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Capdase Alumor Bumper for iPhone 4S / 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your iPhone 4S / 4 sleek and durable aluminium protection with the black Capdase Alumor Bumper.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34367

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$20.61 inc. VAT
 2.3 stars from 3 customers

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Effects Your Signal
This case would be ideal if it did not have such an adverse effect on your signal. I repeatable tried it with and without the case and the signal would go from 3 bars to 1 bar and then No Service.
Great Product Unless You Use GPS
This is an excellent product, looks good, fits great, however if you use a sat nav app on your iPhone (such as TomTom) then the case badly affects the ability of the device to receive GPS signals to the point where the Sat Nav becomes useless because the location changes every few seconds and quite often shows you in the middle of countryside rather than roads. Without the case the iphone sat nav app works perfectly.

If you don't need the GPS function of your phone then this case is excellent.

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