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Capdase Versa Stand Apple iPhone and iPod Dock - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Designed to accommodate 30 pin and lightning Apple devices, this white Capdase Versa Stand is used with your existing charging cable to provide the perfect desk stand / dock.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40168
$20.84 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 12 customers

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Cute, Practical & Very Much Liked
I've had this now for 5 months. It sits at the side of the keyboard. It is easy for me, once the cable is inserted and threaded, to 'dock' the iPhone. To dock and remove the iPhone, I hold the bar holding the lightning cable. It is, despite only 3 ''tubes'' on the deck and very light in weight, extremely stable. The colour suits the ''girl'' in me and is easily visible amongst the blacks and greys of the work area.
Works with iPhone cases
I got this so that I could charge my phone without having to take it out its case every night. I've got other docks in the past which are supposed to be case compatible but this is the one that "really" is. Simply because it holds hour normal iPhone charger in place.
Very funky
Excellent value for money, works easily with iPhone bumper case on which most docking stations don't.
Looks very smart on bedside cabinet.
My preference would be if it came with it's own cable but it would cost more money.
Overall very happy with purchase
Cheap and cheerful
If you’re looking for a simple, effective way to dock/charge your phone, this does the job. I’m not a massive fan of the style but I liked the fact it would work with a case and was cheap – as am I because I refuse to pay £50-£100 for a block of wood or metal to hold my phone. It’s weighty so it stays in place, with a nice rubberised feel to the bars to keep traction.

The set-up is really easy. See that one bar sticking out? You pull this out from the main body of the dock and then the little silicon insert just pops out. Wrap this round your cable (I use a lightening cable), pop it back in, and put the bar back in in the main dock. You wrap the cable around the bars to keep it out of the way (I would prefer them channelled through the dock and hidden but it still works) and you’re good to go.

Criticisms? The bar can slide out occasionally and sometimes the silicon gripping the cable can slip but not often (only happened once in a month of everyday use). If it happened a lot I might glue it in place.

Pros? I couldn’t find a better or cheaper case that works with my iPhone 5s with a case AND holds the cable in place (rather than just a phone stand where you can plop the phone in with a cable attached). And it’s cheap. Did I mention that? ;-)
Funky Stand
Adds that bit of colour on an otherwise drab desk
Simple but Effective
A simple device to hold you iphone and charge it while you sleep,got this for my daughter so she can charge her iphone by her bedside and also use it to check the time if she wakes during the night.Well built and very modern looking so should suit most kids.

Please note this does not include the iphone charger.
Exactly what I was looking for.
My iphone has a cover that any other stand would not fit.
The lighting cable has enough space to conect my iphone using the cover.
Also works with my iPod Nano. Great colour and material
Very happy.
Funky Docker!
Fed up of kids pinching my phone and so this bright orange dock will be its new home. Too bright to miss and such a modern look, clever containment of the charger cable too.
Exactly what I was looking for
The stand is sturdy, quirky and bright. Sits on my bedside table so that I can charge my iPhone overnight which means it's never out of charge when I need it. I use the phone as my alarm so the stand gives me easy access to the snooze function. I have a bumper cover on my phone and the Dock works fine. A second one would looked great on my desk at work (I'll put it on my Christmas list...fancy the orange this time!)

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