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BodyGuardz UltraTough Full Body Protector for iPad Air - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your iPad Air safe and secure with full body invisible protection with BodyGuardz.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41819

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 4.8 stars from 4 customers

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This is great full body cover for your tablet not too easy to apply but when is apply feel your tablet very safe no scratch or mark and screen is protected .fantastic product you will never be disappointed
Good protective Covers tricky to fit.
After using a similar product on my previous iPad, i knew i needed a full body protective cover on my new Air.

This follows the similar application approach of wetting the film then moving it around before using a card to push the air bubbles and liquid out.

My advise is put a bit of tape over the earphone socket before you start and make sure the screen and your fingers are super clean.

Dont panic about any cloudiness it will go over the next 24 hours. Oh and keep your deivce turned off 10-12 hours after applying.

Overal a great protective cover, i would never have an iPad without a full cover the back is just as important and keeps your device looking brand new.
Great item
The screen and body protector is great and worth the money. Wet installation is the way to go and works very well. Finished article is perfect just follow the instructions.
I wanted to protect my iPad Air from scratches while it is my bag. I have a smart cover to close over the screen, but needed something to protect the back too. This set is perfect. The application is a little different to others I have used ... Smear gel onto the sticky surface and apply. It takes a few hours to dry out and fully clear, but after that, it is brilliant. No bubbles or weird marks left behind and my iPad is still shiny and new underneath. Would highly recommend this set to anyone with an iPad Air.

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