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Brodit iPhone 7 Plus / 6S Plus / 6 Plus Active Holder with Tilt Swivel Reviews

Charge and use your iPhone 7 Plus / 6S Plus / 6 Plus in your vehicle with the Brodit active holder with tilt swivel.
  • Mobile Fun ID 49454
$85.70 inc VAT
 5 stars from 2 customers

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Fantastic , Wee made
Great product , very usable, will save a fine for holding and talking on phone while driving
A Must Have For All Cars
I have had "Brodit" in car holders for years and this one is no different.
I like the active ones as you can hide the wires.
Simple to setup as I already have my mount installed.
I have heared people say that there expensive. After paying £700 for a phone you have to have the perfect fitting in car cradle.

Solid and Stylish.

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