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CableJive dockBoss5 Apple Dock Universal Charging / Music Converter Reviews

CableJive's dockBoss5 is a sleek adapter that converts Apple 30 pin dock stations to charge and play music from one or two devices.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39975
$45.71 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 9 customers

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Got it to connect my IPod with lightning port to my existing Jamo system. It did not work but I believe the Jamo is dead.
Not so bad
Nice adapter, could been better if the USB charger was not just a charger but a data transfer as well. So you can control music volume and skip/forward through the docking unit.
Lots of Android phones but only iphonedevices
The whole family switched from iphones in 2014 to android phones BUT all our sound equipmentwasBose and would not work readily with new phone. The adaptor from Mobile Zap solved the problem and is simple to useand reliable.
cable not working with my Ipad
I like the cable however i noticed it drains my battery instead of charging when connected to my Bose dock. Also the cable to my I Pad it has the wrong end it is not the lighting connecter otherwise it works fine with my IPOD but not with my I pad if you could help me on that it would be very much appreciated.
John Ott
By accident
It is true. By chance I clicked on an article on you
tube about speakers , of which over the years I have had many. On impulse I purchased the Bose , the review on
you tube being the one I was watching.
Luck or what, I am just glad I did.

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