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CableJive dockBoss Air Apple Dock Wireless Music Receiver Reviews

Connect any Bluetooth device to the dockBoss Air to stream music wirelessly to most Apple 30 pin docks. Ideal for Android and Apple smartphones as well as PCs, laptops and tablets.
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$46.46 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 35 customers

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Fantastic little device
Bought this to attach to my Bose Sound Dock. The whole family has moved on from the older devices with the 30pin plugs, so this appeared to be exactly what we needed to connect our music to the Bose speaker. It works fabulously, straight out of the box, the instructions are clear and easy to understand and you loose nothing of the sound quality, even at very loud volume settings preferred by the kids. Really impressed. Great bit of inexpensive kit which has brought my Sound Dock back into use.
Fantastic little device
Bought this to attach to my Bose Sound Dock. The whole family has moved on from the older devices with the 30pin plugs, so this appeared to be exactly what we needed to connect our music to the Bose speaker. It works fabulously, straight out of the box, the instructions are clear and easy to understand and you loose nothing of the sound quality, even at very loud volume settings preferred by the kids. Really impressed. Great bit of inexpensive kit which has brought my Sound Dock back into use.
Technology promise that pays off: CableJive dockBoss
I was purchasing a new IPod Touch as my old one was losing its set up. I'd read of problems with the Bose Soundeck using the Apple Adaptor to cope with the change from 30pin. I visited the BOSE shop in Ingram St & they assured me all was well with a genuine Apple product but as my new device has Bluetooth connectivity I might explore such a device. I found the DockBoss wasn't much more than the Apple adaptor and reviews seemed favourable. I ordered two (one for a pal with new IPhone) and it could not be easier to use and no loss of quality on the sound. Heartily recommend this to you. Brilliant bit of kit that delivers.
New lease of life for old bose
The product itself is very good I've had a bose docking station I haven't used in sometime all because my music is mainly on my phone now which I did have an adapter for but didn't like not been able to use my phone for internet and such while listening to music so this is perfect.
The only problem I've had is the slight noise the cable jive makes when the music is not playing like a interference noise apart from that it's very good and it was also very hard to find a Bluetooth converter that would work with bose
Bose soundwave Wifi for iPhone 30 bit
Since Apple changed to an 8 bit USB port my Bose Soundwave has been redundant. Bought this little gadget and it is now being used everyday. A great purchase at a reasonable price.
I am very satisfied
With this smal bluetooth unit I can still listen to my favorite music with my Bose SoundDock from my IPhone. This was not possible after I bought new IPhone.
Very pleased
I ordered the Bose wireless receiver online
That was easy
It took 3 weeks to arrive from the UK - I was wondering if it had got lost but it arrived as indicated when I placed the order
The piece itself is quite small and fits neatly and easily into the Bose Sound Dock
Readily connects by blue tooth to an IPhone and then streams the music through the Bose
Quality is about the same as playing Ipod through it
Overall - very satisfied as I can now use Sound Dock for both Ipod and nowI Phone
Just the job!!
The speaker system in my kitchen has sat unused and forlorn for some months since I upgraded my iPhone to one without a 30 pin connector :( I tried an adapter but it didn't work due to the case I had on the phone. So; I was very excited to come across this solution. And its a beauty! Usual super-prompt delivery too. SECONDS to install and pair and off you go. The sound is fabulous and my kitchen is now back to being noisy every night :)
Great product
Great little product that allows me to continue to use my old docking connection on my stereo with ease
It has brought my old Bose system into the 21st century
I have just received my purchase and it works excellent, it has brought my old Bose system into the 21st century.

I would recommend this site.
Great device, very easy to use. Compatible with my S7galaxie.
Excellent piece of kit
I bought this for use with Bose sound dock. Originally purchased dock for use with iPod and was excellent. However the changing of lightning docks on iPhone was problematic. The dock boss solves this and it is still good quality sound despite it being via Bluetooth. There was initially a faint high pitched noise from dock but I soon realised it was because phone was too close to dock
cablejive dockboss
Have been searching for a way to connect my iPad to my Bose soundock. This wee Dockboss is perfect, easy to get working. Perfect. Saves me getting up and down all the time. Fair price, delivered quickly. Excellent. 5/5
Enables Bose Sounddock 2 to become bluetooth speakers
Bought this device to update my Bose Sounddock 2.
I can now use my Bluetooth devices without cables.
It is very easy to use with no set up , just click on it in Bluetooth settings on your phone, ipod, tablet, etc. and it works, and also sounds good to me.
On next use, it connects automatically.
The price is a bit high compared to others for sale, but this does make Bluetooth very easy to use.
Great product to enhance 'older style connection'
Very clear audio, big volume, and works with every device. It's a wireless audio receiver that plugs into any pre-iPhone 5 (30-pin) speaker dock. Your Bluetooth-enabled device connects seamlessly to dockBoss air so you have control of your music from your phone or tablet.

Use your speaker dock's remote control to adjust your playlist or volume.

No-code pairing, super simple set up.
Brilliant Device Gives Apple Docking station a new lease of life !
Worked right out of the box ! Simple instructions were easy to follow.
Device paired with IPod And Iphone 1st attempt .
Works with dock remote .
Sound quality is excellent !
We're using the dock a lot more now .
Really pleased with this device .
Great up grad for my ION app,
I have a blocking system that charges my old I pod and old phone and played my music, I could still use it for playing my music, but was driving my made that this socket had gone to waist, when o found wire less docking receiver I thought it was just what I needed, it great my boy also uses it with his android device, as it worked using wifi, I'm really plan eased with this product,
It took four or five attempts to pair this device with my phone and then it finally connected (not sure why). The quality of the sound was OK though quite quiet (despite phone volume and Bose volume cranked up) but the real issue was a background whine which I can only assume is interference from the device onto the Bose - not nice - remember Bing the device removed the whine. I can't recommend this product.
Perfect to enable any Bluetooth device (smartphone/ iPod /laptop etc) to connect via a 32pin Apple connector.

Pairing is straightforward and sound quality is very good (I cannot tell the difference).

One word of advice, if you have paired more than one device to it, and want to play music from device 1, and it doesn't appear to be working... It's because device 2 (or 3) has auto connected. So just switch off Bluetooth on device 2 for a few seconds until device 1 has auto connected and it'll be fine.

This is not a fault of this product, it's just a limitation of Bluetooth
Fantastic product
We bought this to allow us to listen to more music than what was on our old iPod , so being able to listen to a whole album through our Bose system in high quality allows us to rate before we commit to buy, brilliant product would highly recommend.
very good product
very easy to set up and works well with the Bose dock station, well worth the buy as you can bring your Bose dock station back to life with the current technology via Bluetooth.
Great Product
Well worth the money, does works perfect to convert Bose Dock into Bluetooth so I can use my speaker with the latest technology
Easy to establish - just stick it on the connection on your speaker , switch your iPad or phone to Bluetooth, find the dockBoss and instant access to all your music or to Spotify. Would recommend.
Recieved item very quickly Thanks
This has made the speakers usable with Wi Fi and compatable with other wi fi brands.
Excellent service from Mobile Fun and great product
Took a wee bit of time to get connected but once it happened it's been plain sailing ever since.

Can't fault Mobile Fun's service.
Instant connection to my bose
I'm not very good with technical stuff but this is so easy ! Connected up from my iPad to my Bose instantly
Highly recommend this device
Easy to use ! Love it !
Brilliant sound from my Bose using this - and now I can continue on the internet etc whilst listening to my favourite tracks
Does what it says on the box
I thought I was stuck with using my old iPod on my Bose speaker forever more. However, this device's Bluetooth capability enables me to link a range of devices and make the most of the speaker's quality. Very easy to fit and link. It also has an impressive range. I am very pleased with this product and with MobileFun's service.
Bose Ipod docking station brought back to life
Amazing little bit of kit. Has brought renewed life back to my Bose docking station. Really easy to hook up to iPhone, iPod etc (with Bluetooth capability of course) Highly recommended. Mobile Fun are excellent with fantastic customer service and speedy delivery. Safe purchase, you won't be disappointed!
Boss sound dock brought back to life
What a fantastic find this little gem was at a very reasonable price too. Already we have had hours of fun streaming 70's music to the dock whilst sat round the table reminiscing.
The service was excellent and very easy to order so overall a very pleasurable experience.
I ordered this product last minute on December 23rd, not expecting to receive it with the busy Christmas post until January and it arrived, well packaged on Boxing day! Very impressed with both the service and quality of this product - great sound quality. Would recommend!
Great product
So glad I found this. Better than an adapter and works so well. My boss sound dock is useful again.
I have a bose docking station only my I pod fits , I bought a ipad and with the dock boss can play all my music from my I pad no messy wires
Now my friend is going to order one too
Perfect Solution
I needed a way to connect my 2015 Apple devices with my Bose Sound Dock which has the old 30 pin connector. The guys at the local Bose store were no help. A short Internet search of discussion forums led me to Mobile Zap and the CableJive "dockBoss air". This tiny device plugs into the 30pin on the Bose and connects with any of my devices via Bluetooth! Problem solved! Ordering through Mobile Zap was easy and I liked that they offer a choice of delivery options. Excellent customer service too. Many thanks guys.

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