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Brodit Active Holder with Tilt Swivel - HTC Desire S Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge and use your HTC Desire S safely in your vehicle with this Brodit active holder with tilt swivel.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29671

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 4.3 stars from 4 customers

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as required
bought the holder as a gift for my son. It seems well made and fits the `phone very well. Value for money.
Works OK but no car panel activation
This cradle is fairly easy to use, the phone slides in from the right and usually lines up to the usb plug and inserts without an issue (bit of fiddling around occasionally to get it to insert).
Not as nice a design as my previous Brodit Legend cradle, but that has usb at the base rather than the side so easier to design for.
Getting auto electrician friend to to wire into the back of aux input and mount onto existing non-damaging bracket which inserts between the stereo fascia and dashboard (bought separately).
The cradle holds the phone well and the viewing angle can be adjusted by twisting the cradle on it's centre pivot (it will twist round to landscape mode if required).
Only criticism is that the cradle does not put the phone into car dock/panel mode when inserted - would have been an easy thing for Brodit to do.
Brodit GTC Desire S Active Holder
I was a little concerned about how this holder would function as the Desire S has the power connection on the side, rather than the bottom as did my previous Desire, and indeed my wife's Desire HD. This concern was unfounded though as the holder works fine. It is a little more difficult to slide the phone in sideways as opposed to top entry, nearly dropped it a couple of times, but that is down to practice and is the only reason this holder doesn't get 5 stars.
In summary; another great Brodit product!
Fits like a glove... a tight glove
It’s an excellent holder for the Desire S, fits it like a glove however it is a very tight tailored glove.

Care has to be taken to mount the phone in the holder so that the micro usb socket lines up, it’s not a fault of the holder just the nature of having such a small connection.

Once mounted the phone is held securely and the micro usb connection providing power to the Desire S means the battery is kept on charge facilitating the use of the GPS and Sat Nav functions without any worry about running out of juice.

It can be mounted straight onto dash but rather than use screws and leave the dash marked I have mine mounted on one of the Brodit dash brackets (that I used for mounting an active holder for my previous phone) it fits superbly, & the combination of the two give an excellent and flexible view of the phone.

It’s a good solid mount; I wish it had cost a little less and that it was slightly easier to slide the phone in and out of the mount but am happy with my purchase and would buy the same again.

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