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Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
'Touchscreen friendly' Bluetooth universal gloves that allow you to not only keep your hands warm, but also make and receive calls... via your gloves! It doesn't get much better than this!
  • Mobile Fun ID 43282
$33.18 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 15 customers

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I love using it in the cold weather and rain, and have showed it to everybody!
This product was posted by a friend with the title 'what a time to be alive' and i had to have it. It has been everything i was expecting. Easy to use, practical, innovative and special. I love using it in the cold weather and rain, and have showed it to everybody! Would definitely recommend the site and product.
I purchased these gloves and a great buy everyone wants it
I purchased these gloves and a great buy everyone wants it. The sound is very clear, the gloves are warm and easy to pair with the phone. The plug for the charger is a bit fiddley as you have to move the glove lining to charge them. A great stocking filler.
Well recommended.
Bluetooth gloves with built in microphone & speaker
What can I say? I bought this for my gadget loving husband and he was so excitied - I had to keep calling him in front of different friends so they could see this for real. It's marvellous and he loves it. Definately recommend this for boys (or girls) who like their toys. 5 stars all the way :-)
Great perfect for sporting activities
A great addition to excercise cycling,jogging ect
Easy to set up and use no having to stop while you are out exercising.
They are a nice quality glove that is a must if you are fed up of stopping to answer a mobile phone whilst out cycling or jogging.
Warm & functional!
Only had these gloves for a few days (thanks to Mobile Fun's usual lightning fast delivery service)and they seem to do the job perfectly. Good quality warm gloves, easy to use, paired instantly. Maybe not the best in HD sound quality, but for answering calls outdoors on a freezing day nothing else comes close!
Whacky but works
I thought these were a spoof but at the price took a risk. I bought them for my other half who never hears his mobile ringing but can't ignore the buzzy noise on his hand (when he remembers to take them with him...) Great for when he's out walking the dogs and I need to contact him. They look bit flimsy and aren't super warm but they do connect and function.
Great gloves, don't know how I survived winters before. They warm and easy for use, and the greatest thing - I can use my phone in them.
Bluetooth gloves
I just wanted them as a gimick but they are well worth the money and have told friends about them
A gimmick - that works great!
Yes I bought these for fun. But they really work great. Gloves are warm so blue tooth but not blue hands! Calls are clear enough for both parties to understand. Charging is easy via the supplied cable to any usb source. Now buying another pair for my daughter. the only question is... are they handsfree?
The best things EVER!
Bought these for my wife for Christmas, she has a market stall and it's kind of chilly at this time of year. The look on peoples faces is priceless when her phone rings and she starts talking into her hand like a kid pretending to be on the phone! Great fun and actually work really well.
Cant steal my phone
I got these so I can keep my phone in my pocket and not have it grabbed by a thieving scum bag on a bike in the high street like my last I phone, they work brilliantly (get some funny looks though) and still got the phone, they even cut down on wind noise in rough weather so bang-on in my opinion
Well worth it
originally, I only bought this as a fun piece, but having tried it out, became aware of how good it was. It not only saves your hands from the cold weather, it also aids a a protection from your mobile being stolen from out of your hands as many are lost through that. It works very well and I am extremely please with this natty and useful device. Great fun.
Bluetooth Glove receivers
When I first saw these I had to look at the video supplied, and also on other reviews to research the product. But it's only. When you try them out can you understand the usefulness of the product. Not having to fumble to take off the gloves, or take out the phone before answering it is the real test. Well thought out piece of kit!

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