due to the dampening effect of the rubber sleeve.

My main bone of contention with this case though, is the perspex style plastic screen cover that forms part of this case. As the marketing speak states, the touch screen sensitivity doesn't appear to be hampered by the covers presence. However despite some particularly careful and methodical cleaning of both phone and case prior to fitting, literally within two minutes hairs, dust and other bits of fluff had managed to get between the cover and screen. The only way to remove this was to take the phone back out of the case and start all over again. Ofcourse this made absolutely no difference as within a couple of minutes of putting the newly cleaned phone back into the cover the same thing had happened again.

Less of a functional concern but still a little bugbear for me is that at the top of the screen cover there are small cut outs for the speaker and forward facing camera. Now these are obviously normal and handy but sadly these cut outs are framed with a black strip of plastic the lower part of which sits right across the Samsung logo under the speaker obscuring the lower half of the letters only.

In summary then, its a sturdy case and should fairly effectively protect the phone from damage in most enviroments. Sadly though it turns a rather elegant phone into a bit of an ugly monster and will drive you mad trying to keep dust and fluff from getting between the phone screen and the screen shield. It'll do for now but i'm definately on the look out for an alternative

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