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Brodit Passive Holder with Tilt Swivel - Lumia 800 with Case only Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Safely hold your Nokia N9 or Nokia Lumia 800 in your vehicle with the Brodit Passive Holder with Tilt Swivel.
  • Mobile Fun ID 33064

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 3 stars from 5 customers

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Does the job well
Very pleased with this. You do need to have the phone in its rubber jacket for it to fit in the holder, but when you do its a nice snug fit. There's plenty of angle adjustment on the holder itself.
I already had the car fitting from a previous phone, so that split the cost of the setup. Brodit is quite an expensive solution, but its well made and worth the money in the long run.
Good fit but .....
I have my Lumia in the Nokia supplied case and it's a good fit. Unfortunately I bought it to use in my car and didn't realise it needed to be screwed in. I have fitted it but if I had a newer car would have bought a different holder.
Mine Fits Perfectly
Ordered this as a replacement now I have got rid of my iPhone and got the Lumia 800. As stated in the advert for the item, this only works well when your phone is in a case. I used it with the supplied black case and it fits perfectly, very snugg and secure.

It also worked well with a cheap 3rd party holder that I got from eBay. So buy with confidence.
Too Big
I've used Brodit holders for several previous phones and they have all fitted perfectly. However, this one is simply too big for my Lumia 800 and if I swing the phone to the side (to view landscape) I'm concerned that it will slip out.
Lumia 800? Forget it!
Got a Lumia 800? Don't buy this. It doesn't fit properly.

There are not enough words to describe just how poor a fit this thing is with a Lumia 800.

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