If you’ve got it, flaunt it – top five white cases to show off your white iPhone 4

After a delay of nine months, the white iPhone 4 is finally here!

The launch comes after over half a year of frustration for users, who accused the company of dragging their heels on what seemed to be a minor aesthetic modification.  According to Apple, the delay occurred because of problems with incorporating UV protection into the device – just as with fairer skinned humans, white iPhones need more protection from the damaging rays of the sun!

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these long-awaited, much sought-after white iPhones, you’re going to want to show it off in all its shiny and sparkling splendour.  Here’s our pick of the best iPhone 4 skins that let you keep your smartphone protected whilst still showing its true colours.

  1. Belkin Shield Eclipse for iPhone 4 – White Pearl
    I love this Belkin Shield Eclipse, which is part white itself with a clear window in the top half of the shell so that you can see through to the device itself – including that important Apple logo.  As well as style, the Eclipse also gives you double protection; hard polycarbonate on top to dampen impacts, and a durable and scratch-resistant bottom.  It also features molded grip to make it easier to hang on to.White iPhone 4 case
  2. FlexiShield Wave Case for iPhone 4 – Clear / White
    The FlexiShield has a stylish curved design, which like the Eclipse alternates white and clear material to show off some of the phone beneath.  Made of a special type of tough gel-like material, the FlexiShield combines strong polycarbonate with the flexibility of silicone, resulting in a crystal case like-protection that’s even tougher. Flexishield Wave case for iPhone 4 White
  3. Macally Clear Snap On Case for iPhone 4
    Unlike the two cases above, which are a mixture of transparent and opaque, the Macally Clear is transparent all over, displaying your iPhone exactly as it is.  It’s snap-on application method is as simple as its design, and it’s made from a hard-shell plastic which is both super-thin and super-durable.Macally Clear Snap on Case iPhone 4
  4. SGP Grip Case for iPhone 4 – White
    This iPhone 4 leather case is a great choice if you want something a little more luxurious and textured.  It’s made from top quality white leather, featuring a unique stylish pattern and cut-outs for all ports and features.  Obviously, this case isn’t transparent (imagine transparent leather!) but the white of the iPhone will still be visible on the front of the phone, the screen of which is protected by the crystal clear iPhone 4 screen protectorincluded in the pack.SGP Grip Case for iPhone 4 - White
  5. Switcheasy Capsule Rebel Case for iPhone 4 – White
    Again, this one covers the back, leaving your phone showing at the front.  The Capsule Rebel is a gorgeously tactile experience to touch and hold, as well as giving you great grip.  It’s made of Lexan polycarbonate and ADSP (Adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer) to protect the delicate surface of your smartphone at the same time as preventing damage from scratches and bumps.  It comes with a bonus selection of extras, too – anti-static screen guards, microfibre wipe, iPhone 4 dockstand and adapter, Squeegee and power jack connector protector.  A very stylish all-in-one.Switcheasy Capsule Rebel Case for iPhone 4 - White

Bonus tip:- If you want the minimum of bulk and the maximum transparency, and aren’t too worried that you’ll drop your phone, the InvisibleShield Full Body Protector for iPhone 4 is also an option – it’s a screen protector that will keep your phone scratch-free and dust-free whilst retaining its looks.

More white iPhone 4 cases and iPhone 4 accessories are available over on the main website.


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