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Case-Mate Barely There for HTC One M8 - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
For those who prefer nothing to come between them and their HTC One M8, this protective 'Barely There' black case by Case-Mate is for you - in clear.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43983
$19.90 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 15 customers

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The name says it all
Lovely case that is as close as you can get to looking like there's no case. I've had a few minor drops and it's been fine, but it gives no protection if it falls screen down. I've had one for a while, and am normally religious about avoiding keys etc in the same pocket, but had a lapse and managed to put a deep scratch in the case, and a nick round the camera surround. With normal care, it only gets fine scratches that don't show much. I decided to buy another as it was so good. It's worth removing regularly and cleaning to avoid grit grinding away in the same spot between the case and the phone. It comes off very easily.
Great case. Fits the phone perfectly. Clear and shows off the beauty of the phone just as I wanted. Would recommend to others :)
This case is just perfect for a htc m8. To be honest any phone you wish to show off. Case is clear light and durable (dropped twice so far and no visible scratches!) Would definitely recommend!!!
really nice case
Purchased this case to replace the one that came with the htc m8. This case is really stunning, it brings out the beauty of the handset. Its a perfect fit and all cutouts are there as well. Feels nice in the hand and isnt too slippery. All in all very pleased with this case.
Shows off the phone
Brilliant phone cover which looks almost invisible and shows off the lovely gun metal grey back of the HTC One M8. Does feel slightly slipperyto hold after using a rubberised case. Only problem is I keep getting message saying dual camera blocked when using camera which must be blocked. Delivery excellent.
Barely there case for HTC One M8
Great case
Not quite what I wanted
First of all I must say I had a "Barely there - Black" for my HTC One X and loved it.
I agree with other reviewers for the Clear that I wanted to keep the excellent style of the M8, so ordered it. However, and this is a personal view, I didn't like the very smooth surface of the Clear case and its feel in my hand, as opposed to the Black, which has a very slightly "velvety" feel to touch.
I therefore returned the Clear and ordered the Black, which has now arrived and I must say I am happy to forgo the style of the M8 (I can still take the case off if I want to!) for the feel of the Black case.
I must also add that the MobileFun service was excellent, the returns process was completely hassle free and took a total of 10 days from my initial order, delivery, return and re-delivery of the Black case. 10/10
Barely there is just what it is!
Excellent fit and finish, you can still see all the exquisite design of this excellent smartphone. Love this case, just what I needed for protection, design, and its barely there, which is great!
amazing case
Have never bought a phone case. Wanted one to protect the beautiful m8. This case is awesome: clear, super slim, incredible feel. In my opinion, perfect.
It really is barely there
Now, I hate phone cases, I have never used one in 16 years of having a mobile phone and thought I never would but then I purchased a HTC one M8, an aluminium phone.

A phone made from this material can only become seriously dinked and dented if dropped, which I know would drive me mad. So, a case seemed the only viable option, but not only are cases usually cheap looking, tacky and bulky but they cover up the phone and a phone this good looking needs to be seen.

But at least Case Mate thought about all the above and brought out the Clear Barley There case. This is quite simply a superb case. It really is barely there!

The fit of the case is perfect and the crystal clear finish is brilliant.

I never thought I would recommend a case but this one is definitely worth purchasing if you are as fussy as me and hate phone cases.
Business as usual
This case actually enhances the look and feel of the M8 whilst protecting the device, worth every penny. The service from Mobile Fun was first class - highly recommended

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