Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Clear Cases

Protecting and preserving the style of your new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is always best done with a clear case. This is why we’ve put together a selection of our favourite Samsung S20 Ultra Clear Cases, from a range of top brands such as UAG, i-Blason, Olixar and OtterBox.

1. Olixar NovaShield Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bumper Case

Olixar NovaShield Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bumper Case

A clear back panel combined with a rubberised black bumper creates a striking look that highlights the sleek styling of your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, while keeping it safe and secure. The NovaShield looks good on, feels great in hand and offers solid protection, making it a top pick.

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2. UAG Plasma Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Protective Case

UAG Plasma Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Protective Case

A fantastic hybrid of style and protection, the Plasma series has been a long standing favourite within the UAG range and its clear to see why! The clear textured back, framed with protective bumpers ensure that your S20 Ultra stays looking sharp, while the case allows Samsung’s stunning design to shine through.

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3. i-Blason Ares Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Bumper Case

i-Blason Samsung S20 Ultra Ares Bumper Case - Black

Another protective option that still manages to preserve the S20 Ultra’s unique styling through a clear back panel, the Ares Bumper cover from i-Blason is sure to be a top pick for many. It en-capsules your phone, keeping it well protected against a variety of bumps, knocks and drops. What’s more the case comes with a screen guard that helps to prevent screen damage when dropped or placed on a flat surface.

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4. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Clear Cover

Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Clear Cover Case - Transparent

A supremely slim option from Samsung themselves, this official cover provides a fantastic way of preserving the feel and look of your new phone. It may not be the most protective case out there, but it will still guard well against light scratches and scrapes. This lack of protection is offset by the sleek design, so for those after some protection, but whom ultimately want the slimmest possible feel, this is the case for you!

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5. OtterBox Symmetry Series Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Otterbox Symmetry Series Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case - Clear

OtterBox’s Symmetry Series in Clear represents one of the best options for those after a truly transparent view to their phone, but whom also want some solid protection too. Famed for their protective qualities, OtterBox have combined this technology with a clear construction to provide one of the best clear options around!

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Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our look at 5 of the best clear cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. If you would like to know more about the cases featured, then please do click through for more detailed information.

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