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Case-Mate Tough Naked Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Case - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Case-Mate Tough Case in clear for the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact is the epitome of protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56050
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 14 customers

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Love it.
Looks great and feels solid.
Love the inner rubber and outer hard case construction.
Haven't dropped it yet so not sure how well it actually holds up.
Adds overall size and thickness but I don't mind.
good quality product
Quality product - ordered with no problem and supplied quickly as usual. No issues at all and fits phone easily and well.
Great service great product
Prompt delivery, product was as described.
Happy buyer.
Sturdy with good grip
My wife and I both have the same phone, she choose the clear case and I bought this one. While my first preference would have been an OtterBox, they are not manufactured for my device, so the though rubbery case with a tread like grip on the outside provides a suitable alternative.
As expected
Case fits well and all ports are protected and/or accessible depending upon their use. Looks nice on phone but does feel a little slippery as there is no texture to it.
Great case worth the price
I drop my phone several times a day.
I think this case will save me a few glass back/rear covers z5 compact.
Nice looking case
Product description was clear and I also read reviews (of which the product has 5 stars) it says one of the few cases that had 5 stars.

I like the case. It fits perfectly and doesn't detract from how nice the phone is. It looks very nice. Also the case has a rubber bit inside, then solid case outside, presumably doubling the protection and impact if dropped

I had a case on my last phone, but it bugged me I had to keep opening and folding it back to answer phone. It also didn't have a clip so if I dropped the phone, it would probably have flown open and landed face down and smashed screen. Hopefully this case offers protection and you don't have to faff around and open case etc.

I've not dropped phone yet, so don't know if this case will take impact and protect screen
Very satisfied
In addition to this I bought a "Barely There" case from the same company. The "Tough" case was a bit more bulky (but only marginally so) but offers better protection, is more grippy and has more character lookwise. So the "Tough" is what I'm using, the other one serves as a reserve.

A word about MobileFun: Great assortment, decent prices and surprisingly prompt delivery, especially considering shipping from the UK to the US. Will definitely use them again and recommend them.
Lots of protection, not too much bulk.
This is exactly the type of case that I was looking for. I use my phone for all sorts of purposes, including tracking hikes, trail runs, and bike rides. Particularly with a waterproof phone, I was looking for something that would give me peace of mind while outdoors, and using the phone with sweaty hands. I also chose the phone because its small size, and really didn't want anything that would add much to it. This case fits the bill on all accounts. As an added bonus, I really like the extra grip the textured rubber gives it. The case was actually a little slippery straight out of the box, but the grip has improved with use.
this cover is just like me..... Looks good, tough, slim line, gets the job done and lighter than it looks!
Good Case
This is a pretty rugged case, definitely adds a slight amount of bulkiness to the phone but looks nice and seems like it would really help if the phone were to be dropped. I had the equivalent case mate case for the Z1 and the volume and power buttons would conflict in cold weather. This case so far doesn't appear to have any issues in the cold.
Robust and attractive
Very happy once I got the case. Functionality not limited at all by the durable rigid case with only minimal impact on the phones compact slimline shape. The clear also helps keep the aesthetics of the phone.
Paired with a tempered glass phone screen very confident having my phone in my pocket on jobs without it suffering from impact damage
very good case but a screen cover would make it perfect
this case is very good, it is an excellent fit around the phone and the textured feel enables excellent grip of the phone. for me to make this case perfect would be to add an integrated screen cover.
Casemate changed the recipe a bit
This is my third Casemate Tough Case (HTC one X; Samsung Note 3). Not the only one I've tried but definitely my favorite. I like the Dual layers design with silicone inner to absorb shock and a hard plastic shell to take the brunt of the knock from a drop.

This case does add some additional bulk to the phone (Probably 1.5mm around and on the back of the phone and 1mm around the screen) but has a nice texture all round. The thickness increase doesn't effect me at all, I actually feel it fits better in my hand and less likely to slip out my hand due to the grip.

It does also add a nice screen lip around the screen; this allows for the phone to be placed face down on a table without the screen actually touching the table. This is not intrusive on the screen; I've even a tempered glass protector applied that does not effect the case fitment at all.

This one deviates from the previous versions a little with the "inside silicone" material. On the old models I own, the inside material is a very soft and feels somewhat rubbery material; without the phone attached it cannot hold its own shape at all. This soft silicone is held in place by the hard case that clips over the phone and the soft silicone. On this version (z5 compact) the silicone inside is somewhat harder silicone. You cant really squish it and holds it's shape by itself. To be honest it doesn't feel like it would absorb the shock as well as the more rubbery versions.

The advantage is that over area's where the silicone is not held in place with the hard shell; the old versions "soft silicone" would often ware out and pull away from the case. This often happend around the charging port where only strip of silicone would be placed to protect the phone. With the Z5 version I don't expect this to happen.

For the rest the case is very snug, no play on movement of the phone. Cut outs are perfectly placed. Access to all the slots; but not the sim/memory card flap. Which is fine. Case also has volume and camera buttons built in that line up nicely. No miss presses experienced at all. The case also seems to allow for the official sony charging dock which I cannot comment on as I don't own one to test out.

All and all, Would advise this case to anyone, I think its a great case. I would personally preferred a softer inner shell but still think it would do the job fine to absorb any impacts from drops.

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