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Bluechip BC5i Big Button Mobile Phone with Mains Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the Bluechip BC5i, designed specifically for the visually impaired with large buttons and spoken numbers. Now with an included mains charger.
Price: £26.95

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Introducing the Bluechip BC5i, designed specifically for the visually impaired with large buttons and spoken numbers. Now with an included mains charger.
 4.4 stars from 49 customers

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I bought this phone to use in Cowes week. The course for dinghies was sent by text message which is difficult to read in strong sunlight.This phone is almost unique for good visibility in sunlight. Pity you can't add words to the dictionary. eg your home town.
Telephone look good but cannot read the maual -print to small.
The telephone is just what I wanted but I cannot use it as I cannot read the User manual - the print is far too small and quite useless.
Bluechip BC5i Big Button Mobile Phone
i bought this phone and i sent to turkey for my grandad he use now and he is very happy because he cant use other mobile phones.price is very chip phone is perfect...
Does what it says on the tin
Loud ring.
Easy to use buttons.
Emergency button works but because it sends a text message first is a bit slow making the call connections. Great that if the first emergency number is not available, it has two alternatives that can also be programmed.
Even if you do not need the above, it would make a good emergency spare to keep in the car.
Poor operating instructions and too small to read.
Instructions do not match the mobile in fact I would think in parts refered to an earlier model?As this is the first one I`ve had I`m gradualy getting there by trial and error. However I think it`s a great little buy.Value for money ! D.M.
At long last
My mother had been looking for a mobile for months and resigned herself to the fact companies dont make simple function phones anymore. Her eyesight is poor due to Glocoma and all she wanted was a phone to make and recieve calls and texts. After reading a review on the BC5i and the very reasonable price i thought there is nothing to lose buying it without trying it. She was over the moon!! Screen could be bigger and background colour a better design but the speaking dial leave no room for error. She is able to maintain her independance at 73yrs. Sometimes 'Less is More'
Not really suitable
This is a large button mobile phone presumably for use by people with hearing, sight and dextrity problems. The spoken numbers on the keypad (4 is mostly indestinguishable from "O". Only the numbers dialled are large, the address book etc. is small and complex to use. For arthritic hands holding the phone is impossible without accidentally pressing the buttons/switches on the side.
The Perfect Gift
This is the second such phone I have purchased. The first was for my mother who suffers from arthritis in her fingers and now I found another, even cheaper for an elderly friend who uses his fingers with difficulty following a stroke.
A simple phone, of sound quality and easy to use and operate!
User Manual
Whilst the phone meets my expectations. The manual is not fit for purpose; the print is too small and very poor quality. I have enlarged it with Serif and printed it in A4 but the symbols are not clearly defined. Please make it available online as a PDF file.
Bluechip BCi Big Button Mobile Phone
I ordered two of these phones for my elder parents in law, one worked, but the other kept shutting down when you turned it on, this phone had no plastic protector over the screen, perhaps it was a faulty one sent out by mistake!

The quality of the phones leaves much to be desired but hey, they are not the most expensive are they.

One point I would like to make though,the facility where you operate the emergency button, if you do not get an answer the phone automatically rings the next programmed no, but the problem is most people have an answer phone, so when this operates the phone thinks that someone has taken the call, so this facility of ringing the second number will only work if the number has no answer phone.
ideal phone for visually impaired
Bought this phone for my 78 year old father who is virtually blind and only has limited use of his left hand. The larger buttons which can be programmed to speak the numbers worked well and we both liked the panic button on the back of the phone. The phone is excellent value for money, the only down side being the extremely poor quality of the instruction manual - eg no instructions as to how to set up speed dial facility - which is vital to someone with limited manual dexterity who cannot read the screen easily. I eventually worked out how to do it after several hours - I phoned mobile fun twice for tech support, but they didn't know how to do it either!
Simple Handset
The handset is great for the elderly, it is simple to use & see with large keys & display.
Shame the instruction manual is in such small print, you need a magnifying glass to read it !!!
Bought this for my elderly parents to replace a very old mobile phone whose battery had died. Phone is basic and okay for occasional use and they are happy with it, even though I don't find it so intuitive to use. It has additional features such as a radio and a torch, which some people will find unnecessary.
xmas gift
Was extremely pleased with speed of delivery. I have set it up for my husband as it will be his xmas gift. Currently he insists he doesnt want a mobile but I think he will be pleased when he realises he has only to press one button. Nice and big buttons. Fingers crossed he will like it. Instructions could be clearer though.
BC5i Big Button Review
Being visually impaired, this is an ideal phone. Easy to use, the speaking number confirms if you are dialling the right digits or not, small and light, no unneccesary extras - simplicity in it's self, Ideal for those with sight problems or whose fingers aren't as nimble. It did seem to me to be quite ironic that the instruction leaflet is in such small print !!!!
A Good Solution
This phone has proven to be the ideal solution to cope with my wifes eyesight problems.She can now use the phone with confidence and the voice over numbers system is a great help.
The supply service was great and the after sales service was also good.
Excellent phone
Grea tphone.
A pity that selling a phone to people with eysight needing big buttons is supplied with a manual you need a magnifying glass to read.

Their Managing Director must be short sighted.
Spot on mobile
This mobile meets my need for an easy to use and simple phone. Big plus is that it is easy to read and sending texts is now a pleasure. Emergency button very re-assuring. Simple lock/unlock switch and brilliant torchlight. Just used it in a power cut!
completely lacks street cred and my grandchildren just laugh. I love it!.
Nearly perfect...
My grandpa just purchased this mobile from his local tesco store. He then asked me to sit down with him to transfer his contacts into his phonebook and show him the ropes. Before I go into the negatives, the positives are all great for a user of hard hearing and poor sight - big buttons, loud tones, being able to put the backlight on constantly, the torch and the sos. Unfortunately the functionality is terrible. The green and red buttons (for yes/no on/off) are not clear enough. Why not have yes and no written on them? also, to find the menu or phonebook is too difficult - why not have these functions written onto the buttons? it was very difficult for my grandpa to remember the functionality of these buttons. Once he had figured out where the phonebook was, when he pressed on a contact he then had to choose 'call contact'. This is a ridiculous functionality - you should be able to press the yes button straight away on your contact to call them. This phone just needs a few tweaks from someone who really knows what the target audience want from this sort of device.
Product well received
Even though my father does not admit to being nearer 90 than 21, he's found this product super. Easy to see, hear and with large buttons easy to avoid keing the wrong number. My equally old mother also likes the security of the SOS button. Magic!
Just what my mum needed
I bought this product for my mum and she is so happy with it.
She can hear her phone ring now, and also hear people talking to her.
Best thing i could have bought for her.
The SOS sends a text to me saying help, Then i phone her to see if she is ok.
A real life saver...
A rather dramatic title for this review I know but given the circumstances I hope I'll be forgiven. My elderly father being very ill, my mother needs help with him at all times of the day and night. The Bluechip sounded very useful. Upon opening the box everything is clearly laid out and really very easy to use. I simply programmed one number (ours) into the phone and gave it to my mother. All she has to do is hit the large orange button on the rear of the phone and mine receives a text immediately saying "Emergency" followed by the ring tone. I can then be there.The peace of mind is priceless and for such little cost you should not hesitate. Quite simply buy one
At Last!!
A mobile my wife can use without her glasses (which she steadfastly insiste that she doesn't need!). My only criticism being that someone needs to invent a mobile that turns itself on and off as it seems my wife hasn't yet got to grips with that concept. A great piece of kit, shame about the shortcomings of it's user who is never going to grasp the intricacies of anything tecnological except the TV remote!!
Excellent phone
I'm partially sighted and this phone is a Godsend the numbers are easy to see even for me. It arrived with no charger but I submitted a support ticket and had my charger delivered the very next day.

Very speedy service from Mobilefun.
not great
Phone delivered fast, setup easy and brillient phone for my dad! worked for about 2 weeks then stopped charging! sent back for replacement but told it will need to go off for repair. Used phone for 2-3 weeks and its been out of action for 4-6 weeks. Great phone when its working but pitty about build quality. Not sure when I will get it back, and this was my first purchase from mobile fun and I am not having much fun.
Perfect phone for older person
Bought for mother in law to replace never used bells and whistles phone. She actually can and does use it, an absolute first. Easy, convenient, loud, everything she wanted.
My mum loves her new phone
I ordered this phone for my mum as she has been struggling more and more with her old phone as it had too many gadgets on it. She loves this phone and finds it really easy to use. The sos button will also come in use as my mum has had quite a few falls over the last year and it will put all our minds to rest knowing she can get hold of us just by pressing that one button. I would definitely recommend this phone as it is very easy to use for everyone.
Perfect for the elderly
I purchased this for my elderly aunt and she loves it ! the numbers are large enough for her to see them and it is so easy for her to use. The emergency button on the back is such a good idea.
Perfect phone for older people.
Purchased BC5i for my ninety year old father, just the job. Phone arrived promptly but without charger? Contacted Mobile Fun who sent out charger sharpish, thanks Ben.
I purchased 2 phones mainly for the convenience of the emergency button. They have been set up for 2 elderly relatives who live alone and I am trying to assist them in maintaining their independence for as long as possible. Both have been used in the past weeks and they now feel as if they are no longer isolated. Many thanks.
Why aren't the main service providers selling thes
I needed a pair of VERY SIMPLE to use, mobiles, with BIG BUTTONS and a minimum or "Screen Clutter" for my elderly parents to carry, mainly to contact each other when one or the other is out and about. These phones are the nearest to my specification that I can find. Thank you Mobile Fun for offering something that so many people need and the major stores are too "Yoof" oriented to offer! I have yet to configure the emergency button as this will take careful negotiation with the people involved. They do not consider themselves "vulnerable" so I will need to get my reasons for the need of such a button over very gently if they are to accept the potential benefit of this facility. Texting? They just don't! But reading the odd bit of texted information may be useful, so the function is handy. I particularly liked the number display and the fact that the phone speaks the number you are dialling to check you have hit the right key. All round a very good implementation of a specification for a simple to use but still generally functional phone.
Best Buy
The best phone ever for my elderly mum, who wanted a very simple phone, I especially like the sos function where a contact of your choice can be stored for emergencies.
it's a bit too basic for a working woman1
My husband brought this for me, as he didn't want to tie me into a network. I do really think the principle of the phone is good, and the sos button and torch are nifty features, but i'm finding it very frustrating for using within a working environment. I spent ages trying to find the 'vibrate' option before going into meetings (and have now seen the comment on this review that it doesn't actually have a vibrate function!). Personally, I think predicitive text is awful, and would never use it, but it seems to be set as a baseline, and not obvious how to de-select, so I am having to refer to the instruction book each time I need to text colleagues. Also its a shame that headphones which fit the radio don't come with the phone set. However, have only had it a week, and perhaps will get used to it!.
mum loves it
Bought this for my mum as she is disabled, she loves it very impressed with the sos, we gave it a trial run,and she got the hang of using very quickly. Very happy with it, definatly would reccommend to anyone thinking of pirchasing for an elderly relative or friend.
exceellent item
Easy to handle, and very few 'bells & whistles'-just a telephone!.
Mobile Phone.
A must for in particular the senior Citizen. I found the phone very useful especially having large numerals.I'm 76 yrs.old wishing that I'd purchased one earlier.
great phone
Bought this phone for my mum who is partially sighted. The big numbers are easy for her to press and with the audio knows she's got the right one. Only problem is she won't stop calling me now!
Bluechip BC5i Big Button Mobile Phone
I bought this phone for my Father-in-Law who is slowly going deaf, but has a hearing aid, and has the slight shakes making pressing small buttons a bit of a challenge. The vibrate function of this phone was also an important feature, unfortunately when the new stock arrived, it seems this function has been omitted regardless the fact the documentation on the box, in the manual and on the website states it as a feature. I have been all over the menu's of this phone and there is no mention of it vibrating, I can see where it was supposed to be on the menu but item 11. is is missing. Shame really, the phone is a good little gadget otherwise. I received an initial response for my query over this issue from Mobile Fun but that was all, no fix or other suggestions so reluctantly I decided to return it. All-in-all it is a loud phone with big buttons, no frills and no vibrate.
Waiting rewarded.
After waiting a while for a simple mobile phone, I found the BlueChip BC5i. After an initial technical problem, speedily and efficiently dealt with by Mobile Fun, we found that the phone was what we needed for an older relative. The technical bits need a helper to get it set up, but then it is what every older person will find useful in every way for the failing sight, harder of hearing years that catch us all up.
MobileFun top of the pops
Great gift
I bought this as a Mother's Day gift for my mother as she was complaining that it was hard to hear her phone ring, and even more difficult to read the screen and keypad. She was delighted with this new phone as its features of big buttons, large screen, & loud ring were ideal for her. It is also easy for her to use once I had taught her how.

On the downside, the manual is nigh on impossible to read as the print is so small, and there is no charger. OK, it has a USB cable to connect to a computer, but it needs an adapter for those who don't have a pc.
Good value but a few probs
I bought this phone for my mother in law who was struggling with her old one.

Plus points:-
Big numbers
loud ring
good value

Key lock slider is a bit fiddly
screen clear to me but can look a bit washed out if you are not square on to the display.
Menus can be a little counter intuitive at times.

Overall pleased with the phone but one or two niggles prevent a 5 star score.
Just the job
We bought this for my wifes 96 year old uncle who flatly refused the normal SOS gadgets, saying he is always careful not to have accidents!! He accepted this mobile forthe novelty value, but the family can now rest assured that he has a way of contacting us in an emergency
Very good value for money
For a blind person this is excellent. SOS button needs to be re-sighted as I have pressed it about 3 times in 3 weeks. Wouldn't it be great if the function keys and contacts list were also audible like the main number key pad.
Great item, needs a plug adapter
This is a great item, not too bulky and speaks the numbers as you type them, which makes it very useful for partially sighted people. But be warned it only comes with a usb charger, so if the person you are buying it for doesn't have a computer you will need a plug adapter.
Mother's little helper
Bought because my elderly mother can no longer use a standard mobile and has proved to be just the job. Would recommend it to anyone in the same position.
Good for the elderly
Very easy to use with good features for the elderly or poor sighted. Compact and light with the added additions of a torch and 'talking buttons'. I purchased this for my mum for Mothers Day and even she didn't seem daunted by it being a low tech person.
An ideal gift
I bought the Big Button phone for my 80 year old mother as she was having problems with an old Nokia. It did exactly what it said on the box. She is finding it easy to use, the screeen is really clear and the instruction booklet easy and concise. An excellent buy and all the better because of the low price.
Needs an adapter to plug into mains
I bought this item for my elderly mother and am very pleased with the size and weight of the item. The fact that it speaks the numbers as you type them helps her as she is sight impaired.
However, it only comes with a USB charger, which is a nuisance as it is mainly going to be used by the elderly, who probably won't have a computer to plug it into. so I recomend that you buy a mains adapter with this item, so you can charge it from the mains.
BlueChip BCi5 Big Button Phone
I purchased this for my elderly mother (90) as she was having trouble with her ordinary mobile phone. I was very impressed with the keypad and the ease of setting up things like time/date, and also the input of an SOS number, which is the main reason I bought this. I like the idea that you can attach a message to the SOS call, and also the fact that you can enter more than 1 SOS number. If the phone doesn't get a connect at the first number it dials the second, etc. Very clever. Also like the idea that it automatically switches to LoudSpeaker function when it gets a connection in SOS mode. Easy keypad to see and use, easy to lock using the slide switch rather than trying to remember 2 different key press combinations, and an easy to read display.
All in all a really great value phone for use by someone with hearing/sight difficulties. Very impressed.

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