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Car Mount Cradle for the HTC Sensation / Sensation XE Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your HTC Sensation and Sensation XE in view and fully charged while driving with the car mount cradle and integrated car charger.
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 4.7 stars from 36 customers

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Car Mount Cradle for the HTC Sensation / Sensation XE.
Good quality and well made.

When docking the Sensation HTC auto car mode is initiated which is annoying as I do not wish to use HTC navigation but that is down to HTC and not the cradle.

Apparently there is a workaround if rooted (Google it!)but I do not want to root and it s just a case of turning it off each time the handset is docked.
Perfect car dock.
This is the perfect car dock for HTC Sensation. It is one hand operated. Look nice, offer posibility to use camera.
Quality Item
Needed a replacement as my old PhoneM8 holder fell apart. Am so pleased with this holder/charger. Sturdy design, no rattling and holds the phone snug and tight. No problem at all with the charging pin. Phone is easy to insert and remove. LED on the charger is super bright, covered mine with black nail varnish. The only negative, and it's minor, is that you cannot reach out and rotate the phone between landscape and portrait. To do that, you need to first loosen the locknut, turn the phone, then tighten again. Got mine how I like it in landscape and will just leave it there. Only other thing worth mentioning is that my XE was auto launching HTC Locations app when placed in the cradle, and as this cannot be controlled and I did not want it, I disabled the app on the phone with no detrimental affects so far (Google Navigation is a free alternative I prefer). You will not be disappointed if you buy this cradle, of that I am sure.
Almost perfect
Before I changed to my present phone, I was using a universal car kit. It was just about acceptable, but it rattled constantly. Then I bought my Sensation XE and couldn't arrange the pads so that they wouldn't change the volume settings every time I put the phone in. The time had come to replace it.
I looked at HTC's own kit, but felt the price was unjustified. Then I came across this one, and decided it was worth a try.
I was really delighted with the build quality when it arrived. It's solid, the suction cup lever feels sturdy, and it fixes really securely to the windscreen. The power lead can get in the way of my heater controls, but I suspect that's because the clips on the back which prevent the power cable pulling on the connector have been positioned with the left-hand drive market in mind. If it bothered me enough, I'm sure I'd find a way around this.
As you'd expect from a cradle designed with a specific phone model in mind, the fit is good. The phone drops easily onto the connector, and the rubber pad does a really good job of holding it securely, but it's dead easy to take it out again.
My only gripe was that the power connecter in the base of the cradle did not extend upwards far enough, and the phone tended to lift off, especially once it had been charging for a while and warmed up.
Fortunately, the construction of the cradle is such that I was able to undo the five screws holding it together, cut away a little of the plastic around the power connector hole in the cradle, add a little packing behind it and effectively expose more of it. Now the phone sits more securely on it and stays connected all the time.
A little more accuracy in the moulding of that part of the cradle, and it would be a five star item for me.
It's perfect with a very strong suction which doesn't fall off the window. The charger lead is long enough as well. Alround an excellent product, perfect for my HTC. Very quick delivery service as well.
Sturdy and stylish
After going through several mobile phone holders which have fallen apart or been generally rubbish i was very pleased to find this one which is very sturdy, fixes to the windscreen really well and looks nice. The phone goes in really easily with one hand too. Definately worth spending a few quid more as it looks like it's going to last well. It would only be improved by having a sound amplifier for the navigation but this would increase the cost.
The perfect answer
It's an excellent piece of kit, does everything it says and more.
Excellent value, quality build and installed in seconds.
These should be fitted as standard in cars.
Brilliant Car Accessory
This is the best accessory I have ever bought for my mobile phone. During a recent trip it has transferred my phone into an incredibly useful, up to date and fully functional satellite navigation device. An absolute must if you need an incar satnav.
Good value
Reasonably priced phone-specific cat holder.
Attaches securely to window. The phone slots in neatly but sometimes needs a little encouragement
The supplied power cord is very short so tight to reach my lighter unit behind te handbrake but would be OK for a closer unit
Car Mount Cradle for HTC Sensation / Sensation XE
PERFECT! This does the same job and previous units I have bought from HTC but at a fraction of the price. Fits well and is ideal as it charges when phone is mounted.Rotates through 360 and is FAB!!!
Great Piece Of Kit
I wanted a car cradle for quite a while but didn't want to go for the 'universal' ones because they always look ugly and flimsy. After searching around I found this mount and the official htc one. Not wanting to fork out £40 for the official one I gave this one a go. At almost half the price it was a great buy. The holder stays firmly on windscreen and is flexible enough to get the ideal position. I highly recommend this product.
does what it says on the tin
What a great product . Easy to drop the phone in . Held securely and charges the phone on the go and a breeze to lift out.
Car mount cradle for HTC Sensation
The cradle arrangement is first class. The user must get used to carrying out phone functions with the unit lying on its side (text does not rotate). Slightly disappointed that the USB charging cable can only be used for charging the 'phone and cannot be used for data transfer to a PC.
HTC Sensation Car Mount Cradle
Excellent product. Placed the order @ 7pm on the 30th of December and the cradle arrived 14 hours later - almost quicker than going into town!
what i was looking for
very good quality and secures the mobile while driving. But the mobile has to be removed from it's case.
This device is the perfect accessory for my HTC Sensation. It attaches easily via different methods, cradles the phone securely and allows the phone to be charged as you drive. Perfect when useing the phone as a Sat Nav.
Quality Car Dock
Mine has Kidigi printed on it in the middle behind the usb connector but is hidden by the phone. A little fiddily to insert the usb connecter in the phone. When docked the phone is put in dock mode that brings up the navigation app which I cannot stop on my Sensation XE. I had to mount the sucker on the dash (using the supplied adhesive disc)as the mount was in the way of the camera when on the windscreen. The charger plugs in at the back so you can use any micro usb charger.

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