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Capdase Bike Mount Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This mount can be securely attached to the handlebars, allowing to mount your phone in a perfect viewing position.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25473

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 3.3 stars from 7 customers

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An awesome bike accessory that fits larger phones
Great piece of kit that holds you mobile phone while you ride your bike and is easily utilised even in mid cycle. However, just don't take it on a proper off road session On your mountain bike. Even with the click lock on it will still come of during riding over rugged terrain.
A great bike mount by not for the note
Fixings are all good and has plenty of adjustment for different types bar thickness. Gripper on the inside of the mount very useful. Unfortunately it did not suit the Samsung Note 1, the unit became very floppy and top heavy. Ideally suited to the Iphone and other smaller phones. Rating of the unit is for people who are considering buying the holder with a Samsung note. For all other phone users I give it a four ****
Strap version delivered instead of the advertised
Strap version which is very unstable on rough roads was delivered instead of the version shown in the picture. This renders the product rather unfit for purpose.
It feels well built but sadly it's inability to stay fixed let's it down. Even when it dislocate, the phone is held in place. The mount is able to take phones without any need to remove the phone from the case. It can also rake virtually every smartphone on the Market.
Part broke immediately
The wing type catches at the bottom were very stiff and one of them broke almost immediately. The side clamp operation was also very stiff and when relocating a side I found it was stiff then suddenly moved pinching my skin and was unable to release my skin causing an injury. The operation as a whole is stiff and can cause an accident.
Great Quality
My item arrived today and I was impressed by the quality. I have a cheap phone holder for the car that I bought for using a Nokia N95 with TomTom in the car and I was expecting this item to be similar to that one regarding the way you have to uncomfortably prize the side holding panels apart and have to hold them in place with one hand while you position your phone inside and then let go of them so they clamp the phone in place.... not so on this model, you press a button on the back and the panels spring open with a gentle quality action, sort of like when you open a cassette player door on an old good quality hi fi.
The overall build is very good. It looks sturdy and hardwaring yet with a nice classy finish. I haven't yet tested it on my bike as I am getting a new mountain bike which hasn't yet arrived, but I am 100% sure this is just what I need.
The only thing is that the fixture for holding the unit onto the handlebars is different from the product picture shown here, I have the version which uses a large, wide and thick rubber band that you thread around the bar and through a locking device. It will allow for a quick and easy removal if required, but I can't say if it is very solid as I haven't used it while riding but it did seem to be very tight and unmovable when I tested it out of the box. Overall a great quality item that I am very pleased with, can't wait for my new bike to arrive now so I can use it.
Top value for money
Purchased this as a Xmas gifts for my husband to use on our cycling days out... he has been looking for a long time for a nice bike mount that didn't look as if it would drop your expensive phone on the first bump.
He absolutely loved this piece of kit, and the fact that it is universal is an added bonus.
Easy to assemble on the bike, looks sturdy, rotates seamlessly. He only wishes that Capdase would make an adapter to use this mounted on the car windscreen as well.
Delivery was very fast and reasonably priced.

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