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Brodit Passive Holder With Tilt Swivel - HTC Sensation / Sensation XE Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Use your HTC Sensation / Sensation XE safely in your vehicle with this small, neat and discreet Brodit Passive holder.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30797

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 4.8 stars from 4 customers

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Does the job
Fits perfectly and holds the phone perfectly too. Shame the power socket is on the side of the Sensation as it means you can't plug the cable in until its in the cradle which makes it more fiddly but that's HTC not Brodit.
The best way to use your HTC in-car
I highly recommend this product. I have been using in-car holders for many years now - various phones in various cars. The Brodit system I have found to be the best.
I prefer a one-handed operation and while this holder fits nice and snug once the phone is in place, sometimes it needs a bit of a nudge. My previous Brodit was for a different mobile and worked 100%, but this slight awkwardness is far out-weighed by the simplicity of the kit.
Not much else better, charges well.
Well made, phone fits perfectly, though due to phone's USB port being on the side (why on earth do they design phones like that?!), it can be a fiddle requiring 2 hands to get the phone to dock properly but once in, it's robust and the 1 amp charger makes the phone think it's charging off AC power, hence charges very nicely even with GPS and other apps running.

The holder has a standard back plate meaning it will mount on any universal bracket such as a "Dashmount" (I've just used the same bracket that I used with my old phone's holder, didn't need to buy something specific for this holder).

You can rotate the whole holder with the phone docked to change it to landscape mode. There's a screw to adjust how tight the pivot is, but it has a good balance between loose enough to rotate but tight enough to hold the phone steady.

I couldn't find anything better for the Sensation (at least not without spending silly money) however I couldn't find any holder that would amplify the phone's audio, so things like the SatNav's voice is very quiet and can't be heard over the radio. Not a fault of this holder but if you can find one that does have a speaker, go for that instead. (The holder for my old HTC Tytn2 WinMo6 phone had a built in amp/speaker for a similar price and that worked well)

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