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BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Armor Skin for iPad Air - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This red BodyGuardz Carbon Fibre Skin is custom designed to fit your Apple iPad Air and provides style with tough protection.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41822
$39.82 inc VAT
 3.7 stars from 9 customers

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Great product
I was looking for a cover that would maintain the original look of my iPad. This adds virtually no weight and negligible increase in thickness. My ipad looks great and is well protected. Applying the cover, with care, isn't difficult and no air bubbles. I have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant product.
Way too much money
Overall it's 'ok' but it's no more than that.
if this was a £10 product I'd give it an average rating but given the price it is it's below average.

The fit isn't ideal and takes 3-4 attempts to get it (as near) right.

Mine didn't lone up as it should around camera, buttons etc etc hence 3-4 attempts needed.

It sticks very well but this causes issues when you need to stick, unstick, restick and so on. As a result of this I now have a couple of areas where the cover is creased a little bit due to it stretching a little due to restocking a few times.
Beautiful as it should be.
So we get an iPad Air and all the cases hide the beautiful crafted design and weigh twice as much as the device. So I tried the Carbon fibre cover. Its light, it is perfectly crafted and fits like a glove whilst allowing the beauty of the creation shine through. The front cover is hardly noticeable and I have confidence in its protection.
I have no hesitation in awarding a well deserved 5 Stars.
Love carbon fibre. This website was easy to use
Be very careful
This product says ''easy to apply and remove' be warned, this is not quite true. The cover I was sent had a link in it and so when I applied it to the ipad, dust managed to find its way under the screen. Despite me cleaning the screen properly before hand. So, I removed the cover and tried to reapply. Big mistake. More dust and bubbles which refused to go away. Cover rendered useless and went in the bin. That's 30 quid wasted. You're better off buying a sleeve / jacket or flip cover.

Sorry for negative review but I have to be truthful

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