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BodyGuardz Ultra Tough Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge safe and secure this ultra tough screen protector from BodyGuardz which is made from the same material used to shield the front of vehicles from rock chips.
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 4.4 stars from 42 customers

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Thank you so much, I will recommend you to my friends.
Excellent product
Followed the instructions and it fitted really well. Hardly know it's on.
Excellent product
After using the tempered glass covers which cracked...I gave up and decided to do some research.
I went for the dry fitting, ok but you need a steady hand...mine just about went on ok so maybe next time I'd try wet fitting.
Bubbles disappear etc.
Well pleases with product
The only one that works!
Amazingly clever product and I never thought it would wrap round the edge...but it does! Use the gel instructions, 2 pea size drops is enough. It looks bad at first but the second Bodyguardz cover is the one which stops it wrapping. Follow the instructions and don't fiddle with it too much. After removing the second sheet use a SOFT cloth to gently get rid of big bubbles then LEAVE IT ALONE for several hours. Magic! Perfect the next day. I bought 1 extra for future use as I was so impressed.
Seems a decent material and would probably work on flat screen phones. However even with the gel adhesive it doesn't adhere properly to the curved part of the of the edge screen and therefore very soon lifts up allowing dirt underneath. This very soon causes peeling rendering it entirely useless. Do not buy. You are better off with a wallet case to offer both phone and screen protection
Great product
Great product easy to fit with gel supplied. Any bubbles disperse in 24hrs as explained in instructions. This product is a bit dearer than other screen protectors, but worth it as protects better than any previous product I have tried.
INVISIBLE screen protector, this protector went on the phone easily using the gel method. It simply cannot be seen! Even around the curved edge. There were no air bubbles or marks at all, and it took moments to fit, it is so invisible that I don't know how I am going to get it off the screen. The reason I gave four stars is because it had been on my screen for a week, beautiful, then I dropped the phone, the screen its self remains intact, but the protector has cracked, shattering in places, so I am going to have to re order it. I would recommend it still, I dread to think of the damage there would have been done without it. Bottom line is get one for your curved screen.
Best screen protector for curved screens
Best screen protector for curved screens, hard to scratch and self healing, worth the money
Useless product
Complete waste of money, it just would not stay on the phone, it ended up in the bin!
Wasn't sure at first but pleased with it.
Bought this as the my 2 previous tempered glass screen protectors both came unstuck within a couple days. This the first "wet" application I had done. Instructions were easy enough to follow but I had quite a few bubbles once completed. However most went within 48 hours and the rest within a week. You wouldn't know there was a screen protector on the phone. Very pleased with it and would use again.
Hated the Product
Waste of Money. Useless product. Got another replacement product called Spigen and that was even worse. There was no warning or listing markings to install the screen protector and hence there is no way to have done properly and correctly. Absolute waste of my money. Won't recommend. Horrible and stupid
Best screen protector I've had.
As the title says. This is quite simply the best screen protector I've had. I always use one and had numerous different types with various phones. On the SG s6 edge I tried around 6 different makes of the tempered glass type all of which broke within a couple of days. This was easy to apply, fits perfectly and is exactly as described. I was dubious over the claims it self repairs but bugger me it does. Quite simply if your after a screen protector I can't recommend this one highly enough.
Good choice
Good choice, I am satisfied with the purchase and recommend.
Really good product
Really good product reasonably easy to fit slight bubble hence only 4 stars but would highly recommend for someone a bit less cack handed than me
Bit fiddly but good :)
Very well packaged with easy instructions. However, I wasn't convinced it would stick around the screen edge and it didn't. I kept adding the screen gel and holding it down and it finally stuck. Good clear view of screen and I'm glad to have the added protection
Great screen protector, bad instructions
Great screen protector, please be patient with the application. I've used the wet solution and had problems with the sides not sticking but I left it as it was for 30 minutes and they stick themselves! CS advised dry application for edge screen. It looks and performs really well. Pitty I was not told about these things before the application.
Great screen protector, please be patient with the application. I've used the wet solution and had problems with the sides not sticking but I left it as it was for 30 minutes and they stick themselves! CS advised dry application for edge screen. It looks and performs really well. Pitty I was not told about these things before the application.
I would definitely buy
Although this screen protector had good reviews I still had my doubts as to whether it would stay put around the curved edge of the S6. I used the gel method and it was so easy, I even took it off and re-gelled as I had something stuck on it, beautiful. You hardly know it's there and it doesn't detract anything from this phones stunning looks. The edges of the protector have not moved or curled and I am very happy with my purchase, expensive though it was I would definitely buy again if I scratched it.
Great product
I found it a little tricky with the gel however once done really good really clear and you can feel the thickness of the cover almost spongy to the touch does not affect usage of phone at all.
very good
This screen protector is very good ,however do take your time putting it on in order to cover the curved section of the screen when you do its perfect
: Excellent product and superb service
Screen protector is amazing, fits like a glove, very happy about this product and very happy about fast delivery will buy again from this shop ;)
Amazing Screen Protector
I purchased this product after reading the reviews, it was a very good decision, I applied the screen protector with the wet gel provided, which allowed for the screen protector to position better on the screen, it covers the whole screen including the edges and so far it has not peeled and no bubbles have appeared, there is a slight haze when the top sheet is taken off, but that will disappear, I would definitely recommend this product.
Simple epic screen protection easy to apply well worth it. best one I have for a long time
Not to impressed
Just got this screen protector the other day and I put it on last night. Easy application, gel works nice. I let it sit over night and went to remove the "top film" that protects the screen when you're smoothing the bubbles and gel out with a card and it pulled the actual screen protector up with it! so I tried again and all I removed was the sticker that you pull to get the top layer off, except it doesn't have a protective top layer! so now theres weird looking scratches from the card and it looks crappy. Not happy.
Having read other reviews seemed like the one I wanted and needed.
I was not disappointed fitted really well easy to fit and No air bubbles unlike other I have fitted. Been on a few weeks now and still in place with no signs of lifting at the edges. Happy bunny
Great Product - no bubbles
Have tried the toughened glass protectors and they have not proved to be very good due to the curved screen. Mine cracked after 2 days by itself.

This protector is so easy to apply with the included gel and just wraps around the screen perfectly.

Screen clarity is excellent also and it will protect the screen from scratches while in your pocket.
This is the one that works!
I have previously bought a number of covers for my S6 edge, but hadn't had any luck in them fixing to the edge's without lifting. I didn't want a glass protector as all the phones I have seen with glass protectors have been cracked on people's phones.
This one works and doesn't lift. This is probably due to it being a slightly different material than previous ones. It's a bit like sticky-back plastic and therefore thin enough to adhere properly, but still giving useful protection against scratches.
I used the gel method. This was a first, but was very easy. I did have to remove the front plastic to fully stick the edge's down, but has left a really good finish. It was a bit sticky at first, but dried out and was perfect after 24 hours. Highly recommend.
S6 edge screen protector
I recently purchased a bodyguardz screen protector for my galaxy s6 edge. This is my third screen protector I have bought and,by far the best. It was very reasonably priced and,a doddle to put on full crystal clear tough screen protection. A snip of a price compared to the phone it's protecting. A 5* rating for price and,service.
Easy to apply with GEL, Crystal Clear,Responsive,Great Service from MobileFun
I am very pleased with the screen protector. I used the wet application method (gel included) as opposed to the dry and it's practically un-noticeable once the protector is fully cured, which is 72hrs.
So a spare phone to use would be good, which is what I did for the first day and half.
It is reasonably priced and for such an expensive phone, its pennies for the protection you get.
It is a very precise fit, so care must be taken when aligning it with your phone.
I have a tiny bit of dirt or dust, which is really probably a bit of dry skin that has come off when spreading the gel onto the protector, before you apply it to the screen.
So a pair of surgical gloves would be best if you have dry bits of skin on your fingertips, which may flake off. Weird you must be thinking.
The feel of the protector is very smooth and your fingers will glide across the screen there is no drag or noise when swiping plus the clarity is not affected even the responsiveness of the apps and settings is excellent.

I have always purchased Spigen products but BodyGuardz gets 5 stars ***** and I would recommend you get one for your GALAXY S6 Edge it really compliments my Gold Armour Spigen case with built in stand also from MobileFun.

MobileFun the best site for your phone accessories bar none, and customer service and website info on products including their videos is complimentary, to say the least. Delivery is also never an issue as products arrive quickly.
A very happy :-) customer, Keep up the good work!
Bodyguardz for s6 edge.
I received my bodyguardz screen protector today for my galaxy s6 edge ,I have to take my hat of to the personal at mobile fun. It's perfect you wouldn't even know it was there.My missus said if I did half as good a job hanging wallpaper I'd be employed till I retiard. Fantastic product excellent fit minamul effort. Thanks. Have a great Christmas and new year to all.Andy, Dublin.
Does th Job!
Bought this to replace a previous screen protector - wasn't aware that there were both dry and wet methods to attach it - chose the gel wet method but never completely managed to eradicate all the air bubbles hence only a 4 star rating!
Great Product & fantastic customer Service!
Very happy with the customer service. Delivery could of been a little faster! Otherwise great products & service.
Almost invisible!
I'm not really a fan of screen protectors, they're too bubbly, don't stick and look a bit cheap.
Now I have an S6 Edge I've bought a few protectors and as I expected, having bought them in the past, not really been happy with them. However, this protector is fantastic. Using the "wet" technique, which includes putting a gel on your screen prior to the protector, it sticks perfectly to my S6 Edge including those edges, it's a perfect fit too. Once you give it 24 hours curing time, any bubbles disappear and apart from the cutaways, for the camera etc, you will struggle to see the protector. It does give the screen a bit of a weird soft feel, but you'll get used to it. This "soft feel" also doesn't inhibit the use of the touchscreen.
I'm a screen protector convert. Before I upgrade my phone in the future, I'll be sure there's a Bodyguardz screen protector available, by far the best I've used for my S6 Edge or in the past.
As usual excellent service from MF have used many times in past, v.good. have fitted screen protectors b4 no probs but samsung edge not so easy. Went for gel method as reccommened but slide all over screen great if u want to reposition no good if your trying to hold in place. Any way contact MF to say not happy thought that was that but got email straight back from MF saying sorry and they would provide a no charge new one. Did not blame MF for probs. Got 2nd one fitted few bubbles but they almost gone. Will continue to use MFun happy with the whole crew there. Hell that was a long review soz about that.
Just the job..
Really struggled to find a screen protector that would cover the sides. This is a bit nervy with the wet gel but it looks perfect. I had to convince myself it is actually on there. Scratch resistant , ultra thin but probably not impact resistant. Back cases will fit perfectly due to thinness..
Got the screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge used the gell to fit it to the screen it was so easy to fit no problems with bubbles and covers the hole screen would buy it again excellent product.
Excellent product when it arrives it is flat but does rap around the edge screen when applied. Use the gel to apply makes the job much easier.
Well worth the money and gives excellent protection.

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