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Case-Mate Barely There 2.0 for iPhone 5S / 5 - Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
For those who prefer nothing to come between them and their iPhone 5S / 5, this protective 'Barely There' grey case by Case-Mate is for you.
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 4 stars from 16 customers

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Tight fit
I've had a few covers for my aging iPhone 5S and this is the best one. It's got a nice tactile feel and it fits snugly whilst leaving room for my emergency tenner.

A quality product with easy ordering and rapid delivery as always. I'm a satisfied customer.
Poor fit
Had same make barely there case on my iphone 4S unable to fault it.
This new iphone 5 case just does not fit, the phone keeps popping out of case, foreign bodies get between case and phone, plus it turns down my volume for the ringer and puts phone on silent.
its now in the bin
Csse Mate!
Case Mate barley there!
Where is it? its so descrete and 'fit well' that you really hardly notice it, can you make one to fit humans I'd love to look that thin!!
Case-Mate Barely There 2.0 for iPhone 5 - Black
This is a nice case and offer reasonably good protection for the iphone without adding too much extra bulk. The texture of the case offers good grip/non slip.
Great case
I wanted something similar to te Incase slider I had for my iPhone 4, this looked to be the closest match, indeed it is very similar - thin but looks to offer just enough protection for the occasional drop. Would recommend.
iPhone cover
Excellent nice and slim,does the job
Great phone case
Great case, hardly know it's on the phone but still provides great protection. Only downside is the back does show finger prints and grease as a matt finish. Highly recommend and brilliant value for money
Perfect case
Looks the part. Fits snugly to the phone. Gives good protection without increasing overall bulk.
Excellent, minimalistic coverage
Fits perfectly and has rear silicone inlay (something which generally isn't mentioned in the product description) for very good protection from scratches. Probably not the case for someone who is likely to drop their phone a lot but for those looking for an attractive, light case to protect their phone from scratches and occasional knocks, this case is perfect. 5 Stars. Also, white colour looks great on black iPhone 5.
Great cover
White hard glossy cover for new iPhone 5. Very protective, easily cleaned, looks great with white phone
Poor fit
I have long been a fan of CaseMate for my iPhone 4 always paying that little bit more for their quality cases. Got myself a new iPhone 5 and no hesitation to go to them for a case.

Case looks good but the fit is awful. The phone pops out of the case with no effort at all and does so when it's in your pocket.

I'm going to take some convincing to go back to CaseMate after this expensive flop.
A nice early life cycle case
As you can probably tell I recently purchased Apple's new iPhone 5 and wanted to protect its sleek design with a nice safe case. As with any case for a newly designed device the case is an almost-but not quite recommend for the phone. The designers of the case clearly went on leaked parts images and not the final product. For example the hole for the camera is way generous to the point where it shows off some of the scratch able aluminium backing. Also the case extends slightly at the top protecting the top panel, it does however also make the lock button a bit fiddly to use. The rear ports are incredibly easy to access, including the headphones, which means you don't have to take it off whilst charging, syncing or playing music, very nice. The only other major issue with the case is the feel. It might be subjective but the case makes my phone slip out of the hand easier and makes it harder to grip properly and as such makes the phone less comfortable to use. Overall i say it's a decent piece of protection (I can slip the phone in my pocket or in the holder in my car and not worry about any damage assimilation). I will however be changing it for a better one down the road as it just feels a bit off, a bit rushed for the market if you like, for one that holds much easier and doesn't constantly slip out of my hands.
Don't buy it
I had a casemate for my htc incredible and I couldn't fault it. After 18 months the case and phone were as good as new.
I made the change to apple and wanted a case that would protect the iPhone (I know plenty of people who had the hassle of smashed screens with the 4). I brought the otter box commuter series. Good case but a little bulky, wanting something a little slimmer I went for the trusty casemate, it's certainly less bulky than the otter box. However within a week of having it the 'soft touch finish' started to come off, this is from just having it in my pocket (not dropping or exposed to extreme environments). The case now looks like ive had it years rather than weeks. on the positive side the case is thin and fits nicely around the phone. However given the issues with the finish then it's not worth the money. Don't buy it, it's put me off casemates. I'm contemplating sending it back once I've got a replacement. Very disappointed. Sorry casemate but you've done better.
Fits perfect and looks very unobtrusive and classy. Service was fantastic

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