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Case-Mate Tough Case for Sony Xperia Z1 - Black/Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Case-Mate Tough Case in black for the Sony Xperia Z1 is the epitome of protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40805
$32.86 inc VAT
 4.1 stars from 18 customers

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great quality
perfect product, great quality, perfect, gorgeous setting
Awesome Case
Bought a Z1 Casemate Tough Case about six months ago.
Case fits phone well, and very snug.
I have dropped phone a couple of times, and I reckon the case has saved the phone's life.
Only thing is, it covers the magnetic charging dock port, and SD-Card/Sim card slots. This part doesn't bother me as I don't frequently use those ports hardly if ever.
Gives the phone a nice feel.
If you are a bit rough with phones, or wanting to protect your phone from being damaged via dropping. This is the case to get.
Brilliant as usual
Case-mate cases are the best by far! It would help if there was a lanyard hole, but it's a personal preference and nothing that can't be rectified. The case arrived as usual, almost before I ordered it!
buttons were covered which made them impossible to press.
Gives good protection but for the price it lacks in many areas. Say good bye to ur camera button, the cover makes it seem impossible to push down on it also say goodbye to the screen shot function. Never worked with cover. The solution however was to get a scalpel knife and cut out the
cover were the buttons lose functionality. Nevertheles Still looks great with the second layer of the cover over rough edges and now I Can use my camera with screenshot capabilities. Over priced waste of money shopping around for something else. One star for protection.
Charge Port Blocked Off
In all a good case but has one flaw they covered up the charging port so your left with using the USB port to charge your phone.
Does the job!
The case is nice, not much thicker than the phone itself and looks like good quality construction materials. only had it for a week now but no complaints yet. You have to remove the case to insert a micro SD card... no big deal but good to know. Power button and camera button need to be worked in before they start to work every time - they are stiff at first. I am happy with the product.
Tough Case to crack!
Superbly well made n fitting,can't see my phone getting damaged by dropping it,such is the protection!!! True,there is no cut out for docking,but a small price to pay for the protection you get,and I personally dont't use this function anyway lol! Highly recommended and much better looking in the flesh!
good and bad
Good : seems like a strong case that could take a fall but is pretty slim so the phone doesn't feel that much bigger in your hand.

Bad: the magnetic charging connection is covered, don't have the dock but was hoping to get it. Also the power and volume buttons are covered which makes it close to impossible to take screen shots. I got maybe 1 out of 30 attempts.
Good Case - One Major Flaw
I've brought one of these before for a Galaxy Note, and both cases fitted well. The design of this one is improved, making it much easier to slip the outer hard case over the inner. The only down side is that there is no cut-out for the magnetic charger, meaning that the case will need to be entirely removed in order to use it with a dock, or magnetic cable.

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