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Blackberry Z10 Flip Shell - Red - ACC-49284-203 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The protective red Flip Shell has been specially designed for the Blackberry Z10 give excellent protection and functionality.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37710
$20.61 inc. VAT
 4.4 stars from 22 customers

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REG THE BlackBerry Z10 Flip cover
Quality of the product is very good.
nice product & fine delivary
good case for BlackBerry z 10. sharp delivary, within the stipulated period.
Couldn't buy this in a shop
I've been looking for a Flip Shell cover for my Blackberry z10 since for ever, leave alone a Red one, it's perfect, arrived very quickly , I love it. Thanks
Love this!
I brought this case because the one supplied with the phone was a bit flimsy and I love it. The phone just clipped into the case, the bright red flip lid makes it easy to find in my handbag and protects the front. The cover is flexible so easy to use when making calls. Overall a nice stylish robust cover.
Practical and Elegant
The BlackBerry Z10 Flip Shell is truly a smart option for the Z10. Doesn't make the phone look bulky. It's thin and fits the Z10 like a glove. Excellent choice.
Perfect item with swift delivery
My sister was very happy with her birthday present which arrived very quickly. I was also very pleased to have found such a nice Blackberry z10 case in red rather than the boring black which was all the high street stores stocked. Excellent transaction and I would definitely recommend Mobile Fun. Thank you.
about cover
Cover is much better
But this will take time for come
Z10 Flip Case
Nice compact size, flip support is good for viewing Z10 hands free.
I like the item. Look good and suits the handset.
100 days use and falling apart
I have owned and used this case in white for 100 days. I accept white was not the greatest colour choice as it got grubby quickly but it has now almost fallen apart with fraying edges and the plastic insets now visible.As an official BlackBerry product I was expecting a lot more from it may be a couple of years wear!
This is a fantastic case for BB Z 10. very much user friendly.
i love this case :)
A 'Shock Shell' That Works!
I recently rolled out 15 BlackBerry Z10 devices in our corporate legal environment.
We have tried various forms of protective measures for past BlackBerry devices and all have failed to a degree. Soft silicone has deformed and become unsightly, hard shells have routinely broken themselves when dropped etc... As such we decided to try something quite different this time round to protect our Z10 devices.

The Flip Shell is almost perfect for our needs for the following reasons:

1) It barely increases the size of the device when encased - it's so slender.
2) It has a sturdy inner protective plastic casing, however, this itself is protected by the suede exterior. Hence the Flip Shell can be dropped without damage to its contents or itself.
3) It looks smart; our lawyers are more than happy to present their Z10 devices along with the protective Flip Shell to their high net worth corporate clients.
4) The ability to fold the Flip Shell in on itself so that it can rest at an angle is great; especially when charging the device, video conferencing, using the clock/alarm etc...
5) All of the Z10's ports are easily accessible when protected by the Flip Shell. Note that the HDMI and USB ports can only be accessed, however, when the Flip Shell is folded.
6) Z10 devices are well securred within the Flip Shell; they will definitely not fall out.

My only minor critism is that there is no mag-lock for the shell. That said, provided the Z10 is correctly seated in the Flip Shell you find that the shell rarely opens of its own volition as it sits firmly flat against the Z10.

Over all this is a great product and looks smart, it's durable too - well worth the money in my oppinion and suitable for corporate environments. One to consider.
Good cover
This is a very smart cover for the Z10. Looks classy, fits well, provides good protection for the phone. Doesn't seem to have adversely affected the battery life of my device. Access is available to all ports and buttons, although you have to have it open when charging. I just fold it back during use and when making and receiving calls. No problems with it opening up despite the lack of a closure. Not sure why BB made it without magnetic closure though. The fold back facility is very good and forms a stable stand. Looks lovely in white and complements the phone, although like most white things is prone to getting grubby, but hey, it's not expensive in the great scheme of things. I give it 4 stars because of the lack of magnetic closure.
Better than I thought it would be
Excellent product, very functional and looks good.

Excellent service from Mobile Fun, it arrived when you said. I will return for my next purchase! Well done
looks good
looks great stand works great the only downside is that it doesn't clip or magnet shut and is a bit awkward to hold back when on the phone!
Great case
Simple in form and function. Now all I need is a Z10 to go inside! Cmon Verizon...

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