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BlackBerry Torch 9800 Leather Pocket Black/Pink ACC-32840-202 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your BlackBerry Torch 9800 with this Official Black and Pink Leather Pocket from BlackBerry.
  • Mobile Fun ID 27916
$25.21 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 61 customers

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Blackberry Torch Case
the case is exactly as I expected and is the genuine article.
Fits the Blackberry perfectly. Best price and service for a quality product.
This case looks smart and a little more individual than the plain black cases you see around the office! It has drawn plenty of admiring comments.
It fits perfectly and is magnetized to turn off your Blackberry when it is inserted into the case.
Would highly recommend.
Stylish accessory
Nice and stylish, yet not too pink or girly.
Phone slides in and out easily.
must have
If you have a blackberry torch , this is a must have , the magnet in the case puts the phone into a trance , saves the battery , £18 well spent.
Good looking protection
The best way to protect your Blackberry - a perfect fit and it saves the battery too.
Black leather cases for BlackBerry Torch 9800 and
I'd searched extensively for genuine BlackBerry accessories in genuine leather without any success and with several false leads. Then I came across Mobilefun and found exactly what I had been looking for at a good price with quick delivery and efficient service. The cases are really nice, stylish, functional, fit well, save battery, stop pocket calls etc etc. Delighted.
Not Very Good
Had this cover for only 3 months the inside covering parts from the outer making it impossible to insert you phone and because of the stitching you cannot remove waste of money
Just what i needed
Great little case which matches my blackberry...
Fits perfectly and does exactly what it says on the tin.
Not very robust
The more you use it, it splits at the top on the back. So much so, that mine is now folding over on the inside and outside.
A smart looking case but looks very tattered very quickly.
This is the second one I have bought, but will be looking for an alternative.
Perfect for the job
Fits perfectly, love the fact it puts the power on standby automatically you put it in the sleeve. BB should be supplying these with handset though!
Very fast delivery, great product and decent price
I was really impressed with this purchase. I bought the product as a present and it was at a great price - much better than Blackberry direct. The product is lovely and it arrived really quickly - even though I ordered it as standard delivery!
Very happy!
Worth the extra
I brought one of these from Amazon for a lot less oney. However it turned out to be fake. Quality wise, and protection for the phone wise, you just can't compare. This case is good solid leather that holds onto the phone while still realising it when you want it too. On dropping the phone (I'M clumsy) it just bounces as the leather is thick enough to absorb shock. Basically don't bother with items on Amazon they are a lot cheaper but not the real deal and Amazon are not interested in the fact they are fake! Buy here you won't get ripped off
Great Phone Holder
Phone holder is perfect for the job, the blackberry torch is touch screen and you really do need a holder to stop the phone from activating it self in your pocket!.
Perfect for my job
As I work on aircraft, I climb and crawl all over the aircaft, and plus I get my hands covered in grease and oils. The leather cover is perfect for protection of my phone and it prevents scratching on the mobile screen.
Fab case!
Perfect. Fits like a glove and feels really good quality. Shame bb don't supply it with the phone.
Great Quality
Been disappointed in the past in BB products but this is a cracker. Simple but lovely.
Perfect case
This is a great item protects the phone and turns the phone to standby or on again when removed. Size not much bigger than the phone.
Quality item
Bought this to protect my new Blackberry Torch. It is a quality item which has been designed to look good, last and protect the phone. It does all three well.
Spot on
The case is ideally suited for the Torch, mine fit's perfectly, slides in and out well without snag or being too loose.

I like the magnet feature which hibernates the phone when in the holster, this works well and have had no problems.

Looks good, feels good. Would definately recommend
The only case to buy
This is the only case you need to buy for your blackberry torch don't bother wasting your time your money looking or buying any others
Spot on exactley what my Torch needed. Why oh Why have Blackberry stoped providing the case with the phone!
Just the job.
Ordered late Wednesday evening and arrived Friday morning and does exactly what I wanted it to do.Protects the screen, switches off automatically and is barely larger than the phone itself.
I bought this product to protect my blackberry torch at work as I want to keep it purfect as long as possible.I looked on the blackberry website but didn't want to pay their prices.Mobile fun came up on my search for mobile covers and I was impressed buy their range and prices though sceptical of quality but I ordered anyway and I must say I am very happy the price was great the product a genuine blackberry strong sturdy cover and the delivery speed was excellent so I would recommend mobil fun without hesitation.
Great fit!
Some reviews of this product say that the case is a bad fit. This is not correct. Initially it might have been a bit of a squeeze bit as it gets used more it seems to fit better. I'm very happy!
Just got a new Torch as a upgrade, needed a case quick and this one fit the bill, it fits perfectly, is made of quality materials with even and uniform stitching and the inside is lined with a felt like cloth that wont scratch my phone. And to top it off I ordered yesterday at 12.11pm and arrived at 8.30 this morning, cheers Mobilefun!
leather case 'sounds' good.
I purchased the case at the same time as my torch, I was assured the products were well suited. Unfortunately the case is too tight, its achingly inconvenient when your trying to answer a call in time, especially if you're holding something else such as a bag. I thought it may loosen up, but its a solid cover, with a leather finish so its not going to budge any time soon.
Great accessory
The Blackberry torch holster is a must have, it is both stylish and offers great protection for the handset. Some reviews complain that it is too tight, but this is not the case, it does contain the handset securely but that is a necessary design attribute.
Quality case
I unfortunately bought a poorly made case from a shop in Uxbridge and was conned to buy 2 for £20 which was just rubbish plus it didn't do what the case was suppose to do.
I had to put that down to experience and decided to buy the real mcCoy, not looked back. Great quality, the phone fits perfectly plus turns off to conserve the battery which is what I wanted. You can also arrange the the phone to vibrate in the case which is great when your in a meeting etc... Best buy and the delivery was very quick aswell
Blackberry 9800 - leather case
Very nice product. Blackberry should be providing users with this.
Spot on
Excellent service from mobile fun. Every detail as advertised. Case is a perfit fit and quite classy. The shame is that rim did not include the case. Highly recommended.
well recommended
Great service, ordered and received within two days. Perfect original blackberry torch leather pouch, no need for any "wearing in" perfect fit and is 100% original with blackberry packaging. Very happy!.
Top Service - Excellent Item
The item was spot on for the Torch, other reviews have mentioned the need for it to "break in", no such issue for me. As a slip case it's perfect, I did consider the belt version, but then I'd be into "Dilbert" territory....

Top Service Guys.

So far so good..
First off it got to me in a day - very impressive service from Mobile Fun. It is a nice looking and well made case that does the job.
The perfect case
A much improved case from the original Blackberry version for the Bold. Good workmanship and stylish
Torch 9800 Leather Case
Excellent case, well stitched and embossed with a classy logo. Very stiff to start and difficult to remove the phone at the beginning (not a criticism, in fact it's a good thing!!). I can't tell whether it has loosened up or whether I have just got the hang of removing the phone now (probably a bit of both)??? Never feels like the phone will fall out and would offer good protection in a regular fall or drop. All round recommended product.
Great case
The best case on the market super quality!
Blackberry Torch 9800 leather pocket
Received the new Blackberry Torch via Vodafone and expected a case in the box, as it was with the last Blackberry. Anyway found this one and it's just fine. Seems to protection the phone well and has the usual magnet in the case to lock it off when it's in the case. The case has a small amount of cotton(red)stitching to one side and this started to come undone after a couple of days. I put a drop of superglue on this stitching and it's now fine. Overall does the job.
Blackberry torch case
A good quality item that turns the phone off when it is put in the case.
Not worth the Money
This is vastly overpriced and a complete waste of money. The 9800 barley fits and trying to insert and remove is a nightmare. Steer clear of this product.
MobileFun Reply
As this case is genuine leather, it is designed to be a tight fit on first use but will relax over time to be secure but easy to use. This is an official Blackberry accessory, so you can be sure it has been fully tested to be compatible with the Torch 980
Excellent quality
Really sturdy case and looks nice and classy. It has just the right amount of visible space so you can still see the led light when you have new messages. I would recommend this one for the Torch, it’s really nice!
Blackberry torch case
Very impressed ny the speed of which my order was delivered. I ordered it around half 5 on the friday and my items were on my doorstep saturday morning. And the items themselves are top quality and I'm very happy with them. Its just a shame the case wasn't in the box for the original purchase. Already I dont know how I'd manage without my case and I've only had it 2 days. Many thanks.
should have been in the box!
My only complaint with the fone itself is that the "lock" button is too soft and the fone keeps unlocking itself. This cover solves that problem + more. A fantastic accessory that puts fone 2sleep when u put it in cover, great protection and a great buy!
only complaint is that bb should have provided this in the box when I bought the fone as they have done in the past.
Excellent Case
This is a really nice leather BlackBerry case and fits the BlackBerry Torch perfectly. Nice workmanship and looks brilliant.

Only question is why didn't RIM do the decent thing and include this with the phone?
Blackberry Torch Case
The only real option, a proper original case for a proper phone. The case works very well.
Blackberry Torch 9800 Leather Pocket
Nice case, should have been supplied when I purchased the Phone.

Next day delivery
BlackBerry Torch 9800 Leather Pocket HDW-31013-001
Excellent Case. Fits the BB Torch perfectly! Would definitely recommend. A bit pricey but it's a genuine BB case so you can't complain to protect your £450+ mobile phone!
Exactly what i wanted
The case fits the phone great and after a while fits a little looser for easy access to put in and remove blackberry.
Torch Case
A Little tight at first but is better to be like that than loose. Ordered at 3.45pm friday received 9am on saturday Excellent service
BlackBerry Torch 9800 Leather Pocket HDW-31013-001
Extended battery life and protection alone is worth purchasing this case. Delivery was super quick. I’d use the company again without question
9800 Torch Pocket
Excellent item, quick delivery, will definately purchase items from this site again!
Excellent God send
The item a case/pouch for the BB torch 9800 (without a safety strap) is excellent..Not only does it allow you to place it in any pocket but not only is your phone completly safe inside it, its durable and at the same time smooth so that it hasn't any rough edges to snag (or to get caught) on any material. To me it's truely a God send! Finally I ordered it mid 'afternoon on a Friday and it came (no problem) on a Saturday although i did use Royal Mail Special next day delivery!!
Great Case
As expected a good fit (although needs to be loosened up a little, or the buttons get clicked when inserting BB). The magnets place the device into a locked state and power the screen off, so it saves battery, prevents calls and protects the screen.

It's easy to get in and out if there's a call and the lower front allows you to see the status light (very handy as I use BeBuzz for alerts).

The only thing I question is why this isn't standard on a device with a big screen which could all too easily get marked by keys etc.
Should have been in the box with the Torch
For me this is what should have been included in the box from the word go, and not an extra to purchase later.
Having had (and orderd) a few BB for my JOB I was lost without a case to protect my new BB.
What I do like about this case is, it has protection front and rear to protect from knocks and I dont have to have it half pulled out for the headphone plug to be inserted.
It takes a few days to loosen up getting the BB in and out - until it does you end up pressing the top buttons or the screen slides up as you push it in. But you soon get used to gripping the BB by the top side edges to slide it in and pull it out.

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