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Case-Mate Tough Case for HTC One M8 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Case-Mate Tough Case for HTC One M8 is the epitome of protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43989
$26.54 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 10 customers

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5 stars for the case
Bought the Case-Mate Tough Case for the HTC One M8, and love it! This is my third case for my phone, and it is by far the best. I would definitely recommend it. Seems like it adds a good level of protection while actually being stylish and hardly adding any excess bulk. Biggest plus, is the inner layer isn't the normal rubber you find in most cases, so it no longer sticks to the inside of my pockets!!! So my title says 5 stars for the case, however I'd give mobilefun.com 4 stars. Navigating the site and ordering are easy enough, and their prices seem post for the course. Also, shipping time was between the 5-10 business days I was told for standard shipping. My only issue is there is no tracking available for your shipment. The site only tells you that it actually was shipped. Overall very pleased!
Excellent quality
Dropped, kicked, dropped on tiles, dropped out of car. It's a tough life for a mobile phone.

Luckily though Casemate has my phones back.

It's not slippery, its impact resistant, and well worth the money spent.
Really solid, Buttons are perfect fell really good. It doesn't obstruct the camera or flash which is handy as I've seen flash bounce happen with other covers. Plenty of room to plug in all sizes of headphone jacks. Overall really fantastic cover, only thing is its not as grippy as it looks, But much gripper than the phone thats for sure.
Love the case, am gonna reorder one more just as backup. It gives looks and protection in one neat package. Love the dimpled back as its grippy.
Perfect for the real world phone user!
Out of all the phone cases available, this one is by far the best if you ACTUALLY use your phone to make calls as well as all the other things they do! As an engineer climbing over large plant machinery every day, I needed a cover to be robust to protect my phone when falling 20+ft onto a quarry floor and also be able to take a call without having to surgically remove it from a sealed case! With this case, I have the solution perfectly! It is VERY unobtrusive, unlike many other phone protection cases available! It is well engineered for the phone & fits perfectly. I also find it makes the HTC ONE easier to handle as its raised contours give it a "grippy" feel! all in all, 10/10!
Good, not quite great
This doesn't offer quite as much protection as a two-part case like an Otterbox, but it's good value. It's sturdy and fits tightly, with a ridged texture to provide grip. The case is thick enough to give a noticeable lip, which protects the screen and camera, but doesn't add much volume to the phone. The buttons that overlay the volume and power keys are sharp and responsive (better than the soft key of an Otterbox). The only slight downside is that the case is quite heavy, so you will notice the extra heft. However, it's not enough to make the phone unwieldy, and the case remains a good value purchase.
I'm a Casemate Convert
I am one of those people who have to have the phone 'perfect.' Just one small bubble under the screen protector and it's ripped off. (That's cost me more than a few pounds in the past.)
The case had to fulfil a number of functions.
1) It had to protect the phone.
2) It had to fit perfectly with everything aligned for camera/volume/headphones etc.
3) It needed to be slim enough to fit in the pocket.
4) MUST give the phone grip.
5) Statutory - Must look GREAT>

In the past I have gone with Otterbox as they give great protection but tended to add bulk. This case gives good all round protection with enough of a front lip to protect the screen. The two part case gives insulation as well as solid 'bump' protection.
The fit is perfect. Aligns nicely around the phone and is a good tight fit. It is slim enough to fit in the pocket while driving, even in jeans.
The back/sides have a nice rippled patterning which gives great grip for the phone. It won't get dropped.
Finally, it looks classy and expensive. A lot more expensive than it costs.
Casemate have won me over from Otterbox after five years. Great job!
Does more than it says on the tin
I only ever buy two part cases. I like to have the inner insulation and the outer hard case protection. The problem is this inevitably adds bulk to the phone. Not with this case. It looks fantastic but remains relatively slim. Feels and looks quality. Excellent case with excellent service from Mobilefun... as usual.
Top Quality case
Superb quality tough case yet sleek enough to use everyday, as a builder I needed a case that will protect my phone but not make it too big for your pocket , this case mate ticks all the boxes . Highly recommend, plus very quick delivery of product top site full marks.

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