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CableJive dockStubz Micro Dock Extender for iPhone / iPad / iPod Reviews

Plug your iPad / iPhone or iPod into your dock with its case on with the dockStubz
  • Mobile Fun ID 28642

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 4.3 stars from 19 customers

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Works as advertised
I bought this as a new car (to me) had an old school iPod connector that wasn't charging my iPhone via Apple's adapter. Now it charges and plays as it did before! Very happy with it.
Amazingly works
Amazingly works, i have a 2003 corolla bought it in 2010, it has a ipod/iphone ipnterface connected in its stock radio, unfortunately interface did not work after 2008 model ipod/ipad/iphone models, and thanks to this little guy, now i can stream music once again on all my IOS devices, superb, all i need is a couple more adapters like lightning dock connectors/adapters,
The only thing that bugs me is that when the car is off it is still charging, i dont know if it is grounded or something, well, disconnect it, main pont is it works excellent and its charging perfectly.
Great for car with old iPod connection
Bought an older car with an iPod cord extension. Sellers were frustrated that it could not charge or read iPhones (30 pin connectors). This did the trick perfectly!
Ipad works with Garageband and Dockstubz
We use a line6 keyboard connected to the Ipad running Garageband at gigs but run the risk of the Ipad going flat as it powers the screen and keyboard. The Dockstubz has a USB connector so, in theory, we should be able to charge the Ipad while we use the keyboard... Only we couldn't. Plugging in the Dockstubz with the USB and keyboard connected killed the Garageband app.
To cut a long story short it turned out that you can't have the data lines connected in the USB as well as the Ipad connector. A quick bit of surgery on the USB cable and everything works. All you need to do is open up the USB cable and cut the green and white cable. Seal it back up and all will be good.
Nice adapter but mirror video to TV not possible
I used to now the adapter only for charge or syncing with ITunes.

No mirror possible with the DockStubz+ adapter.

Try it out by yourself

Connect the dockStubz+ to the Cablejive dockextender cable or immediately to the Apple Composite AV Cable that is connected on the TV.
Connect now the cable construction into the Lifeproof Case or iphone and activate the original app Videos on the iPhone and select a video film.

No video mirror on TV

The DockStubz+ don't connect or better mirror the film to the TV... I mean you can't see the playing video on the TV screen but as well only on the iPhone itself! It should be the other way round.

In my opinion is the DockStubz not completely compatible with Apple software.

Using cases as Lifeproof

There is no problem to put the DockStubz+ into the Lifeproof case. But important to notice is that the DockStubz+ is not comfortable fit into the LifeProof case because of the DockStubz+ thickness.
The open valve from the Lifeproof case is forced and can after using a time damaged because of the higher pressure on the LifeProofCase open valve.

DockStubz Basic:

The Basic is the small version without micro USB female charger input.

The 'DockStubz Basic' CableJive adapter seem to be compare the Lifeproof case, it is small and the recensies are positive but I never use it.

Hope to help out with this explanation allot of IPhone friends!

Just What I Needed
CableJive dockStubz does exactly what it is supposed to do,charges new ipods etc on older docking systems

ps very quick delivery
Perfect for powering/charging ipad while using accessories
I needed to charge the ipad during the use of an accessory ( mobilizer). This works perfect. The ipad is getting the power from the mains and the midi interface also operates as it should do.
Would be nice if a micro usb cable would be in the package.
Complete solution to my problem
At some point in the development history of iPod, those naughty people at Apply removed the Firewire power input from devices, rendering chargers, docking stations and worst of all, my car adaptor unable to charge. dockStubz fitted in line eliminates the problem - pure and simple.
Buy this BEFORE the other options
When I bought my car it had a Sony CDX GT44IP cd/radio ready head unit already fitted so I decided to leave it in for a while. Besides, after several months of trying, I couldn't actually get it out.

Eventually I gave in, took it to a local car audio dude and even he took nearly an hour and several crowbars (soft plastic trim removers really) before it finally relented. Turns out somebody had modified the catches so that all the keys we tried actually wedged it further in.

Anyway, it was out and thats when I found the iPod cable. Unfortunately, although it would play (once we solved the "plug too big for case slot problem) it wouldn't charge. No use at all on a long journey. So, had I sold my Nokia loving soul to the iDevil for nothing?

Thats when I learned that Apple had switched the charging circuit from 12 volts down to 5. Cheers Apple! I tried every kind of charger going (rather than pay Apple prices) and several adaptors, none of them were pretty and none fixed the charging from head unit problem.

Then I read about dockStubz.

Other adaptors had claimed to solve the problem but only this one claimed to solve the problem where others had failed.

I contacted CableJive in the US who said it should fix my problem and would accept it straight back if it didn't. When I said I was in the UK and had found it in stock a Mobile Fun CableJive recommended them most highly so I bought one.

It arrived by teleport. OK, so I'm exagerating a bit, but it was quick service!

Just an anonymous black plastic thing (in a nice box)with plug one end, socket the other, much like the other I'd tried. Obviously good quality but nothing earth shatteringly outstanding about it, if you know what I mean.

I ran like a gazel (Aye, a fat one mebbies) out to the car and plugged it in. Guess what? IT WORKS.

No "charging not supported" message, excellent audio,full track control, phone still worked with the car kit. SORTED!

Just as a little bonus, it has a micro USB socket on the side to inject more battery power if you need it. This also allows you to sync the device using a micro USB cable instead of an Apple one. The adaptor is also sized so that it will fit through the port opening in many protective cases!

So, If you're having the Apple charging problem try dockStubz!

If you need to know where to buy it try MOBILE FUN.

Worked for me!
This item is perfect, it does what it says on the tin! I didn't need to replace my docking station which cost quite a lot, I'm really happy with my purchase and would recommend it 100%
Great gadget!
Perfect little adapter, allows you to charge your iphone4 using the desktop stand which comes with apple gadgets, but which won't fit the iphone4. Great, sturdy, fully functional
Not exactly as described.
Yes it does extend the dock port on my iPhone, unfortunately the details said 'works with any case!' it does not fit my 'lifeproof' case. The product was persuaded to fit by brutally extracting it from it's plastic case and enclosing it in heat shrink tube to reduce the bulk. Fits fine now!! :)
Does the job
This dock extender does what it is supposed to - extends the connection point of what ever you are trying to connect your iphone ipod to. However, it feels very flimsy when my iphone is connected to my clock radio. You wouldn't want to knock it!.
Does the job
Bought this so that the ipod interface in my audi would charge my iphone whilst playing through the car. Does exactly what I wanted it to; coupled it with an extension cable, it charges and plays and is easy to use.

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