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Case-Mate Barely There Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This black Barely There Case for the Sony Xperia Z3 compact is ultra-lightweight with a resilient design that looks as good as it feels.
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$19.71 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 38 customers

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Nice, slim profile
This case is exactly what I needed. My Xperia Z3 Compact is a little fragile since it is all glass, and this case provides protection to the thin, easily breakable glass on the back. I got the Z3 Compact because it was small, and I didn't want a case that would make it too big, and this case is perfect for it. This case fits like a glove and makes my phone much more easy to grip too.
Good case. Would recommend.
This is a great case for the Sony Xperia Z3 compact. The case allows easy access to all features of the phone and has a great feel to it. The design is simple yet effective.
Ok but not great
Application of case is easy and I like it's slim fit as it is lightweight and elegant, but it is not scratch proof. I have used it for about a month and even though I've been careful with it there are several small scratches and one larger scratch. I also find that no matter what I try there seems to be a film between the phone back and the case that moves around. This probably wouldn't bother most people but I find it annoying. I've cleaned and thoroughly dried the phone before re-application but the film still remains.
Kind of works
If you are not using the dock then this case probably works better, with the dock, well at least for me there were some issues. It seems like the adapter that you have to use to fit the device + case is either sometimes just half a milimeter too tigt or the device and case a re half a milimeter to big. What ever it is it caused the one dock that I had to not fit, luckily I had another dock with an older adapter that was just wide enough to fit the phone.
Also because of the flaps on the left side there is pretty much no protection on that side.
very good fit with phone.
very good fit with phone.

Order and delivery good, just a bit slower than I thought would be, but no complaint
Great product, which protects although very discreet
Was thinking of changing the phone until I purchased the case mate barely there, it's like having a brand new phone. Great product, which protects although very discreet.
Barely There
The case lives up to its name. The back and corners of the phone are protected from bumps and drops with good access to all the controls. However there is no front cover so the screen has no protection from scratches or dirty finger prints. I have had to place the phone in a soft bag to use it away from home.
Nice but not ideal
Nice phone case.

pros- nice grip to it, slim, retains overall look of z3 compact, keeps front screen off flat surface, fits with dk48 charging dock.

cons- doesn't feel it will give much long-term protection, very snug fit into charging dock making using it a bit difficult.

Overall, I like the case, glad I got it. Haven't used it for long so won't know the long-term usage, but enjoying what I've got so far, particularly the grippy feel to it.
Looked good and works perfectly
received the case at the predicted time, looked good and works perfectly.
I found it nice and clear
I found it nice and clear. It protect the back of the phone very well. I wish it did the same on the front.
Great case, Hardly noticable
Great case, Hardly noticable. Makes the Z3 compact a much easier phone to grip. Can easily access all ports and buttons!

Highly recommend!!
Fits well, looks good, have still managed to crack back cover of phone
I hadn't appreciated that Sony Experia phones, or at least the Z£, have a reputation for breaking fairly easily. I broke the back screen / glass once, got it replaced (though not via Sony), and then fitted one of these protectors. It seems well made and fits well, and looks good, but after knocking the phone to the floor again have broken the back screen / glass again. So if you already have this particular phone I expect you'd be happy with the aesthetics of this for low level protection, but may want to look at something a bit more robust if you want some impact protection
Good minimalist cover
Delivered in expected time.
Good minimalist cover.
Tight fit with cover on for Sony charger dock.
Best to charge without the dock insert.
Case-Mate Barely There Xperia Z3 Compact
The only case I could find that would work (i.e. fit) with my phone and Sony DK32 charger. Well made from plastic it is easy to grip and follows perfectly the phone contours. Highly recommended if you use Sony's desktop charger.
Great product
It is black as ordered, it fits as designed, and is functional as required.
excellent product
5 stars. It's just what I wanted -- sleek and unobtrusive.
Great Case and Great Service
Ordered and next day i collected it. About the case awesome fits perfectly on dock and is a match made in heaven with my smartphone.
Compact Protection
This case arrived promptly after ordering and fits the Z3 Compact well. It has a amppth, but non slip feel and a subtle profile. Very happy with the case.
Fast delivery, phone fits into charge dock with cover on..wife loves it.
phone cover
prompt service. Good product
Casemate Light
Case is great, light and slim. Nice material and matt finish. It isn't hardcore protection though does support each corner which is crucial.
Great looking solution but a bit too slippery
Love the minimal intrusion on what is a very attractive phone. Just wish the edges were more grippy.
Protects Well
Excellent product. Would highly recommend.
Case-Mate Barely There Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Case - Black
Excellent product. Good fit. All ports and covers are accessible. Good level of protection, even at the corners. Slightly raised screen border also gives good 'face down' protection. Case material offers good grip. I would recommend this product without hesitation.
So pleased with my purchase
I recently bought a new Sony Xperia Z3 compact and wanted to get a case to protect it. I wanted a clear case that fitted perfectly and looked good and found this product to be exactly that. I accidentally ordered the wrong case at first and found the service when I exchanged it fantastic and the process easy. I am so happy with my phone case.
Minimal protection but classy case.
Extremely well made case. Fits snugly on the Z3 Compact but easy to take on and off without damaging the phone. This case is perfect for people who look after their phone but want a little extra protection. It will help your phone survive a few light bumps, but if you frequently drop your phone or just throw it in your bag, then this may not be for you. Very slight lip on the front edges means you can put your phone face down on the desk without scratching the front of the phone - but I would still get a screen protector. Generous cut outs to access the USB port, connectors and buttons but this means the left hand side of the phone, the top and bottom is complete exposed. It almost looks like the phone is completely naked so it really shows off your phone but those edges are vulnerable. I love it but if I was rough with my phone, I would probably get something more robust. I've also ordered the Sony charging dock but not 100% sure if this case is compatible. Stay tuned for a review of the stand when it comes in.

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