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BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Armor Skin for iPhone 5S / 5 - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This white BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Skin is custom designed to fit your Apple iPhone 5S / 5 and provide tough scratch protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36719

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 4.4 stars from 7 customers

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Would strongly recommend
Intellectual look & Extravagent style
With the iPhone 5 being a caliber phone on the market, people are literally craving for this mint technology. Since there are a lot of people getting their iPhone5s, there's little to show off and become 'distinctive' with your device. This is where this extremely ravishing skin cover comes in to make you just about to 'stand out of the crowd' and give your friends something to complement about for a LONG time. Applying the cover is easy when you let it be, so do NOT let the adhesive touch waver your confidence. I would really recommend you NOT using the application gel, as that would take literally 3 days to dry, which means you won't be able to take your phone with you in your outtings... That is prespostiously rediculous. Thus, have someone hold the phone for you, as you carefully apply the product. Do not waver or shake your hands... Trust yourself and just simply aim to fit the openings. Whatever you do though, do NOT try to tamper with the carbon fibre after you apply it. That's the only downside of not using the gel. Meaning, just be steady and take your time.. No rush. Good luck. Definitely a MUST have. Finally, don't worry about light drops... The carbon fibre is built to resist minor scratches and tears. As for heavy drops, I don't think you'll be sky diving anytime soon.. So don't worry about dropping it from a high vertical height.
Fantastic lookin, quality product. Money well spent
Brilliant case
Fantastic case well worth the money :)

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